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Tsuki Project

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Is there still some actual community surrounding the tsuki project and LFE. I am a genuine believer and I want to talk to people thinking the same way. Is anyone of you still into the Tsuki Project. All discords that are there seem very basedkaf to me and not really meant serious. I mean it serious and I want to speak to people think Tsuki was right too.

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Every time a used up porn whore is ready to set up a white man is there to take her.

Why are they like this?
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>she's 31 years old
>she notices you at church, sees that you're a nice, responsible, introverted guy
>asks you out
>she talks about having a family and sees you as a good dad
>she's tired of being approached by desperate guys who only want sex
>takes matters to her own hands and shoots her shot with a responsible guy like you who isn't a manwhore

how do you act? she's aware of your lack of experience but doesn't seem to have a problem with it.
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Never trust a spider

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>Very minor ant problem in my house
>Notice a spider in my room
>Figure he will help me kill any ants that show up
>Leave him there
>Wake up one morning and see at least a dozen tiny spiders on my ceiling
>Squash them all
>Kill big corner spider
>2 days later
>Just killed 4 more tiny spiders on my walls and ceiling
I've now killed >5x as many spiders as I have ants in my bedroom. I shouldn't have left that fucker there. Lesson learned.

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>Sister is a NEET zoomer
>Autistic shut in
>Literally hasn't left the house in 4 years
>Has her own little bathroom
>Refuses to come downstairs to eat
>Parents just leave food outside her door
>Knocked on her door last night to ask if she wanted some pizza I bought back from my work office party
>She screamed "FUCK OFF LOSER" at me
>Just for fun whilst she was asleep I went outside and disconnected the external cable hookup that connects the internet to the router inside.
>Went shopping for christmas presents
>Came back and my parents begged me to try and fix the internet
>They called the cable company and they said they couldn't sent anyone out until Tuesday at the earliest
>NEET sister has been sobbing loudly all morning and smashing shit in her room
>Said no. too busy, it wouldn't kill her to spend some time off the internet
>Sister heard and screamed "ANON PLLEEEAAASSSEEEEEEE!" through her door and banged on the door
>Told her I'll take a look if she comes out and asks me
>Screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and started trashing shit again
>Went out again
>Parents text me to say I've ruined Christmas
>Text back a picture of my ice cream and invited them to come join me
>Called me selfish and told me not to come home.

Fa la la la la, la la la la.
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I'm doing it.

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I've always hated them, every single fucking one of them. Normies are the absolute most bug like creatures out there.

I'm going out in a bang, and I'll finally achieve peace. This is it guys.

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Fembot's, cut or uncut? I prefer cut desu, I'm having my b/f get the snip next weekend
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'Small dicks are fine' meme

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How do you dicklets live knowing you will never satisfy a woman?

>pic is me, 7x5.5

'Fuck me. Wow'
'That is the best cock I have ever taken. Seriously'
'Oh my fucking god, I can feel it like a foot in me, fuck'

Women are not the same after 6.5+ cocks. Consider them used goods.
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Gib cinnabar kind of day.
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/BioFem/ General #69

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Cooking edition.

Previous thread : >>77437773

Rules: Ignore impolite moids

What did you eat today?
What's your favorite thing to cook?
What's the easiest and quickest meal you can make?
If you could learn any recipe what would it?

>What is this thread?
A place for biological women to talk about their lives. It's not complicated.
>Why aren't you on Crystal Cafe?
It has been aggressively raided for years and is dead.
>Well, you're raiding my male safe space!
r9k is not a male board. is.
>I'm a man, can I post here?
Please don't but if you are going to anyway, be polite and sign your posts >t. male.
>I'm a tranny, can I post here?
No. Die.
>What does nona mean?
Anon -> Nona
>I want a hole
This is not >>>/soc/
>How do femanons feel about (random hypothetical moid scenario)?
This is not /ATOGA/
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