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Why a single man has so many photos of his dog?

Starblazer Storytime - № 154-7, 159, 161-2

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Can one of you /co/toids hecking explain to me what is this ik ook show?

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>the guy behind a popular simpsons fan comic got his designs animated in the season finale couch gag
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MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS Deleted Scenes And Reshoots

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Compilation of everything that has been deleted from and/or added to the movie in the reshoots.

>The original opening featured 616 Mordo attacking Wanda at her cabin with a magic crossbow that fires energy arrows, wanting to kill her for breaking the natural order in Westview, and chasing her into the forest. The scene frames Wanda as an innocent woman and Mordo as a psychopathic villain. Wanda manages to ambush Mordo and destroy his crossbow. Mordo vows he will never stop chasing Wanda. Wanda coldly says "I know" before decapitating Mordo with her powers.

>The scene was reportedly cut for being too graphic for the PG-13 rating and revealing Wanda as a villain too early, undermining the full reveal during her encounter with Strange later in the film.
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Aren't the characters in this movie actors who play the characters from the show? What's with all the autism? Old Gadget is still Chip's gf.
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What jaded you to capeshit?

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Have you become jaded by the state of the industry? To the loop of non-consequential death, rehashed plots, disrespect to original creators and fans, outrage-baiting changes to characters and constant virtue signalling, and the lack of decency to even write good?

What was the point where the rose-tinted glasses fell off?

Thor Thread!

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> Zeus battling Gorr and not looking like a joke.
> No chest pumping feminist bullshit or misandry.
> Thor & Jane being happy to see each other and not being antagonistic.
> Sif
> Gorr being purely menacing and not comedic whatsoever.
> Evidence that the hippie non-superhero Thor quest crap is not a major part of the film.
> Jane or Valkyrie armpit shots.
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What killed the webcomic?

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Shit was huge in the 2000s. What happened? Why did it happen?
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