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Transformers: Beast Wars #2 Storytime

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Why are toxic ships always so popular?
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Gabby Rivera, the woman behind such hits as "Holy Menstruation" and "Literally intrigued and in awe," got her novel adapted into a comic. Has anyone read it yet? It came out last year.

Pic related, it's the first page.
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Why the FUCK did they make Enid so thicc
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Dang straight. They were called baby boomers.

Ducktales thread - Is a great finale actually happening?

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Attractive Family Guy characters

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I'll start
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Is Jason Aaron's Avengers run one of the most damaging books at Marvel right now? It's like its goal is to make the Marvel universe actively worse.

>>Humans all came from Celestials' vomit.
>>Robbie is just another Ghost Rider now
>>Namor almost killed Stingray, his friend, to team up with Tiger Shark, the person who murdered his parents
>>Avengers existed 1 million years ago.
>>She-Hulk being Hulk, and tripling down why this version of She-Hulk is the best version of She-Hulk
>>Mephisto was behind everything
>>Thanos existed as a child 1 million years ago
>>The Phoenix is now Thor's mother

This shit is just flat out awful! How the hell is this book doing in the sales to justify all this damage it's doing to the Marvel Universe?!
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What can the dyslexic frog actually do to win here?

Mickey will just rape him.
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