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How do older virgins (25+) cope with inceldom? Im only 20 and I already want to blow my brains out most of the time, and sadly im slowly running out of copes.
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>ahh, what a wonderful day to steal the 69000000 GET *quack*
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How are you holding up as we approach another year without the Queen of r9k?
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how do i get into contact with thundy? he hasnt accepted my friend request
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Bianca Devins / Oxy

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New thread because old one got deleted. Good that it was archived:

This thread is about finding informations about the mentally deranged and attention whoring fembot Bianca. Don't delete this thread mods, we aren't posting her CP. We are doing this thread to help her.

What we know so far:
>She's 16
>Started browsing 4chan at age 12-13, mainly browses /r9k/, /soc/ and /fa/
>She got popular on all three boards due to her constant attention whoring
>Has Borderline Personality Disorder
>Lost her virginity to a robot called Bacchan, after that it all went downhill and she turned into a whore
>Fucked lots of guys for drugs and money
>Did camming and sent nudes to tons of people too
>Is very 'kinky', has rape fantasies
>Admitted to having daddy issues, also got molested as a child, but we don't know if by her dad
>Made a sex tape with a guy she met on Discord, he shared it with his friends and got visited by the police
>This caused huge drama so she went quiet for a while
>She used to only smoke weed, but then started taking harder drugs like heroin
>Often makes suicide threats for attention
>She has an unnaturally long neck

She is known by the names:

Our goal is saving this girl from going down Ciara's path. We need her to stop whoring herself out and get professional help.
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>Happiness comes from within :))
>learn to be happy being alone
>Proceeds to consume food

They themselves disprove their claims and yet it is still widely believed.
What gives? Are you all really this stupid?
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What advice would you have for somebody planning to go ER? This is a hypothetical question. I'm not planning on hurting anyone nor do I know anyone that does. Serious advice only.
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Do you think she had aids?
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need feet and butthole gf - day 22
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