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When have you seen a female sitting alone, waiting to be approached?

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When was the last time you have seen a single woman being outside on her own, walking or sitting on a bench in park/square?
One that would be looking around, indicating her interest to be approached? Not talking about women going shopping alone.
What is that? Not in years, even though you have been going out to parks, cafes, squares, etc?
Of course not, women are NOT LOOKING FOR A RELATIONSHIP. They DON'T want to be approached.
That's why they are always in a group to scare off potential guys who would think of approaching them.
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whats goodtonight my niggas, what's really really really good?
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>Be foid
>Have acne
>Have greasy hair
>Built like a 12 year old boy
>Be a massive slut
>Meth head and heroin junkie
>Be mudshark with HIV
>Be a sociopath attention whore
Yet faggots still worshipped her. Is there any way to eradicate simping?
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If Asuka was 3D she would look like this, but what about Rei?
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How are you holding up without her, bros?
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Who's dying tomorrow?

Hope you’re all happy chuds

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i think ciara horan is still alive

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i followed her tiktok for over a year. it was public when i followed her. i was going through my following and clicked on her account and saw all her videos were set to followers only so i unfollowed because i was curious to see what videos were public and now her account is private? which is weird idk..
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>wake up and start crying shortly after
feels like its going to be a bad night and I wish I was dead already desu
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hai :3 u guyz should follow my insta account!! @sugaryfever !! i m rly kawaii :3 while yr at it,, boost my posts by commenting gentle !! ty 4chan uwu
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