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Star vs The End

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Supergirl/Power Girl

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Why do Supergirl and Power Girl not have the same "messiah complex" issues modern writers keep having with Superman?
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Lois Lane loves Superman not Clark Kent.

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Explain to me why Lana isn't right here? Lois never liked Clark Kent and always dismissed him as a country bumpkin. She only went Clark because he was Superman. For all her faults /co/ keeps saying of SMWW. Wonder Woman treated Superman as an equal and accepted his Smallville upbringing. Whereas Lois continuesly reminds him of it like it's a fault of his that is unattractive to her. There are many women out there who like Clark as a whole Lana Lang for example. Isn't obvious that the Lois Lane pairing only exists as the nice guy trope. Clark married a groupie. Lana is right and maybe /co/ are also illusioned. This pairing of Superman and Lois is simply an infatuation that went further. It's not love.
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Shitty endings

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Speaking of garbage finales, did you know there's one that's so bad it not only aired on the secondary network in the middle of the final season, but also got marketed as being non-canon?

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Did anyone else for a brief moment think Star vs was gonnna pull endgame Manna when she had that little chat with Marco during the finale?

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Have sex with your sister Zuko
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how would it have been recieved if they filed for divorce instead
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