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>Poz my neg hole, Anon
>AIDS is future Spike's problem

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How will generation 5 be remembered?
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Canterslut Thread:

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"Vinyl- VINYL!!! oh christ, oh sweet celestia, she’s everywhere, how in Equestria did this even happen- I told her that diving bells and molly were a bad combo, but I’d never imagined that something like this could happen…”

Check out our KINO slutty story archive!

Previous Sluttergynephilia: >>41035440
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So I discovered that my coworker likes mlp; how do I trick him into outing himself without also outing me? Hard mode: assume he's browsing this very thread
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You are in this episode, what would you do?

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There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

"mare's existential dread" edition

Old thread: >>40963936

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Couch Surfing

A collection of misc. green since the 1st thread
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After all these years I still don't know what that cutie mark means.
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Now that the dust has settled: was it good?
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Your students want to know what your class on radioactive isotopes has to do with friendship. They also want to know why you stopped coaching the swim team. Oh and why you keep smelling Professor Pinkies mane.
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