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My wife cheated on me...

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My wife unironically cheated on me with some african guy which was supposedly our neighbour. I did everything, lifted, worked hard, we even have a son, yet she still did it...
We were so happy in here...
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Why do zoomer Australia girls love gooks?

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She is a year above me. It makes me seethe
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How often do you order pizza /r9k/? I feel twice a week is making me fat
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If there can be no exact picture matches on this board

Then every image posted is being permanently saved

There is an archive of every image ever posted to R9K

Imagine if it leaked
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>femcel adds incel online
>both self described "unlovable and ugly"
>incel falls for femcel
>femcel does not reciprocate

bahahhaahaha. can someone tell me why i should take "femcels" serious again?
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it just started raining
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What zodiac sign has the most incels?
I am Pisces and I never had a gf
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Hello sirs. Are you ready for the most tantalizing, aids-enducing, itchy-cock causing events of our century?
WELL GOOD, HEAD ON OVER TO ANTI.LGBT. TOMORROW, SYSTEMSPACE RELAUNCHES, BETTER THAN EVER! BIGGEST EVENT SINCE THE FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE. Bring your kids, bring your wives (for me to FUCK) and witness the second coming of Jesu- I mean Leonard Leijenhorst! HE HAS RISEN. ALL KNEES SHALL BEND ON THE DAY OF OUR LORD. don't be late, and wear rainbow outfits because tsuki has hinted he may come out as gay tomorrow. fresh virgin blood ONLY please.