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hey /r9k/ how do i get discord egirl gf? are there specific servers that are for shit like that?
im no pedo so im not tryna groom anyone
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Have you ever experienced unrequited love? Do you still miss her?
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don't you ever wonder why some people can't just leave others alone? they see someone who is having a good day and want to ruin it for them. and in turn, that person is forced to carry on the favour. sure do wonder why this happens
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hello anon, black fembot here, ama
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Tsuki here, AMA
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Pick one

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Both at their prime alive and well

>Who's the prettiest
>Who's the best fuck
>Who's the coolest to hang with
>Who would make the better wife
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Meta Thread

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Discuss the future of the board here

The amount of egirls and simps on /r9k/ is reaching critical mass and it needs to be dealt with
I'm proposing all egirl tripfags, egirl posting, and discord simp posting should be banned from /r9k/, for the very same reason face posting was banned years ago; it belongs on /soc/ and ruins the integrity of the board
what even is the point of this board existing if it becomes /soc/ 2.0?

gtfih if you're tired of this shit
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If you can't make yourself happy, if you can't change yourself.
Then how can you believe someone could ever love you?
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Whats wrong with Her why she cant find a Boyfriend?
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Do you care about women's struggles?
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