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The Owl House

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Chances of 'King's Tide' having an extended runtime?
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Why doesn't the West have more Monstergirls/Lycans?
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Death Battle

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Did Cates debunk it?
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Harley Quinn

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Why did Harley become a shitty character?
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Look Tomar, it’s you!
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Porn artists in regular comics

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So I had only known Mariano Navarro as a fetish artist working for Botcomics, but apparently he's been doing capeshit for over a decade. I know there's a futa artist working for DC, but how many comics artists bounce back and forth between SFW and NSFW?

Also, what "regular" comics artists would you like to see do porn?
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How do we make Western cartoons better than anime?
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What if a nerdy jock and a cheerleader bulli?
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