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>whole movie is used to get back at people who dont think miles is spider-man
>proves everyone’s point that miles is an inferior Peter Parker

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Damn, Superman gets to fuck this?
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Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?
>pacing is horrid
>film feels like it abruptly ends right as the third act is starting. Should've had a more climatic end.
>simultaneously feels bloated and stretched thin over its two hour runtime
>humor is noticeably weaker than the first film
>Miles' mother is just a boomer mom facebook meme spewer but in Spanish. You could replace her with exclusively live laugh love quotes and change nothing because she says nothing that indicates she has lived experience in like 15 minutes of screentime. She's just hot, and that's not a good character.
>weird audio mixing issues, can't properly hear dialogue in some scenes
>art style, while looking good in some scenes, can be an eye strain in others
>overindulging in Memberberries with all the different Spider-Men cameos
>Spot (arguably the best part of the film) disappears about halfway through
>even then, Spot isn't perfect. There is zero introspection into how his abilities would change his perspective beyond "they laughed at my eldritch horror appearance" and his motivation is cliche "eye for an eye". The film should've spent more of its two hour runtime exploring Spot progressively turning from goofball to serious threat
>also Spot is the bagel guy from the first film because LOL XD SO RANDOM
>its attempts to be clever and meta with the Canon and the Spider-Council are clunky and contrived, a weak attempt to critique the editorial
>Miguel believes that every Spider-Man needs a Captain Stacey moment despite him (and many others) not having a Captain Stacey moment
>nearly every iteration of Spider-Man including fan favorites from the previous film, and the comics, and the vidya, and the television series act out of character for the plot to work, as well as to make Miles look more noble and virtuous by comparsion
>some like Ben Reilly are turned into complete jokes just like they did with Noir in the previous film
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Damn old man brat.
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>hated by critics and TF fans
>seen as an insult to Transformers and G1
>regarded as shit for 11 year olds who worship edginess and the military
>people don't even call it Transformers, but Bayformers
>seen as a solid 8/10
>remembered fondly for Megan Fox
>called "Baykino"

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How come whenever I go on this board I actively feel my love of the medium die a little bit?

This place is just sad man

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So you're telling me, Spectacular is gonna go to Miguel's HQ, see that the love of his life Gwen Stacy is going to die someday, and he'll just be all "Welp, it's part of the canon so I just gotta look the other way!"
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>Let me just say one thing... she's not my girlfriend.
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With everyone having kids now should Dick and Babs have one in the main continuity?
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Vocaroo Thread

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Let's have some fun, /co/mrades! Post voice acting, impressions, etc.

No AI shit.
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