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hai :3 u guyz should follow my insta account!! @sugaryfever !! i m rly kawaii :3 while yr at it,, boost my posts by commenting gentle !! ty 4chan uwu
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Im thinking about going onto SSRI medication in order to get rid of my horniness. Im fucking sick of being a coomer. Ive tried to quit so many times and just when I think I can see the light I fucking relapse.

Do any anons here have experience with meds?
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I have never seen a girl cuter and as anime as this one.

Her name is Eugenia Cooney. She's 22, likes cute things and anime and emo music, and has never been in a relationship.

And her brother has autism and she cares for him greatly.

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reminder that she showed her roastie
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I am a very bad person.
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Thoughts on self-aware people who cause drama and purpose and know what they're doing?

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I don't mean like people being childish, I mean I think of everyone involved as mentally competent. I know subjective reality can be a thing though.

I think self-aware people who start drama for fun and admit they enjoy the toxic environment should be punished for it, I don't mean innocent people who were misunderstood and just had some "Quirk" that people were afraid of and wanted them locked up due to their weirdness.

Basically I think self-aware people who know what they're doing should be punished for taking advantage of the innocent or "weird"

Real equal treatment, and the victims can recover and be normal like everyone else, but not be talked down to, since I actually think everyone is mentally competent of understanding and not being Evil

Frankly I think they're even worse than the "weird" people, since they know they're already victims and they're creepy for keeping someone as entertainment, when the victim themselves would never be capable of harm.

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tfw you realize after all this time at 20 years old
>it's not that your autistic it's just that your ugly

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Human women and anime girls don't attract me anymore. Furry maidens are just... so superior. Where do I go from here anons? Am I still a robot? I find humans and normal anime girls disgusting now.
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How do older virgins (25+) cope with inceldom? Im only 20 and I already want to blow my brains out most of the time, and sadly im slowly running out of copes.
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>ahh, what a wonderful day to steal the 69000000 GET *quack*
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