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Toonami Ratings for 7/13/19

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AS has yet to release a Toonami schedule for next week. If nothing else, i think it’s safe to say SAO isn’t being replaced by anything.

Demon Slayer will be joining Toonami at an undetermined date this fall. It will likely replace either Super or Gundam.

Gen:lock will replace AoT on August 3rd. Yes, Toonami is that desperate that they are picking up trash from Rooster Teeth now.

Last week was a dumpster inferno, with two brand new shows taking the title for two lowest Toonami premieres. As if that wasn’t enough, the sub 200k numbers only grew higher thanks to Lupin being moved higher. The one bright spot was MHA dunking on most of the lineup from its deathslot, managing to score the 4th highest rating of the night. This week we manage to put out the fire somewhat, with gains across the board. Lupin continues to be a problem in its current slot as Food Wars gained on it. Chad Clover is back in form, dunking on them both. And last but not least, the deathslot powerhouse of MHA managed to shit on 3 shows before it.

11:00 Dragonball Super 621 0.32

11:30 Attack on Titan 448 0.23

12:00 Sword Art Online: Alicization 399 0.20

12:30 Lupin the Third Part Five 334 0.18

1:00 Food Wars 344 0.18

1:30 Black Clover 354 0.19

2:00 Boruto 312 0.19

2:30 Naruto: Shippuden 286 0.15

3:00 Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin 257 0.14

3:30 My Deathslot Academia 323 0.14
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Did he KNOW!?

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Did the Chief know Migs and Tulio were gods or not?

Also El dorado thread post your chels
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Let's try to predict the finale
>The banquet is actually a ruse that was designed by Sasha to lure out Anne
>When we get to see Sasha again, she'll be decked out in armor
>Montage of Sasha and Annie being friends as the latter explains to Sprig who the former is
>Incoming conflict of interest between Anne and Sasha
>Frogs get continuously mistreated by the Toads throughout the episode but Anne gets special treatment
>Ending has either Anne rejecting Sasha's proposal to join her which leads to Sasha sperging out which in turn leads to the burning of Wartwood and the enslavement of it's inhabitants
>Or Anne joining Sasha after learning HP purposefully sabotaged her only way home which still leads to the burning of Wartwood and enslavement of its inhabitants
>Marcy teaser at the end or as a post credit scene
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thoughts on Supergirl's new costume /co/?
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Usagi Yojimbo

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First official teaser image for the Gaumont Usagi Yojimbo animated series
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/co/ sings ruber

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>Ariel will be black
>Twitter loves it
>Today, Prince Eric will be white and not black
>Twitter is in rage mode
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because there are STILL people on this board who aren't aware /co/ made a 400 page graphic novel.
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Valeria Richards

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>Learns how to read when she is 2,5 years old
>Becomes PhD in biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, robotics, computer science, quantum physics, and engineering when she is 3 years old
Anyone cares to explain this retardation? Is she just a big Mary Sue?
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