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It's too much. I want to kill myself.

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Women would rather date literal niggers than me. He's a fucking low-iq apeman whose cousins are still living in mudhuts. These dumb thots would rather date an unintellectual savage compared to me because it's trendy and memes about dicksize. No wonder the white race will be gone in a few generations. I actually think suicide would be preferable to living with this indignity.
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Wholesome gay thoughts tonight.
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I have a little 18 year old female friend who is such a little whore and tells me all of her sexual misadventures. Shes SO HOT bros
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i still like to sit on the front page admiring the aesthetic every once in a while
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Pic-not related

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Whoa, r9k, I don't know who to tell or if anyone here would even care.

But I hacked some gangster's twitter in Chicago and I found a fucking interesting story that i've been following for a few months that ultimately leads up to her death.

Wondering if anyone would be interested in this "love" story? Both parties involved are well known in the "Drill rap" community.

Warning: It involves nignogs and Chicago gangs and really dark rap music.
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look at this beautiful picture of Lain
You like Lain right? Have you seen it?
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>Robots reject girls like pic rel for her racer
>Even ethnic and black robots do this
Why does this board hate black girls so much? Even the nice and relatable ones?
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I have a garden. Never mind what's in it. Not your business. Fuck you.

Now that I'm done with my faggoty little life story, here's the point: I've got a rabbit problem. That insufferable little nigger thinks it can eat my shit.

Revenge time.

It's not hard to trap a rabbit. You get a cage that shuts when the brainless little shit wanders into it for a snack. What's hard as fuck is to figure out what that rabbit cares about.

I waited up for it. It came out a a little past midnight and I was careful not to scare it. Go ahead! Chew that shit up! Hop on home at your leisure! You'll see what happens.

I followed it. It got away from me 4 times on 4 nights before I found its home... and its wife or whatever rabbits have.

Two cages, two rabbits. First night. Easy. Stupid motherfuckers.

Those rabbits were not happy. They didn't like being caged. I kept them warm and safe though and even bought them rabbit food... and another rabbit. A male rabbit.

I asked the girl at the store if there was one that stuck out as being dominant -- the jerk of the group. A rabbit alpha.

When I threw that hulking, ill-mannered, floppy-eared pet-store reject in with that bastard rabbit's beloved and he had to watch her precious little bunny puss hole get stuffed again and again by the biggest, baddest tough-guy jerkoff of a rabbit that I could find, it made him jump and chew his cage and freak out like only desperate jealousy could.

I kept them. He had to watch them have babies. 3 litters, before I decided enough was enough.

Take that, you little faggot.
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>tfw wake up and no one to cuddle with
damn I should go to sleep or something
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I am not meant to be happy

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normal things dont make me happy. I tried having friends, working a job, and being in education but im still in constant misery. 4chan is the only place I can get serotonin from. i wish i wasnt such a pussy and could just kms because life sucks. does anyone have any tips on how to not be sad every day or at least improve a bit
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