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You haven't killed yourself yet because...?
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Wetwang, Yorkshire edition
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Hey M, you might want to know your girl is a whore and has been cheating on you. DM me for the full discussion. Does anyone else know this whore and help contact this guy? Hit me up

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>tfw no holiest of holies bf

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Does bullying weed out the weak?
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Saturday Morning BAC Thread

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Let's homage our beautiful Angel this weekend. LFG!
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going ER actually disproves the blackpill

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I made a thread yesterday saying sex feels amazing, then robots claimed I was driving people to go ER because the couple was good looking.

It got me thinking: picrel were totally ignored by girls, but now they have fanbases, they have obsessed fangirls who would save them from inceldom. I've seen more bitches justify Elliot Rodger's actions than you guys would believe.

ER was a mixed-raced feminine looking manlet. The Columbine guys are straight up ugly. Now all of them have status and girls love them.

It's all about status. If they used their interesting personality to advertise themselves, they would be drowning in pussy to this day
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My girlfriend died and left me everything instead of giving things to her family.
I didn't love her.

What do I do?
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One day you wake up naked, tiny and weak and these horny, teasing girls find you. What will you do?
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