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Would you leave your world behind for a better one?

The old world will cease to exist, and the new one will have many people that love you. A big team will help you make the switch. You cannot return.
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Sigh waking up in the middle of the night for the billionth time
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>You were issued a warning on all boards with the following message:

>If you are having a crisis, please call the Suicide Prevention Service.

>Please don't hurt yourself, anon.

>Your warning was issued on May 18th, 2022. The name you were posting with was Anonymous. In addition to heeding this warning, please review the rules and FAQ.

>Now that you have seen this message, you should be able to post again. Click here to return.

Thanks jannies. I know I disparage you quite a bit from time to time, but it's great that you care.
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How does one obtain a gf like that?
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>USA is on the verge of collapse
Do you agree with this fatso?

Sex with my mom

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I'm doing it tonight, bros. I will finally have sex with my mother. She agreed to drink together with me tonight (it's the first time we are doing this), and if my plan goes well, it will lead up to sex.

This is the plan:
>keep track of her menstruation to know when she will be most horny
>get her to drink with you, give her something that is too alcoholic and get her drunk
>pretend to get drunk too while actually drinking something non alcoholic
>slowly get closer to her and end up kissing and groping her, take her to the bedroom and have sex with her

Now there's 2 options:
>get back in your own bed and the night after pretend to have a hangover and not remember what happened (she will remember)
>stay in bed and sleep with her, the morning after tell her how you enjoyed having sex with her (I will probably choose this option)
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About to go to therapist, she'll probably give me antipsychotics

Now what
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Weed / Stoner General

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Is weed the robot drug?

>Don't even need to know people to get it because of the dark web

>Eliminates most if not all social anxiety

>Replaces painful and or embarrassing experiences with fond memories of the past

>Makes you not only take solace in your shitty life but also makes you happy whilst living it

>Enjoyment from food and music are magnified millions of times

Any reason not to be smoking or at the very least eating the stuff?

Also general stoner thread

What's r9k smoking on? Got me an eighth of agent orange. Life ain't too bad
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You haven't killed yourself yet because...?
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Wetwang, Yorkshire edition
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