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>tfw such a fat fupa there was almost 1cm left of fat to reach the pubic bone and couldn't push further cause it would be extremely painful
Still feels good moggin most men despite being King of Manlets (181cm), obese, and a virgin.
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>mfw lived in an abusive household my entire life and no one, not even close friends or relatives gave a shit despite them full on knowing how off the shits my parents were
>forced to see how easily some tranny can just put up a gofundme to escape the "abusive household/trans person at risk" because their room mate told them to get a job and they will probably get enough funds to do that within a month, usually never doing it and just wasting the crowdfunded money on useless shit
>mfw had a friend (woman) who had the same abusive household as i did but was constantly hopping from dick to dick and laying at random places for months and all she had to do was offer up some pussy so she could stay
>meanwhile if i even had the remote chance of doing the same, id have to worry about not only about the fact that im homeless but i can get metoo'd at any given moment
Being a straight white male is playing life in the most absolute hardcore difficulty, i will never believe in this white/straight/cis privilege everyone talks about, ive seen women, trannies and fags get away with the most mindblowing shit there is simply because of the fact they are women, trannies and fags.


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Rei is running late for school: Day 1186

Heh. Mah-nee desu no.
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Foid problems

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>got leggings one size too big
>they slide off my ass instead of hugging it and showing it off
very disappointed in myself these are so cute and I'm too lazy to return them and get the right size
I'm gonna cry over this I'm so stupid why didn't I pay attention

french chan thread

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what are you doing today, french chan
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r9k girls

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Ciara was and still is the best r9k girl, now we got niggers and bitches who use too many filters or are just plain ugly. Ciara was cute and naturally beautiful. She had a boyish charm and was actually interesting. It's been going downhill since we lost her.
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my angel ciara

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i miss her so much...
but i can't stop smiling and crying when i think about her. i guess she's happy now and not suffering anymore.

my dream girl don't exist
at the age of five she slit her wrist
she didn't know that i'd be hanging around
so her parents buried her in the ground
and this day i can still hear the sound
of a life in outer space
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It is time to die

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/r9k/ isn't for male losers who genuinely have problems besides >tfwnogf anymore and it's painful.

I'd write a longer thread if I could, but I'm so battered that all I can manage is this. /r9k/ was once a haven for wayward and lonely souls. It was a place for counsel which I valued greatly, no matter how deluded or warped some of the viewpoints here were. A lot of outcasts online don't have a lot of places to discuss their problems without getting run off or verbally beaten down for being an "incel". The incel site, furthermore, is a circlejerk of negativity, and it's easy to see how one might lose one's self in that maelstrom of nihilistic and defeatist sentiment.

Is it too much to ask for a place to congregate with other outcasts whose problems lie beyond the purview of women and relationshits? wizchan is kill and normalfags took over the internet. Maybe it is too much to ask; maybe this is nature's way of telling me and everyone like me to die off in silence.
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Tomboy GF support thread

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I'm going to downgrade my tomboy real gf into a fake gf and cheat on her whenever i am not busy or funneling my time to her and i don't care about the moral implications

I'll try to make her super happy too, some flowers are waiting for her and I know she's going to freak out because nobody has ever really cared for her before not even her parents. I do actually care for her even the other part of me utterly hates her for reasons

What is a fake gf you ask?

It can be summarized as "treat them exactly like a girlfriend, lean hard into the feelz even if it's completely disingenuous"

I got with a qt nepalese girl last night while she was chilling with her siblings

Anyone else ever date a tomboy or have a fake gf?

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I remember playing deltarune chapter 2 and just being fucking enamored with berdly.

"He just like me fr" but unironically kinda shit, instant comfort character. I watched every YouTube video about him, looked at every piece of fanart about him (yes, even porn), learned how to use Ao3 just to fill the bird shaped hole in my heart.

I've always loved birds but something started changing around then. I kept wanting to be a bird, but not as an animal so to speak. Kinda an anthropomorphic bird person, preferrably a with a base body plan like a terror bird. You can probably see where this is going.

Pic related, the dumb gamer bird from delatrune is the reason I realized I'm a furry/feathery.