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>was at a party last night
>Get fucked smashed as fuck
>midnight, lot of people have left, gone to sleep
>They bring out 4 more bottles
>literally 30 drunk girls and me and my bro left
>Bro passes
>I'm barely conscious
>All the girls start discussing sex, guys etc.

I have seen and heard some shit, /r9k/
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Hey faggots, still remember this thread? I'm op. Some faggot reported this thread to the bitch in my picture and I wanna know if she responded back and what was her response
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Ghost Replies

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What are ghost replies and how does one do such a thing? I noticed a ghost reply in the archives on one of my recent threads and it got me curious.

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The suicidal thoughts are getting more frequent. Like I look at a guy fixing a truck and my brain says you could never do that because your so stupid, just kill yourself.
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Happy birthday to me!

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I'm no longer an underage fag, I'm finally 18! Too bad I'm not going to spend Valentine's day with anyone though, but I've done it the other 17 years of my life so what's the difference in the end?
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I want to kill myself

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I feel nothing but contempt for everything around me including and especially myself. I wouldnt even care if my family missed me or whatever because Im selfish and if I stopped existing it wouldnt matter. But Im afraid an afterlife exist and Im going to be held accountable.
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I'm in love with this girl, please no "cuck" or "beta orbiter" or "lelele reddit go back" memes please.
Honestly, what's my best shot to get her? no pedo.
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>be me
>long day at work
>scroll through r9k to laugh at pathetic robots before bed
>find a thread with some faggot crying about breaking up with some femanon roastie
>the retard drops his discord looking for attention
>decide to add the guy
>the faggot really adds me back
>he talks to me expecting a conversation
>tell him to kill himself and say he is a waste of oxygen
>try and send him a hangmans knot tutorial
>get blocked before I can send it
>immediately after send the dms to another server and sleep like an baby
>forget about it the entirety of the next day until I check my dms at work
>someone sent me a friend request
>turns out the gf made a thread on here about the night before expecting attention but everyone started dunking on them
>start dying laughing
>hysterical to the point where I had to come home early

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To the faggot "unpike" that told my ex to kill himself, how about you kill yourself you subhuman trash? Too scared to accept my friend request you little dicklet? You don't wanna talk? Imagine going in people's dms and telling them to kill themselves because they have emotions lmfao. You're so pathetic it's laughable. You're probably a 30 yo balding fat faggot virgin who probably never even touched a woman before and who's too scared to accept a woman's friend request because you're a sensitive little pathetic bitch. Maybe YOU'RE the one who should kill himself. But ohh you have a job? Bitch, you probably work at McDonald's or some amazon warehouse and you dare talk shit to him about jobs? LMFAOOO I'm literally laughing bc I know for a fact he makes more money than you do. I don't give a shit if he cares ab what you said or not, I will not not fuck you the fuck up you nasty manlet. You talk shit as if you're any better and you wouldn't break down from a woman rejecting u once and pull an Elliot Rodger. You're prob a newfag too. If I saw u irl, even at my 5'2 height, I would fucking crush you bitch I will fucking bite your face off even if it's more disgusting than a baboon's infected asshole. Kill yourself nigger
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