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Futa Docking/Sounding

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ITT we post Futa Docking (penis in penis) and Sounding (toy in penis) extra points for cum.

No bugs.
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Muscle Girls Thread #135

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Year of the bun edition.

Previous Thread: >>10485649
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Anatomy and Analysis

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Fetishy Anatomy, Cross sections and analysis, diagrams and charts of a fetishy nature like these examples.
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Multiple arms thread

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Okay, think we're long overdue
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Previous : >>10487162
Women growing in size, from slightly taller to bigger than buildings or more, willingly or unwillingly, with clothes or not, etc.
No futa and avoid posting muscle growth, go to more appropriate threads
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Headless / Dullahan Thread

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Previous Thread

For girls with no head, detached head, or a bodiless head. Multiple detachments also acceptable.

For dickneck please go here:
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Intimate Futa with Female

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I need that lovey-dovey shit, that "quiet storm playlist in the bedroom" kind of stuff.
Girls taking their futa lover affectionately in the mouth instead of being intubated with cock.
Holding each other tight, taking pleasure in feeling their lover reaching the heights of ecstasy. Handholding, kissing, fingering, rubbing, caressing, eye contact.

No girls being lifted and bent in weird ass positions or blatantly unconsensual stuff or torso-length dicks or breasts that could sustain a satellite orbit.
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Submissive futas

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Futa's on the receiving end either getting their cock or prostates milked
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Thick Tomboy Soles Edition

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Strongfat/Bulk thread

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Fuck it, no one else is restarting this.
For those who prefer their muscle girls on the rounder/softer side.
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