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Smiling Friends sets a terrifying precedence. It’s another example of people liking mainstream. In other mediums, you at least see some hatred for the mainstream.
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The Boondocks

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How do you feel about the Boondocks?
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was the new season good

Toonami General #4

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Rebecca Sugar eating good off those SU royalties

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before you ask if this is /co/, yes it is Cartoon Brew posted it
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Are French/Belgian comics (bande dessines) really as varied as Japanese Manga. If so; please recommend some titles. Story focused, NSFW, Comedy. Any of these aforementioned categories please.
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Why do Dreamworks movies have such horrendous character designs?
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Black Hammer

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I just finished the first 13 issues and the annual.
A bit let down. I don't think I'll keep reading this, but may still check out the Skulldigger spin-off.
What do you guys think of Black Hammer?
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How does /co/mblr cope about Strange World and Lightyear?

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Can /co/ just admit these kinds of people are ugly or are you still in denial because of your politics?

Lightyear should have been a fun, slamdunk movie for boys, but by the trailer alone, you could tell what they were trying to sell.

>M-m-muh they weren't advertised!

Disney spends hundreds of millions on advertising these shitheaps. Stop trying to gaslight us into thinking "no marketing" or "bad marketing" would dissuade people from seeing it if there wasn't something wrong. I've seen plenty of shitty or bad ads for movies that made hundreds of millions at the box office.

DC Super Hero Girls

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What would you do with your favorite girl on Christmas Day?
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