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Would nukes solve society

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Hear me out last time the nuked a country we got anime
From the komodo people

What if every country get nuked on the same time
No matter If the world gets destroyed or whole countries
Wipped away society and people are shit

I hate the thought off innocent
Animals and children suffering because off grown ups playing

>>look me dick games

But Thanos said it best anything has its price
And the world needs less off it
Truth off the matter is still

That in worse or best case
We all are death on the other hand those that do survive
Will probably witness anime 2
Being created by it

Plus as a side note
What if every year the governments allowed
Incels and Neets/basement
People like us the chance
To purge stagies and Chad's and all insufferable dog child Grooming faggots or cunts they can get their hands on
In let's say a closed off prison a fenced off forest or remote Eiland Jeffrey epstein style

What would they chainces be
How would it infect the world for better or worse who would benefit and why

It's just a question for my R9K frens I Don't know if it's a good tread or on topics off this board but if not am sorry
For it

Your thoughts on it
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/letter/ thread

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initials not mandatory, write a letter to a dear fren, or let out what's been weighing your head...

what if I was behind these threads all along... muhahaha!11
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>typing up a shitpost on /adv/
>"how do i stop touching my dick to puffy loli cunny"
>press enter
>don't realize i was still focused in ms teams
>so i accidentally send this rapey ass message in my work chat
>delete that shit in 5 seconds
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Why not just chill?
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Double standard

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Why do Christian white males support female pedophiles it's almost like the US judicial system want's your son's virginity taken by unseen female pedo monster who manipulate everybody that she's a feminist who hates adult male dick but instead she's secretly prefers your son's hard wee wee and milk after school when they are alone.

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calling all selfcutting fags what do i do
>meet a girl in 10th grade
>shockingly funny because i never find women funny
>i consider her a 9/10 but most people would probably think shes a 7
>she usually brings her friends but sometimes its just her
>gives me her phone number over the summer
>wtf nobody has ever asked for my phone number
>we hang out a lot over the summer at her dad's house (her parents are divorced)
>dad is cool with me hanging out with her probably cause im a scrawny pale ass mf
>usually watch netflix or play on our switches
>maybe a year or so later im staying the night while her dad is out of town
>no i dont fuck her ill get that out of the way
>we were kind of like play fighting i guess idk how to phrase it but we were pushing each other around
>snag her long sleeve shirt sleeve and roll it back by accident
>cuts, lots of em
>i stare at them blank-faced like a dumbass not knowing what to think
>she kind of awkwardly laughs it off and is pretty quiet the rest of the night
>more talkative in the morning, but after i leave she stops texting me as much
>after about a day she stops texting me altogether
>hasnt texted me since
>its been a week
help what the fuck do i do
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Why are Asian women so drawn to tall beta white guys?

If it's an actual chad guy they seem kinda turned off. They specifically want him tall and white but otherwise very dweeby etc.
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Is anyone else really attracted to girls who look like this. Asian, young-looking, innocent, with glasses, etc. I wanna see her get destroyed anally by a BWC
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Can someone redpill me on Oxy?
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Bianca Devins / Oxy

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New thread because old one got deleted. Good that it was archived:

This thread is about finding informations about the mentally deranged and attention whoring fembot Bianca. Don't delete this thread mods, we aren't posting her CP. We are doing this thread to help her.

What we know so far:
>She's 16
>Started browsing 4chan at age 12-13, mainly browses /r9k/, /soc/ and /fa/
>She got popular on all three boards due to her constant attention whoring
>Has Borderline Personality Disorder
>Lost her virginity to a robot called Bacchan, after that it all went downhill and she turned into a whore
>Fucked lots of guys for drugs and money
>Did camming and sent nudes to tons of people too
>Is very 'kinky', has rape fantasies
>Admitted to having daddy issues, also got molested as a child, but we don't know if by her dad
>Made a sex tape with a guy she met on Discord, he shared it with his friends and got visited by the police
>This caused huge drama so she went quiet for a while
>She used to only smoke weed, but then started taking harder drugs like heroin
>Often makes suicide threats for attention
>She has an unnaturally long neck

She is known by the names:

Our goal is saving this girl from going down Ciara's path. We need her to stop whoring herself out and get professional help.
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