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ever since this board went to shit i started playing video games and getting into hobbies. i suck at every single one

i cant finish a game. i cant even do games and hobbies meant for children they are all impossible to me. i just want to die at this point.

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What is your preferred method of suicide?
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Daily reminder that whites cannot be robots.

also general shitskin feels thread
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why do so many posters support right wing ideology?

right wingers are against neets and neetbux
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>I'm just like you, Anon! And yeah I've been in two relationships before turning 20, have experienced teenage love and sex, have a steady circle of friends consisting of 10+ people, drink alcohol, get invited to parties, travel to other countries on a monthly basis, go to concerts, men constantly hitting on me, etc, but hey! I'm an unadjusted social outcast weirdo such as YOURSELF! tee hee :D :) xD
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my parents are kicking me out right now im at mcdonald's posting this, what the fuck do i do? they hate me now fuck, they're supposed to love me
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Odds of a mass shooting tomorrow?
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To all the anons who don't have a gf and think it's over: pic rel is why you never got one. You played something dumb and now face the consequences.
But I'm going to give you one more chance. REPLY TO THIS POST OR YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A GF.
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/mcg/ - momcest general, year 2 #22 (#66)

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Lustful mother&wife Edition

It's Momcest Monday. You guys know what it is all about, share pictures and thoughts on milfs or your own lovely mom.

Previous thread: - (part 1) - (part 2)

Thread Question: Has your mom ever openly been horny around you when you were young? Did she open up more to you about her urges and needs over time? Do you believe your mother to be sexually frustrated or satisfied with her current sex life?
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Hobby thread

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Get in here chuds
What are your INDOOR hobbies, need ideas. Please and thank you. What gets you through NEET life.

Also what are your goals.
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