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Trap thread

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just anything and everything trap related :3
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Shemale/Newhalf/Dickgirl/Tgirl General #26

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Previous thread >>9583848

In this thread we talk/post/edit and possibly draw shemale hentai/write shemale smut.

No pussy, please. That's all I ask you.

Some traps may be allowed but please keep it shemale.

If you have any new content, be it writing, drawing or even image edits, feel free to post it!


Useful links for editing:
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Male Inflation 5

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Previous thread: >>9528150
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Female same size vore #214

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Bursting swimsuits edition

Previous thread:
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Patriarchy: Love & Marital rape edition

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Think little of women? Want to think even less? Do you believe her lips would be better off around your cock instead of expressing silly little thoughts? Eager to fuck her into her destiny as a broodmare? Or perhaps you're just some lost little girl tired of fighting the inevitable? Post here for sexism, misogyny, male supremacist worldbuilding, and general maledom/femsub fun for the whole family!

General questions:
>What brought you down this road? What makes you tick? Tell us the perks and appeals of this fetish as it works for you.
>Monogamy or polygamy? A king in his castle, or emperor of his harem? A slave and their master is still a relationship, no matter how imbalanced. Describe the platonic ideal in gender relations.
>What are some good epithets for women? Maybe it's time we reconsider how we address the female sex? Post your thoughts here!
>Got any good media? Games, doujins, any number of media in circulation is already suffused with the essence of this thread. Feel free to post snippets and/or make recommendations of any variety
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Penis enlargement\expansion thread
This thread is about dicks getting bigger male/futa (who am i kidding futa will be the only thing posted) hopefully with the primary focus on process and with the targets actively trying to get bigger.
Magic and non explained expansion/growth is fine of course but not nearly as great.
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Size General

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Entrapment edition


You anons prefer being trapped in shoes, bras, panties, what?
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Womb Tattoos

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Gyaru Edition
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/analgen/ - anal toys & masturbation general

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>Animal dildos, eww or yee

>Last thread

>J-Lube FAQ / Reference
available on amazon as well
give X-Lube a try as well, it's like J but without sugar https://xlube.com/

>any non-water based options?
coconut oil and crisco are both widely loved

>silicone lube?
conflicting info regarding whether it'll destroy silicone toys or not, use with caution

>Panty's Guide to Anal Training/Blowjobs

>SurfboardPotato's Guide to Prostate Play

>How to clean and be clean

>Get safe toys

>what's the lighter test?
If you buy a chinesium sextoy on amazon or aliexpress, it's worth checking to make sure it's actually silicone; follow this guide to check: https://dangerouslilly.com/2014/03/deciphering-results-of-flame-test/

>Recoring a toy

>Say hello
If you want to post yourself, go to /trash/ cbg and cross-link to it like this >>>/trash/36825066

for webms with sound cross-link it to gif like this >>>/gif/19167663
>kegel exercises for the size queens:

We now also have a discord group, if you want to make friends with other enjoyers of anal toys and masturbation: rQE7XRHbBm
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