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>3/10 rated by trm/photofeeler/soc
>0 friend 0 gf
>0 degree
>legit low iq, my siblings went 4-6 years to uni while i dropped of high school
>constantly tired, i usually sleep 3-6h but i'm always dead
>family don't care if i kill myself ("just don't do it when we are around")
>possible bpd : have been obsessing over someone i barely know, never seen face or heard voice for year

I consider myself too old for anything and my friend will never like me, even if i would bottom for him or crossdress because i'm a disgusting shitskin

I already tried many thing but i don't feel joy anymore, talking to other people don't bring me any joy, seeing attractive girl(or even guy) irl don't even make me hard or anything, i simply think "ohi wish i could hug my ex friend".

I could wageslave but its low and tiring, can't keep a sleep schedule either, regular neetbux is low and you need to be mentally ill to get the decent one, dont think i could fit in this

There is no hope for someone like me, i could have been one of those algerian chud in the street selling drug or a smart one going to school which raised his social upstanding but instead i'm this, atleast i'm not religious thus letting me suicide without being afraid of hell
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still feel like shit so im going to the doctor today to see if i have hiv from when vores husband broke into my parents house may twelve yo may twentieth


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Hows your NEET-Life going on?
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White guys can't be incels when Asian girls exist
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/mcg/ momcest general, year 3 #16 (#115)

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Made for Mommy Edition

It's Momcest Monday. You guys know what it is all about, share pictures and thoughts on milfs or your own lovely mom.

Previous thread:

Thread topic: How far would you take it with your mom, if she was ok with anything? What would you specifically want?
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>minecraft dungones
looking for 2 more poeple to join me and a friend on minecraft dungoens
dont be toxic

post yours
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I'm gonna remake this thread in 8 years. Make some buddies or start an inside joke or something in this thread and in 8 years we'll have a reunion.
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Kill ghosters. Behead ghosters. Roundhouse kick a ghoster into the concrete. Crucify filthy ghosters. Defecate in a ghoster's food. Launch ghosters into the sun. Stir fry ghosters in a wok. Toss ghosters into active volcanoes. Urinate into a ghoster's gas tank. Judo throw ghosters into a wood chipper. Twist ghosters' heads off. Report ghosters to the IRS. Karate chop ghosters in half. Trap ghosters in quicksand. Crush ghosters in the trash compactor. Liquefy ghosters in a vat of acid. Eat ghosters. Dissect ghosters. Exterminate ghosters in the gas chamber. Stomp ghoster skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate ghosters in the oven. Lobotomize ghosters. Drown ghosters in fried chicken grease. Vaporize ghosters with a ray gun. Feed ghosters to alligators. Slice ghosters with a katana. Put a bomb in a ghoster's mouth. Throw knives at ghosters. Inflate ghosters until they pop. Send ghosters into a blackhole. Feed ghosters poisoned food. Kneel on a ghoster's neck. Flatten ghosters with a tank. Pop a ghoster's car tire. Make ghosters swim in the Mariana Trench. Cut off a ghoster's limbs. Airdrop ghosters into Antarctica. Pressurize ghosters into fine crystals. Light fireworks in a ghoster's ass. Falcon-punch a ghoster in the face. Blow ghosters heads off with grenade launchers. Blow ghosters brains open with a sniper rifle. Lock ghosters in a cage and drown them underwater. Nail ghosters to a cross and stab them. Run over ghosters with a tank feet-first. Crush ghosters with a press. Attack ghosters with acid. Boil ghosters in a pan. Lock ghosters inside a brazen bull. Burn ghosters alive. Drag ghosters across a wall of spikes. Pour molten lava on ghosters. Impale ghosters on a pike. Total ghoster death.

Does anyone remember thing thing from 2017?

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Does anyone here remember that thing lain anhero schizo website that was going on around here like 6-7 years ago? I remember these guys were talking about this really schizo lain thing that was called something really retarded like LFE or someshit. I remember there was a website you could go to where the website looked all matrixy in black and green and they had a page for people like Billy mays who were supposedly people you could meet if you anheroed at a specific time the website labelled.

Anybody know what I am talking about? Kind of want to go on archive and check the site out again
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