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lonely and want someone to e-date or fly out to for sex

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discord tag is chickenfur
I look like an ogre I look like Shrek

nice people who won't ghost me please
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>tinychat is now dead
>skype groups are dead
>irc rooms are dead
>msn is gone
>omegle is now gone for good
Almost everything that once shaped our millennial generation online experience is dead. Only 4chan remaims but it just feels like twitter these days.
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What does pussy actually smell like?
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How do I stop my Asian sister from becoming a BWC slut? Serious answers only.
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If you haven't even tried making a tulpa you're not allowed to complain about being lonely
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What does r9k think about my cock and balls?
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When did you realize your success with women is just a factor of how tall and handsome you are? 17 for me, but I still thought personality and stuff still mattered a lot. 23 or so is when I got completely blackpilled and realized it's almost entirely about physical traits from seeing women hook up with Chads in college and researching blackpill theories.
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Thoughts on cewl editing her photos now?
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take a friend leave a friend

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post your discord tag or the tag of someone else you wish someone on r9k would be friends with

then add at least one person from the thread and be their friend

NO E-SEX!!!!
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I miss french-chan. Even if she frauded her pics her voice was nice and she was at least somewhat interesting. Now this board is stuck with the ghost of iris and porn spam.
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