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Channel edits: Nighttime nuzzles

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ITT: Channelposting and Channel requests.

Remember to get lots of sleep.
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>The creator of one of the most successful ongoing cartoons started out doing cringe OC invader zin fanart

Is there any other exemple of /co/ creators who have well known blunder years? I think this kind of thing is kind of cute.
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/co/ filename thread
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Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 2 (Part 4)

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Toonami Ratings for 9/14/19

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On October 5th, Dr Stone will air two new episodes. The bonus episode will cover the slot left vacant by Genlock.

One Punch Man S2 will be joining the lineup on October 12th. Timeslot yet to be decided.

Toonami will be running a sendoff marathon for DBS on September 28th. One new episode of Super will air at 11pm, the rest will be reruns. The finale of Super airs the following week.

Demon Slayer will be joining Toonami on October 12th. Timeslot yet to be decided.

Last week was nothing special, good nor bad. This week, despite long standing tolerance, the audience starts to falter on Genlock, with a sharper drop than Super from normal, as well as a spike when Dr Stone starts. Thankfully we only have one more episode of that to get through. Other highlights, Bort lost to his dad and Lupin lost to MHA reruns.

11:00 Dragon Ball Super 687 0.33

11:30 gen:LOCK 396 0.19

12:00a Dr. Stone 409 0.19

12:30a Fire Force 349 0.18

1:00a Food Wars 318 0.16

1:30a Black Clover 294 0.15

2:00a Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 280 0.14

2:30a Naruto: Shippuden 292 0.15

3:00a Mobile Suit Gundam: Red Comet 265 0.15

3:30a Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 236 0.13

4:00a My Hero Academia 237 0.13
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Reggie Forever

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She will get her shit together! Maybe.

Believe in Reggie!
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ITT Cartoons that LITERALLY ONLY YOU remember

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No meme shit edition
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Did they fuck?
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This has been cooking in my head for a while now. As we know, Shrek was such a success that it influenced every not-disney animated movie studio into trying hard to emulate it's same elements for years! All movies became somewhat raunchy family comedies with hidden adult jokes, pop culture references and popular songs playing every two minutes. You can say that 2001 to 2009 was the "Shrek era"

But in 2010, it actually ended, i present you the current step in the evolution of "meh" american entertainment, the "Despicable Me Era" or how i like to call "THE MOM ERA!"

What all the movies in pic related have in common? For once, kids don't talk much about them, but moms LOVE THEM! They buy the merch, they make memes about them, every mom i meet in my work has a "Secret life of Pets" wallpaper! This is the new target demographic "Moms who watch flicks with their kids"

>But why
With youtube and videogames growing, studies say that there are less and less kids past 9 years old that still watch cartoons. The big money is on Toddler TV Channels like Discovery Lids, new shows are pumped by the dozens every month in channels like these while Nick and CN (Which are focused on kids above 10 to 15) can't barely afford to produce more than seven shows at the same time.
But here's the thing: Toddlers can watch ANYTHING and still like it, they have no standards. So what movies should really focus to attract extra tickets? Appealing to moms! Moms decide what their kids will watch when they go to the theaters, and since they are too young to be left alone, they will watch it with them.
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Cyberfrog Is Shipping!

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Deal with it anti-cg Hail WarCampaign!
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