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Daily reminder that incels are right about women.

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Do normalfags subconsciously believe in the blackpill? I mean it makes sense to me
>View relationships as a competition and market instead of finding someone they truly love
>Often times backstab each other for personal gain, everything is conditional
>Extremely narcissistic and tey to make themselves appear as good as possible (without actually being good)
>Socially gang up on those who aren't like them to strengthen group cohesion
>Act mean towards people with traits like social awkwardness and ugliness
So on and so on. Will they ever admit to it? I remember being astounded and disgusted by events which I observed being done by normalfags. But now I'm too tired and desensitized to their actions.

Femcels can't exist and it's over for men

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A 3/10 (pic) got laid and lusted after by ten different successful men (that we know about, probably more) and she's not even 30. I have a graduate education, meet the six feet, six inches, six figures criteria, and barely have 1/3rd of her actual count not for lack of trying either. The price of pussy is too high. And if you're complaining as a woman about how you can't get a boyfriend, shut the fuck up. If Caroline can, so can you. It's over for the average man in comparison.
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i dont want to exist anymore. Shouldve gone through with it when i was 15. Honestly i held out with some hope but nothing ever works out for me.
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does size actually matter? will the guy with the tiny dick really have lower chances of reproducing?
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Fembots. This could be you one day. It's so easy to get pregnant.
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Stirner solved all of my problems regarding society

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Go ahead and read Stirner, or don't, I don't care, I just made this thread because I'm bored.
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>tfw such a fat fupa there was almost 1cm left of fat to reach the pubic bone and couldn't push further cause it would be extremely painful
Still feels good moggin most men despite being King of Manlets (181cm), obese, and a virgin.
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>mfw lived in an abusive household my entire life and no one, not even close friends or relatives gave a shit despite them full on knowing how off the shits my parents were
>forced to see how easily some tranny can just put up a gofundme to escape the "abusive household/trans person at risk" because their room mate told them to get a job and they will probably get enough funds to do that within a month, usually never doing it and just wasting the crowdfunded money on useless shit
>mfw had a friend (woman) who had the same abusive household as i did but was constantly hopping from dick to dick and laying at random places for months and all she had to do was offer up some pussy so she could stay
>meanwhile if i even had the remote chance of doing the same, id have to worry about not only about the fact that im homeless but i can get metoo'd at any given moment
Being a straight white male is playing life in the most absolute hardcore difficulty, i will never believe in this white/straight/cis privilege everyone talks about, ive seen women, trannies and fags get away with the most mindblowing shit there is simply because of the fact they are women, trannies and fags.


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Rei is running late for school: Day 1186

Heh. Mah-nee desu no.
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