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i dont know what to do

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hello, recently ive been considering killing myself. i feel like ive destroyed myself, and my reputation far beyond repair and i think i should restart, if rei ncarnation actually exists. someone help me please
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Today I called my boyfriend something extremely hurtful.

How can I make up to him? I'm thinking about buying him a PS4 and PS Vita if he doesn't break up with me.

Of course that's after saying how much I'm sorry.
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Robots, we have waited long enough. The year is almost two thirds done and the star of 2023 has failed to materialize. There has been a disturbance of the natural order. We must put out the call ourselves.

Registration for the inaugural (PG Rated janniez lollll) Next Top Fembot season is now open. The winner will be recognized as the number one challenger to Iris who will be invited to defend her crown or stand aside.

Existing active fembots are automatically registered. Newcomers must timestamp to enter. Your GET determines your opponent in the first round of qualifiers. Dubs can choose their opponent. Once we have eight challengers, the home fembots will be invited to specify their preferred method of competition from the list below. The rules will change in later rounds.

Singing contest
Most (You)s
Cosplay Off
Glow Up

Once a match has been fixed, a strict time period for the bout will be set. Missing your deadline or failure to register will result in immediate disqualification with no opportunity to appeal.


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Inflection point: Should I become a father?

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>27 yo
>Meet a cute 31 year old single mom
>She has a 7 year old boy
>Starts showing interest in me
>Thinks I'm cool, flirts, eventually asks me out.
>The date was awesome, I was nervous and she thought it was cute.
>Drops her at her place, the nanny is just leaving
>"Hey anon, my kid is already sleeping, don't you want to come in?"
>Small talk on the couch, she jumps on top of me and starts making out with me.
>I never felt so happy in my life
>Been together for two months
>Her kid is a cool guy, loves dinosaurs
>We go to the museum, see some fossils I buy him ice cream and a toy triceratops.
>"uncle anon, this is the best day ever"

For the first time in my life, I feel a fraction of what a being a father is like. I feel purpose and drive, my job doesn't seem pointless anymore. I look forward to meeting them and doing family stuff together.

Am I making a huge mistake? I think I'm gonna marry this woman and adopt the little guy.
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I legit fucked up

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>have an inflation kink
>it's also super meditative for me feeling the air going into my bowels, like feeling the gurgles and groans when I near my limit and having everything feel stretched out
>last week on Tuesday I was doing it with an aquarium pump and fell asleep due to just feeling completely relaxed
>was asleep for like 25+ minutes while the air was going into me, and I only do a combined total of 10 minutes usually over the course of 40 minute sessions
>only woke up because it literally reached through me to my stomach and caused me to vomit up actual waste from my intestines
>didn't look that bad when I was laying down, but when I stood up from my bed my stomach literally just surged out in front of me
>it was what I was fantasizing looking like my entire life but in actuality was the most painful thing I ever experienced
>released the air and laid on the bed in agony for the next 12 hours
>have been having terrible muscle cramps since then and can hardly go into my office job, needing to explain it as PMS

It's been getting better but I feel like I may have hurt something inside
I loved doing this the past couple years so much but I don't know if I'm going to after this

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>be me playing intense 1v1 online game (chess)
>im actually pretty good despite being a complete retard irl
>dominate every player
>get really high rank
>stumble upon this obscure player
>he's the first who manages to beat me
>repeat x30
>he sends a link to his discord in chat
>add him
>he's pretty wholesome & chill
>we start to play random games togheter and just hang out on discord
>ffw 4 weeks
>he sends a pic of him crossdressing with the caption "if you want to see the rest beat me at chess"
>his thighs and his skinny tummy are exposed
>my meat is literally trembling
>challenge him
>lose again

Anyway after that we started seeing eachother (he likes to top)

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We're going to Barbados
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Monastery Garden edition.

thread questions
>your type
>do you have a garden or plans for one?
>is there a place you go to be still?
>how gardened is your garden?
>what is youre favorite flower?

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. The test attempts to assign four categories: introversion or extroversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving.

Learn the Basics:

An introductory article

Explanations of functions

Bibliography of Jungian and MBTI derived typology:

Don't know your type? Take a test here:

Addressing Common Issues in MBTI:

Is MBTI - pseudoscience?

Additional tests and resources:

Good resource for Enneagram

Incomplete collection of works by Jung

A bunch of documents pertaining to Isabel Briggs-Myers life including letters and homeschool workbooks:

previous edition
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Why does life suck? Pls help amigos
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