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I fucking hate people. Especially when they gather around and make noise. But i hate them less when theyre just a few. Why is that? Is it cause my brain thinks theyre a threat when their numbers grow and my body has an innate self-defense reaction? I hate this feeling. Anyways, hows it going, Anons? Theres like a pink-pilled invasion in this board lately, huh? Reposted this since i abandoned my previous thread and felt bad
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how i finally got my chad after years of femcelling:
>many trials
>many errors
>a lot of learning from the errors
mostly just taking things very slow, slower than he says he is ready for, and valuing his feelings highly
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The age of consent was raised from 10 to 16 because of bitter old feminist hags who couldn't compete with prime JB. "Child sexual abuse" is a pseudoscience invented by Jewish feminists (Judianne Densen-Gerber and Lawrence Pazder). It's an irrational moral panic with no evidence to support it, just like the Holocaust.

Consensually engaging in something enjoyable is not harmful in the slightest. Kids think sex is awesome and fun. Why is /r9k/ so bluepilled when it comes to this topic?

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I still can't believe that chad cummed inside iris and has done BDSM stuff to her while I stare at the computer looking at iris selfies and stroking my cock. I am such a weak cuck. Please comeback iris I will pay you money.
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>Join 4chan discord servers
>Most members are minors despite the fact that 4chan is a 18+ site
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Waifu General - /waifu/ #621

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Getting ready in the morning with waifu edition
1. Talk about your waifu!
2. Be devoted to your one waifu for laifu!
3. Let waifuism guide you.
4. Don't feed drama or shitposters.
5. No 3DPD.
6. Most importantly, have fun!
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I just... I just cannot believe this is it. This is life. There is no magical third act where I am the star in some fantasy adventure. I won't suddenly gain superpowers and fight cartoonish villains. This is it. This is all it will ever be. 50 more years of quiet, drab misery. Our one shot at consciousness is spent on something so unimaginably boring. My "gift" of sentience is spent wageslaving, consuming media, messing around with hobbies that will never fill the void, eating, shitting, cleaning. And that is all there is.
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getting really bad imposter syndrome about my work. "Yeah but you don't get PAID" & "Well it doesn't benefit the people who are human scum" are getting deep in my head

How do you feel about normies taking your fav memefriend?

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