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Sam Raimi fixes America Chavez

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>Manages to salvage one of the worst characters in comic book history by turning her into a Damsel in Distress
Maybe outdated tropes aren't so bad after all.
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Let's dump genderswaps while we have a discussion on how each gender change would impact the role the character is playing.

What are some roles you normally don't see the opposite gender do?
What are some differences between the same roles which the other normally never does?
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Hunter the parenting cause new episod dropping RIGHT NOW
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/co/ approved black characters

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Which one had the worst movie?
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It sucked.
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Toonami General #1

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Classic and Bronze age Disney film discussion

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Hey guys, I'm the OP behind the past two Bambi threads, sorry I couldn't make this and link it.
This thread will be dedicated to films made before the Disney renaissance, movies like Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood, The Rescuers, Oliver and Company, Black Cauldron, Bambi, Lady and the Tramp, and so on.
Talk about sequels to these films is also allowed.
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