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Balding men, why aren't you castration-pilled yet? You'll still be able to have sex, and you could actually meet girls if you have hair.
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>will never have a virgin girlfriend
>will never experience the true love of a woman
>will have to settle for sloppy seconds


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Haven't seen Tsuki all day, so lets have a comfy thread here while we wait for him to finish his imageboard
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Should I change?

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I have very bad abandonment issues, which makes me really insufferable in a relationship, I'm like an annoying puppy following my bf around. I get sad when I'm not recieving the kind of attention I need, I have changed to be better, and I'm sure this is as 'good' as I can get, but so far I've lost 3 relationships due to this. Makes me feel pretty hopeless and sad to know I'm practically unlovable because of this very annoying thing that puts people off. You guys think I should try my absolute hardest to change even more? I really can't see it working, but I really want to be someone's gf, so I'm willing to try...
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Spoke to a friend of mine yesterday in my garage. He spoke about this girl he had met and started talking to, and he was so happy and excited. Kept saying he thinks it's the one.

Told him that I'm jealous and that I was genuinely happy for him and wished him all the luck.

He tried to cheer me on to find someone as well but I told him that after so many years it just doesn't happen anymore. Told him if I hit up a woman on tinder or any dating app like he does then all I get back is a "ew" or some other nasty comment.

He hugged me and said it'd all work out.

Thanks friend.

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manifesting her return but also hoping she has a good valentines day and has a bf to spend it with.
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At what point did online culture stop being an escape for you and when did it start becoming alienating?

I remember when I first got online in like 2004 it was a whole new world. I connected with friends irl, made friends online and found so many weird and creative communities. I was like 13, so it was eye opening. The culture was more libertine and harsher in some ways but people got along better in others. It was all anonymous and nothing was monetized so people mostly just did shit and made shit for the love of it. Late 2000s/early 2010s was the peak. Maybe 2012 things started to shift.

Now I don't feel like I fit in anywhere. Every online "community" is just a commodity and am echo chamber. I miss the old internet before everyone was as Tumblr trans commie or a /pol/fag incel. I miss when we could just hang out and have fun. It's all zoomers and boomers now, it's not fun anymore. Online used to be an escape from the real world and now it's the other way around. 4chan used to be so different- I miss it.

Are there any sites that have that old school internet vibe anymore? Is it just discord now or something?

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Whatever happened to Jay?
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