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Tiny Toons Looniversity

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This shit fucking sucks
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It's over isn't it?
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lol why'd they try and stop him, looked like he & the vamp blade were doing a good job fucking up that Dragon's shit.
who knows might have won too, one less dragon to deal with!
but No- "G-Grog we gotta go! d-don't kill the dragon!" All that ended up doing was getting her impaled, heh heh. Stupid midget bitch!
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ITT: cartoon characters worshipped as gods or venerated as saints/deities
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Maid Marian is the best Disney Princess.
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/hyw/ - How's Your Webcomic? #884

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Thread Question: How long have you been working on your comic?

>Current /hyw/ comics list

Where should I publish my webcomic?


ITT: Post your webcomics and comic making related discussion. If you have criticism make it constructive.
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Questionable Content

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Realistically, without any meme "plot armor " does Batman ever stand a chance against Superman in a fight?

P.S - responding that "plot armor IS batman", just know you are a retarded faggot tranny
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The Owl House

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Cool Aunt Sunday
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