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Hotel Transylvania 4

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Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania.

>It's The TF movie.

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Thoughts on The CW's Justice League, /co/?

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>British "cuisine"
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What are some comics that aren't banned on /co/?
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>Reasons cited include:

>PRC portrayed in negative/unflattering light
>Shang-Chi saves the Chinese through power of "degenerate, corrupting American influence"
>Shang-Chi raves about freedom and putting personal desires before bloodline and nation
>images of soldiers sealed in ancient temples seen as analogous to Uighurs in concentration camps
>actors deemed 'deliberately unattractive'
>one CCP media official reportedly asked why "cigar frog" (Awkwafina) is the supporting female character, in reference her signature prominent mouth and husky voice
>Another official noted Villeneuve's Dune has been approved for screening, with its skilled, pragmatic hero and overall message of loyalty to one's people and ultimate triumph through adversity against a treacherous enemy deemed "positive for today's youth"

Imagine pandering to chinks this hard just to end up banned anyway

Kek Disney on suicide watch.
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Steven Universe vs Star Butterfly is the next DB but who the fuck cares
lets just do death battle football edition with the Santa Death Parade vs Cleatus
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Are his powers as bullshit as Superman at his most bullshit? Is it just Overpowered for the sake of "comedy"?

What is his weakness? And don't say cock.
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WTF is the point of fanservice characters in a kids cartoon, if pre-pubescent children don't get the appeal? Shoulden't we keep the sex appeal waifu material for /co/ aimed towards adults and horny teens, unless you are desperate for parental bonus?

ITT: designs that cannot be improved.

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Dumbing of Age

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horny is the head that wears the crown
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