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I'd buy stocks in soyjak if memes were money. I think he's gonna go on to be pretty big in 2018.


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Straws General 1#

How have straws improved your life?

How many girls have you pulled with straws?

Feel free to share your straw experiences guys and have fun.

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>be me
>23 year old unemployedfag
>decide to try to become a bartender
>get a job interview at Red Lobster
>go to the restaurant, dressed sharp
>wait 25 minutes for manager to come out
>she eventually comes out and proceeds to interview me
>talks to me for 5 minutes
>"I'm sorry. But after speaking to you you, I don't think you would be a good match for the Red Lobster family. You can try again in a year"

I literally got rejected from the Red Lobster family.

Is this the lowest point someone can reach?
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>Have never even been on a date before
>Never get matches on dating apps that aren't just girls advertising their snapchat or instagram
>Still feel terribly lonely and wish that I could be in a relationship
>Still want to fall in love

How do I turn this around?
Is it possible to turn this around?

Is 30 too old to have my first date?
Is 30 too old to have my first kiss?
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Pic-not related

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Whoa, r9k, I don't know who to tell or if anyone here would even care.

But I hacked some gangster's twitter in Chicago and I found a fucking interesting story that i've been following for a few months that ultimately leads up to her death.

Wondering if anyone would be interested in this "love" story? Both parties involved are well known in the "Drill rap" community.

Warning: It involves nignogs and Chicago gangs and really dark rap music.
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Waifu General - /waifu/ #384

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One last edition... ?

Previous thread: >>59375081
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Hey, wtf happened to Initiate (
-Their site's gone
-Ahiga's discord got deleted
-Fediverse broken at best (nothing new kek)
Did Ahiga get fedded like in ?
Also lemme wordfilter him to get his attention: systemspace systemgay Michael Tsuki TsukiProject

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I just want my boyfriend to be very intelligent. I don't care how guys look or how much they earn. I don't need him to be good with other people as long as he likes talking to me. I am attracted to raw intelligence. I can't ever find a boyfriend though. All the guys who approach me IRL are so disappointing. Why is it so hard to find a smart guy?
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"female loneliness" is a joke
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i wonder how did he do it so flawlessly