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this board = dead?

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what happened? the whole catalog is absolute shit for a long while now, not even "shit", it's just a nothing.
some threads about the 9999th issue of the 9999th spin-off of the new black trans muslim superman replacement character i can't imagine anyone but genuine shills caring about, some e-celeb drama threads, some random screenshot + spoken line or dumb question threads, some masturbation bait threads, some outrage bait threads, a few threads about upcoming stuff or actual cartoons.

even the previously hyped stuff like Digital Circus, Helluva Boss, Angel Hare, Skibidi Toilet seem to have died out. the board is slower than ever, your thread likely won't get past page 1 for at least 10 minutes after each bump, and yet people seem to have more of a tendency to just abandon threads and let threads halfway to bump limit with 10+ started conversations just die. even giga-bait threads like "all western cartoons are shit" and "AI is good actually" don't get much traction and die quickly. even the "general" kind of threads now only get posts when they bump them from dying. even the spammers and notorious residents seem to have disappeared. it's like life has been sucked out of it.

i don't just want to complain, but ask: are others feeling like this too?
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Slylock Fox

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Rachael Rabbit is upset about something again, to no one's surprise.
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Ahahaha. That's pretty funny and accurate.

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>Mr. Karponzi - Birchum’s nemesis and the school district’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion officer. He’s an Ivy League graduate, a devout vegan, and identifies as a cisgender white male...for which he apologizes.
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why are krauts and frenchies so obessed with this show?
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Now that X-Men '97 is over we can finally go back to talking about the better X-Men cartoon with better waifus and animation.
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Is it even possible to have a normal healthy childhood in Gotham? Or ANYWHERE in the DCAU, when you get down to it?
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Dall-E/AI Thread

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What day is it anyway edition

Previous thread
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um based?
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Non-Canon OTP Thread

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>Stop looking at my butt!
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