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should blackbots and blackfembots just assume everyone they talk to from here is racist behind their back until they explicitly say otherwise? because it keeps on happening, where can you even go as a loser neet* black person?
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Redpill me on Russian/Slavic women
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I dunno if you tsuki-fans are still around, but I have a far more explainable post on what happens after death:

Let us assume matter cannot be eliminated from existence, let us assume the universe expands and contracts, infinitely along with time being infinite. Let us also assume consciousness emerges from a unique arrangement of matter (you!).

Now it follows: given an infinite amount of time, and that matter will be brought together and sperated time and time again, there will be a time where, after your death (the cessation of your arrangement by some important factor), the universe would arrange you back together again. But since you cannot exist without this arrangement, from your death to existence again, it would be an instant: assembly,disassembly, reassembly. But, it can be assumed this "unique arrangement" likely won't contain your memories.

Henceforth, you are immortal, yet, so much of you still dies, only what is bare, what is at the root, remains.

Better now, r9k?
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HEY yourbiggestfan ARE YOU HERE?


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need feet and butthole gf - day 18
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if last 2 numbers are less than 10 i'll waste my last few months doing whatever the fuck i want without caring what others think and an hero on the 1st of july 2017

TSUKI Project - 30 days

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Unlink the world. Unlock the rest.

Only 30 more days until Life is unlinked.
As of this post there are currently 1445 slots for potential migrants.

Why haven't you registered anons?
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Dubs decide whether I an hero and save everyone here

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Tomorrow I'll be taking my own life. I just wanted to say thank you for all happy and not so happy memories I've had over the years. I practically grew up with this website. Hopefully more robots can find the courage to do what I'll do so they can finally be free of the shackles put on them. Goodbye everyone. Never change /r9k/. Consider this my theme song if you will. A song that fits me well in my final moments.
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now that i disappeared from s4s, i wonder where i should migrate..
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