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Lower Decks thread

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Tired of /trek/ on /tv/ getting so mad whenever the show is mentioned because they couldn't be arsed to watch more than the teaser trailer.

Previous thread sorta >>125815404
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What exactly does it mean when people say they want One More Day "undone"?

aside from undoing Peter and MJ's marriage, One More Day also did things like axing Peter's organic webbing to give him back his web-shooters, and as of now we've also seen it has deeply affected the Osborn side of things though that might not be specific to OMD in particular.

It seems like the way stories made since OMD happened are in some ways dependent on the fact it happened at all, so would "undoing" it rewrite the majority of history just to restore Peter and MJ's previous history as being married, or does it just mean they get married all over again?
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Providence has smiled upon me this day...
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Operation novel

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Has /co/ ever produced anything else on a similar level and quality?
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Alternative Lisa Outfits

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I used to have a collection of as many alternative outfits for lisa as I could find. I lost them all a long time ago from a ransomware virus. The catalog clearly needs another simpson thread. so this is an alternative lisa outfits thread.
I'll just be googling pics and posting them, but i probably wont be finding the best outfits or the best scenes with her in those outfits.
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Kamen America Comic Volume 4 Kickstarter Accumulates $87,000+ in One Day

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Cheesecake don't sal...
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Why is he such a goddamn trollop?
How does a single character unintentionally gives off so much Big Dick Energy and Big THOT Energy simultaneously?

Shezow thread.
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Adventure Time

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Hopes, dreams, expectations for pic related?

Would you want to see Fionna and Cake join the real universe? Do you want to see Finn again? Anything from Distant Lands you want to see return or expanded on? How long would you want it to go on for?
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Sonic the Hedgehog aka SatAM has just turned 28. Say something nice about it.
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DC Comics Pokes Fun At Anti-Vaxxers With “Anti-Saver” Movement In Superman Vs Lobo #1

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