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Looks like we got good news on the horizon.
The episode may not even be censored after all
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JSA Storytime: GO JOE

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Good evening owls and robofuckers,

How will Larry Hama hurt us tonight?
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Toonami General #1

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Billy West is too good for you people.

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Never knew a voice genius. These cunts stab themselves.

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Am dat an divot?

How long would Catradora last?

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The rest of their lives or just a few years?
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Thoughts on punisher max by ennis?
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There's always waifu posts but never husbando posts, post your husbando /co/
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Wanna see what Calarts students have been up to this past year?

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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

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Been watching this show and about to start Season 2, really enjoying it so far. What are /co/'s thoughts on this show?
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ITT: Shit caused by petty editorial in-fighting

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So one writer created the Hobgoblin with the idea of him being minor character Rodrick Kingsley. But then that writer left the book before he had the chance to reveal it, but he told his plans to his editor. That editor did not like that idea, so after years of mystery came up with the solution that it was Ned Leeds, which is what he told others at Marvel. Then another editor who was pissed off at other people at Marvel killed off Ned Leeds as a fuck you in a completely unrelated story before anyone had the chance to reveal him as the Hobgoblin. So then they had to scramble and posthumously reveal that he was the Hobgoblin and he was killed by people working for the guy who would then take on the Hobgoblin mantle.
And then years later, the original writer came back, reveal that Rodrick Kingsley was the real Hobgoblin all along, and killed off the new guy.
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