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Im gonna an hero. How do i say goodbye to my friends without risking interruption?
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i think about my death like I think about the end of an anime, I watch it knowing there's an end, and I must reach it but when I make it I feel sad, it's like I wanted these moments to endure forever (but at the same time I wanted to end it). I also want to die, but when I'm bad I want to be good and when I'm good I want to be like this a "little" longer. If I an hero one day it will be after finishing something, human nature is truly something apart...

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I love you a lot. It makes me very sad whenever you doubt yourself and say horrible things about yourself. I hope that one day we can work through these things together, you are not alone and I will always be here for you.

The world has mistreated you but that is not your fault, all that you can do is your best even when you feel like you can't.

I hope your day goes well tomorrow, I'm sure you're going to do amazingly although I know how scary these sorts of things are given the lengths I talk about it. You never tire of me and I will never tire of you, I love you.

Noriko/Hikichan Hate Thread

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Okay seriously fuck Ashley Hanrahan.

This dumb bitch does not respect her fucking her fucking fans.

Recently she blew up on TikTok and over the years has been harassed and stalked which i am not condoning and i do feel bad for her however most of the stuff that is online about she willingly posted herself.

Her becoming an e-girl/meme was her own fault and the fact that she is going around playing the victim and trying to get stuff deleted like all of these chan sluts is pathetic.

She now has a white knight army of normal niggers who are going around calling us all pedos even though i am pretty sure we all liked Noriko because she was relatable.

they even got the KYM article taken down.

I really hate new Ashley she is a roastie bitch.
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Bianca Devins / Oxy

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New thread because old one got deleted. Good that it was archived:

This thread is about finding informations about the mentally deranged and attention whoring fembot Bianca. Don't delete this thread mods, we aren't posting her CP. We are doing this thread to help her.

What we know so far:
>She's 16
>Started browsing 4chan at age 12-13, mainly browses /r9k/, /soc/ and /fa/
>She got popular on all three boards due to her constant attention whoring
>Has Borderline Personality Disorder
>Lost her virginity to a robot called Bacchan, after that it all went downhill and she turned into a whore
>Fucked lots of guys for drugs and money
>Did camming and sent nudes to tons of people too
>Is very 'kinky', has rape fantasies
>Admitted to having daddy issues, also got molested as a child, but we don't know if by her dad
>Made a sex tape with a guy she met on Discord, he shared it with his friends and got visited by the police
>This caused huge drama so she went quiet for a while
>She used to only smoke weed, but then started taking harder drugs like heroin
>Often makes suicide threats for attention
>She has an unnaturally long neck

She is known by the names:

Our goal is saving this girl from going down Ciara's path. We need her to stop whoring herself out and get professional help.
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Jimmy Saveloy edition
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>Zoomer: Fuck off, grandpa
Why are zoomers less cucked than millennials, I rarely ever see them trying to impress their elders, they just don't care which is based.
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I had a heated conversation with my mother

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I had a heated conversation with my mother a few hours ago about finding a woman. She was literally blaming me for not trying, so I told her that I did try and gave her a lot of examples with girls I know, with friends, etc. She literally had no clue about women these days, she thought that the things are still like in the 70s and people were just simple and easy going. I also added that finding a woman is not something essential to me, it's not something that I can't live without, if it happens it happens, if not then so be it. I'm not going to chase women like a crazy person or do stuff just so that they can like me more, I'm not a clown for God sake. Dignity matters.

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>Too much fear to live
>Too much fear to die
>No desire to improve
>No desire to study
>No desire to work
>No desire for nothing
This is one of the worst states of Overism. If I was dead none of this would happen, but since I exist and I have a conscience, I m terrified of the idea of dying. Its an endless cycle of misery and doom.
>pic unrel, since I m already older than Satou
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everyone wants a loser gf until they meet me

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>be me
>actual femanon
>not fat
>not retarded
>not a fag
>decent sized boobs
>no friends or bf
>complete degen

can the normies tell? is it obvious that im not like them? i have a job but all my money has to go to my parents for rent. no money for vidya or toys. considering pulling the trigger, but i might try to get raped beforehand.
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