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tell me anon, what do you think of my show ?
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ITT: that existed

DC Super Hero Girls

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Eps 1-5 1080p logoless rips (Folder updates w/ new episodes!):

"Leaked" E6 LQ TV rip: https://mega.nz/#!DnJVQSKY!1-iXqa-7r7Vq2x5irNRV5XfRLQahp9zQgo0n13_CoEE
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What is Bruce Timm's obsession with making Batman fuck Batgirl?
Between Batman Beyond and the animated The Killing Joke, why does he genuinely push Batman as someone who, while having one of the strongest moral backbones in his DCAU, is a man who would not only fuck (and impregnate) his adoptive son's on & off girlfriend behind his back, but also enlist the daughter of Gordon into his war of vigilanty justice, AND fuck the little girl of a man that is supposed to be one of his closest friends?
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Truly a man of God.
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The Dragon Prince

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So... CLAUDIA...

This sweet funny girl will go nuts and evil like Azula on TLA right?
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Villains being kind

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freeze is precious
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Dumbing of Age

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No time for emotions, we gotta have quips.
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Why does /co/ love muscle girls so much?
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>Mr. Black
>Mr. White
How did they get away with this?
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