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This should be the New 4chan Mascot. I Designed her and her name is ChanBot! Also I got fanart in another Board, im droppin em below
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Black bitches are ugly gorilla niggers. My name is not Eustace for fucks sake.
If I were to fuck a black bitch it would be up her ass. Because her pussy is demonic. Black women's pussy is the temple of doom.

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How do you cope with lost youth and social skills? I've never even kissed a girl or had friends since middle school

t. 25 yo doomer
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I know approximately were she lives.

How could I ruin her life or how could I get her exact address?

I want her to kill herself or to push her into a never ending suffering loop
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Empath Tread

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Share Everything about Empath and her surrounding

Share her Social Media, Discord, everything importent.

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Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest.

happening thread will be posted tomorrow morning

so long space robots
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/r9k/ e-girl chart

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which one is your favorite?

ALSO the last number of your first post id predicts your future wife
>0=roll again
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Staring problem

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I'm not looking for /adv/ice as such more just wondering who can relate as it seems to be a pretty rare thing.

Basically I have a staring problem whereby my gaze is involuntarily drawn towards anybody in my peripheral vision, causing me to stare at them uncontrollably. It can be quite intense and can be absolutely crippling in social situations. It causes me to be pretty agoraphobic. I tend to wear a cap or preferably sunglasses whenever I can get away with it because I can clam up, go bright red or even have a full on panic attack if I'm stuck in that situation.

I work in an open-plan office too where seats are angled in a triangle type arrangement which means quite often there are people sat either side to the front of me, angled sort of inwards and I'm staring at them from the corner of my eye constantly, despite by eyes being firmly fixed forwards. I can feel my whole face aching and straining and can give myself a headache sometimes trying to resist it. If it gets really bad I can clam up, go bright red from embarrassment and even have a panic attack.

The worst thing is that whenever I sense anybody noticing it, it makes it even worse, I start to get extremely uncomfortable and so do they, the more uncomfortable they get the worse I get and the more I do it. It happens more with the kind of person I wouldn't want to stare at - for instance if I'm in a group of guys and there's 1 girl, she will be the target. If I'm in a mixed group or a group of girls and there's one who's particularly attractive, same thing. If there's anybody with an obvious disability or deformity, or anybody who I feel remotely threatened by, they tend to be the target of my staring.

So yeah, I've done a little online research and have not read a single testimonial about anybody managing to overcome the problem. I'd like to know if anybody here has experienced this and how you dealt with it.

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Robots, we have waited long enough. The year is almost two thirds done and the star of 2023 has failed to materialize. There has been a disturbance of the natural order. We must put out the call ourselves.

Registration for the inaugural Next Top Fembot season is now open. The winner will be recognized as the number one challenger to Iris who will be invited to defend her crown or stand aside.

Existing active fembots are automatically registered. Newcomers must timestamp to enter. Your GET determines your opponent in the first round of qualifiers. Dubs can choose their opponent. Once we have eight challengers, the home fembots will be invited to specify their preferred method of competition from the list below. The rules will change in later rounds.

Most (You)s
Cosplay Off
Glow Up

Once a match has been fixed, a strict time period for the bout will be set. Missing your deadline or failure to register will result in immediate disqualification with no opportunity to appeal.

Cewl (CONFIRMED Has until September 3rd to choose her contest
Vampcha (UNCONFIRMED) Has until September 3rd to answer Sana's challenge

1 Ken-chan (CONFIRMED

How did you end up on /r9k/

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I was aware of it for a while and lurked for even longer before falling down the rabbithole. When, how and why did you take the plunge?
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