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I Am Not Starfire Storytime

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Because why not
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Arthur Canceled

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A-Arthurbros....its over..
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Air Ace Picture Library Storytime - № 135-6, 143-4

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hahaha, fucking King
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Terry McGinnis is my favorite Batman. Also Batman Beyond thread. Stay Schway, bros.
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Bittersweet Candy Bowl - bcb

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Jordan done seen somethin
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>/co/ spends one whole year shitting on "I am Not Starfire" before it even comes out
>It turns out it's better than the entirety of Donny Cates' oeuvre that this board jerks off to so often
How the turn tables.
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Netflix splitting in half the season of Masters of the Universe: Revelation was bad for the series

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Watching the series, it's obvious what will happen in the second half:

Adam is not dead again, the hit where Skelator got him is in the side. He's hurt but I don't think they're going to kill him. Seriously that would be a bad move from the show. But given everything we're seeing right now. My guess is that Adam is going to live and have to work with Teela to become a hero that doesn't have the power.

Teela will become the new Sorceress, since it seems to be the hint with her powers and what happened with Scare Glow. Orko is going to be at his home, and he will come back by the end when they restore the magic fully. Man at arms and probably the OG sorceress will be gone by the end. I suspect that Andrea is going to take up the role of Man at Arms. Adam will get the sword back. Because they're building Andrea up more for a Man at Arms role. Because they are not building her up to take on the sword role. So my guess is that she'll build Roboto back and repair him.

Randor is going to recognize his son after he helps Teela and she is going to eventually find the next Champion when the time comes. Which will likely tie into their son, who was supposed to be a follow up, but someone else got the rights over Filmation. Just Yeah. I'm pretty sure this is going into "Future for Eterina heroes" and I expect Moss Man to be there by the end as well.

In other words, the second half will solve most people's problems with the series since it was created as a single season.
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Tuesday Carolthread

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Captain Marvel #30 >>124572524
Avengers: Mech Strike #5

Last week's thread: >>124549490
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