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someone ate the rest of my cuties T_T i am a little sad. So today I will eat a banana instead. I still do not have a valentine so I will gift shop for my friends today. I love gifting people. Have a blessed day everyone! :D
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Least painful way to kill myself?

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Doin it tomorrow
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Least painful suicide methods

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I'm a college student and I'm considering killing myself. Best ways that aren't slow and painful? I don't have a gun. All I can think of is jumping off a building or in front of a train, but that seems slow and not guaranteed to work.
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The world feels like its shrouded in a fog that I can't get past.
I've been depressed my entire life, I've had times like this before, but this time, it's different.
In High School, I was smart enough to know that my pain was temporary.
All I had to do was graduate High School and I'd be able to try again, right?

Well it's been years since High School, and my mind is still ill.

For over a year I had a friend. She was wonderful. I'd never met a more rational, funny, kind person in my life.
I loved her very much.

One day she enters a psych ward. She is gone for a couple months. When she got out, she was different.
No longer rational, no longer kind, no longer my friend.
It's like she forgot all the time we spent together and needed to lie her way out of my life.
That was in November. And I've thought about her everyday since she left. She is all I think about.
It hurts, being told that you're an awful person, being told that you never cared
The truth is that I've never cared about anybody more in my life.
The truth is that I really thought things were going to be different this time.

But people never change, this is how its always been for me. I try to be kind, but always get the knife turned on me.
Something must be wrong with me. I'm done trying. My life has always been shit from the day I was born.
I should have died at birth but I didn't. I've never felt loved by my mother. My father is spineless.
My friends all leave me. I'm not good looking. I'm a midwit.

And now, her leaving me has completely broke me. I am no longer afraid of death. I pray for it daily.
I used to have some hope in my heart that kept me going, I would cope and say "maybe things will get better"
but I truly don't care if things get better or not anymore. I've been burned time and time again.

With all that said, please, what is the least painful suicide method?
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Why are jannies so Jewish?
(Pic rel not me heh)
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I hate my neighbor...

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Finally got enough money to get a good house.
My neighbor is a major manwhore who keeping bringing women and fucking in his dumb glass house where I can see everything.
Seems like he does it to provoke me since he knows I have trouble scoring a date.

How do I make him stop or just like BUY SOME curtains without sounding mad or jealous?
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Anon do you prefer Cowboy Bebop or Samurai Champloo? For me it would have to be Cowboy mainly due to its ending.
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What do you think about guys with a body like this?
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how about a SUCCESSFUL vocaroo thread?
talk about
>your day
>plans for weekend
>that new anime your watching
>GIRLS or boys that you are chasing
>sing a song
>talk about uhh having no gf
>whatever is on your mind
[spoier]pls im lonely and got nothing else to do
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Noriko/Hikichan Thread

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New Ashley/Noriko/Hikichan Thread first ever 2024.

She grew up to be a roastie whore and hates us.

She doesn't appreciate her online fame nor respect her fans.
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