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Official Kirin Thread.

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Her name is Cinnamon Cinder.
That is all.
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Worst Characters

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Post characters that you consider the worst.
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MLP General

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Incestuous Relationships Thread: Camwhore Sister Edition

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General Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/SSdQjjhU

Last Thread: >>33168906
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Canterslut Thread

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Previous sluttery ended in a premature ejaculation >>33156586
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Pixelcanvas.io - EMF is mad edition :^)

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Spriting guide:
• [Gist] spritingguide.md (embed)

Megamural at: (just don't look at it for now)

• Nothing since the canvas is constantly being taken down

To Do:
• Cupcake Pinkie maybe
• Other things I probably forgot
• Big EG Fluttershy needs more love

Needed Sprites:
• More hoodie pones for @-2711,1859
• Little art to fill gaps
• RD banner
• Those in our area not yet under bot protection
• Megabanner under Mom6
• Megabanner under Mom6! NOW!
• Banners and borders for the Flower Trio

• The canvas is back for the n'th time
• zboi was so mad at me that he replied twice and then drowned the thread :^)

Previous thread: >>33172085
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Casual sex thread

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After the raids edition.
In these threads, we fantasize about an utopian Equestria where sex is not a taboo and is considered perfectly natural.
An Equestria, where it is not uncommon for stallions to try to mount mares or for mares to present themselves to passing stallions (or human males) in public places if they should happen to get the urge.
Mares casually conversing with their friends or going about their own business, paying little or no attention to the stallion eagerly rutting them, would be a common sight.

Some suggested guidelines for the setting:
- If a mare for whatever reason does not want it, they will just push the stallion out and gently nudge him off and he will try to find another mare instead
- If a stallion (or human) masturbates in public without first trying to mount any mares around, they would consider it an insult to their attractiveness

These are merely suggestions, and the exact details are of course entirely up to headcanon.
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[ATM] Ace Thruster Monthly

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There's still something strange in the neighborhood edition.

Previous threads: >>33111765 >>33156308 >>33168677

Reminder: Acehater is a fag
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Where's all of the fish porn?
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