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Aight so I found out about Punchline if you guys couldn’t tell and honestly?? I wouldn’t have so much of a problem if the writers weren’t so fuckin disrespectful toward Harley while trying to prop this new bitch up. Like, listen sweaty you gotta actually have her do some shit and make an actual fucking mark before you can talk about how much *better* she is than Harley.

The writer literally sounds like an incel when talking about her cause it’s all about how *sexy* she is. Like, ew. I’m also not a fan of the design cause like, either have her be her own thing or have her commit a little bit more to the clown aesthetic?? Right now she looks like a shitty creepypasta oc and I stand by that.

Also, bold of her creators to assume Joker’s henchmen weren’t afraid of Harley. Bold of them to assume she was a complete angel. Like, the more they talk about Harley the more I realize they just… don’t understand her character?? And I would bring up the fact that she’s just gonna be abused by Joker like Harley was… but the writers have already covered that by saying she’s just as crazy as him so Joker would n e v e r.

So I’m starting the anti punchline tag cause… no. This whole character feels like they’re gonna be flaunting how much better their Mary Sue is going to be compared to Harley.
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Swords thread.
Post some comics about swords.
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>only made $65 in US

What the fuck hdppened? Do people not like Harley anymore?
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Bloodshot! The Movie!

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How much is this gonna fucking bomb?
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Post April

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>Business, business, business. Numbers.

>Is this working?
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Look at this loser! His favorite cartoon is Steven Universe!
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but seriously though, goku would win. sure superman is stronger, faster, tougher and smarter but goku is an infinitely more experienced fighter; goku would start dodging before superman starts punching and once supes is out of juice goku would annihilate him.
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Mac I have not had sex in two months!