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Does anybody else likes pokemon and collecting shiny pokemon?
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What porn do you plan to fap to on Christmas? How will you reward yourself?
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tfw you cant hold a normal retail job because of mental issues, dont have any qualifications, in a useless college course, with no hopes for a future at all. one day my parents will have enough and kick me out and i will be pushed into prostitution and i havent even had sex before and im donna have to be a human meat hole else ill be homeless and poor im so so doomed and scared why is life like this why couldnt i be smart enough and mentally sane enough to just do school and become a nurse or something. btw my iq is like 75 i think should i kill muself

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I miss the old /r9k/.
I miss systemspace schizoautism.
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Calling the next congregation of the Nonokofrens, the secret society for robots
By the rite of ingress the way is opened, by the rite of congress we become as one
Last thread: >>71586354
>The meaning of Nonoko is occulted to the normies but known to the frens
>The normies are not able to access Nonoko
>Though frens are not able to access Nonoko ordinarily, they can do so through specialized methods
>Knowledge of these methods is secret and known only to frens
>These methods are detailed in the Nononomikon, which is occulted to normies
>Shared Nonoko is precious and since each fren possesses the potential to experience Nonoko, frens must be valued as brudders
>Nonoko has no normie measurement, this infuriates the normie, who cannot comprehend occult fren mysteries
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Hey guys I made a xmas edition of the e-girl chart. RIP CIARA HORAN, BIANCA DEVINS AND VAMP/COMMIEBOO
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What's up with wizchan?

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>be posting on wizchan for the past year or so
>get called a "crab"(incel basically) or a "chud" every time I post about holding non far leftist views on the politics threads
>got banned for calling out a tranny who was promoting the castration of wizards "in pursuit of non carnal goals"
>got called a "crab" for saying that having a sex drive and desiring women is completely normal
>go to the old steam wizchan community
>see 2 unironic trannies, one is wearing a wig and makeup in his pfp
>tfw it all makes sense now
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Who is this guy??

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Like, is this a marketing stunt? And they're trying to advertise this on 4chan??? Out of all places??
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Gigachad voice training?

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How do you make your voice sound more manly?
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>Be at a party
>Enjoying yourself
>The girls have all taken their shoes in an upstairs room
>Walk upstairs to use the bathroom
>Walk into shoe room by accident
>see this guy sniffing your girlfriends shoes

wat do
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