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will a straight man vc and play stardew valley with me and roleplay being married farmers with me? we can mod it and add stuff to make our rp fun
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>day 40 since empath-chans suicide

I miss her bros why did she have to do it?
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I've seen very few asses that can hold a candle to this one. I've literally never seen a woman with a better ass than this. This is an ass where you see it and the first thing that comes to mind is that you need to bury your dick in it. Take notes, fembots. The perfect ass is,

>the right shape
>the right size: not to big but not too small either
>the right consistency: firm but soft in all the right places
>the right texture: skin is smooth, soft, and free of wrinkles or blemishes
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i love her so much. i wanna kiss her nose and cuddle with her.
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Robot turned normalfag here. As in, I've suffered from severe social anxiety and been a greasy fedora, but I changed through ridiculously hard work.

You know what your main problem is? You're religious in the way you see the world. You deny the obvious evidence of how the world is and substitute it with the belief that fits your ego; that it isn't your fault, that it's Chad, Tyrone and Jamal who were genetically designed to be popular and charismatic, and that if the world would just see you for who you are then you'd be swimming in positive attention. But you're oh so wrong.

The world is static, and its not gonna change just because you will it to. You have to mold yourself to be what you want to be, to fit in to the social slot that you long for. Just being yourself is nowhere near enough, you have to adapt who you are to fit in to where you want to be. But you have to let your surroundings forge you to be the person you want to be, but you have to get out in those surroundings for that to happen. There truly is no easy way to do it. Either get out if your comfort zone, or stay forever the same.

I'm not saying this to mock you or to boast; I'm telling you this as a wake up call. Get off your ass, fake it till you make it, and let yourself change until you're satisfied.

tl;dr Carpe vitae. Life isn't gonna change, only you can change.
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i'm 22. there's people my age that are famous or millionaires or both. they're driving ferraris at 21 and buying big houses at 23. and me? i'm working in a dead end job making a bit over the minimum wage that's also completely unrelated to my collage. i know that being a failure is my fault and my fault only, or maybe just some tiny bit of being unlucky but even if i wanted to make it, i have no idea where to start. everyone is saying "just follow your dreams", "believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything", "the sky is the limit", etc. but i have no fucking idea what and how... my life seems meaningless not only from a career perspective but as a whole. these people are enjoying their lives to the fullest while im hiding in the toilet at work. what went so wrong? at this point im just coping with "sometimes you lose, sometimes you win" and im on the losing side and it just has to be that way, not everyone can be successful and it won't be me... i'll just be a worthless nobody until i either die or kill myself
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>early 30s
>ugly beta charismaless nerdy looking male
>no friends or social experiences since school
>no female attention ever
>done nothing with women ever, apart from prostitutes
>friendless loserdom continued all through university and multiple jobs (part time jobs during university and office jobs afterwards)
>become the ugly loser nobody talks to within a few days of starting all jobs
>living in London or other cities changed nothing
>just "going outside bro" changed nothing
>lifting weights for years changed nothing
>passing university, getting an ok paying job changed nothing
>current status: have a job, youth has gone, zero social life
>r9kpilled in 2012 during university
>Stirnerpilled in 2013
>incel blackpilled in 2014
>now even normies have caught up with blackpill logic
>not stupid or oversocialised enough to believe in any religions, philosophies, ideologies, heuristics, habits, customs, esoterica, spiritual beliefs, dogmas, historical patterns, metaphysics, superstitions, social conformisms, groupthink, extrapolations, deductions (apart from on the page), forms, the supernatural or occult, aphorisms, nationalisms, ethics, probabilities, media slogans, memes, social panics, manias, purity spirals, dogpiles, zeitgeists
>totally unspooked individual

Well, that's life. Teen years gone. Twenties gone. Nothing happened.

r9k's Next Top Fembot Final

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Sana has chosen cosplay for the Final. (>>75765134)

Both competitors have until Friday 22nd December to post their cosplays for robots to judge.

The winner of this match will be named the Official Number One Contender to Iris' crown.

Could we have a new Queen by New Year?!

Stay tuned to find out!

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I am a brown femcel ask me anything
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