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Giantess Vore

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Feast Edition

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Milf transformation.
Thin characters transforming/warping into older, bustier, sometimes chubbier versions of themselves.
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/SCBG/ - Schoolgirls Concerned about their Breast Growth

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Giantess Growth Thread General

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op doesn't forget the title this time edition

>What's explicitly allowed here?
The picture/story/video's primary focus should be that of an adult woman growing into a giantess. How big she gets is up to you.

>What's explicitly disallowed, regardless of subject?
No solo male giant growth, futa, shrink, lolis, furries, or AI slop

>What about muscle content?
Assuming the girl is growing taller AND getting more muscley, you can probably post it but hyper muscle growth is a no-no. Make a FMG thread if there isn't already.

>What about a guy growing along with his gf/wife/etc i.e. "couples growth"?
Sure, why not. It's got a girl growing, it'll be ok.

>Why no futa?
Usually there isn't a lot of futa posting in these threads and I get the feeling most people in this thread aren't a fan of it. Maybe post it but consider a giantess-futa thread instead.

>Is other body parts growing allowed?
If her tits/ass/feet/nose are growing as well as her height, it's fine. Most of those on their own belong in their own thread.

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Alternate breast size

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Girls get bigger breasts.

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Sissy/Feminization Thread

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For all feminization fetishists out there, post or discuss about anything related to men getting turned into sexy traps, shemales or sissies.
Favorite doujins and eromangas, hentai games and even any piece of fiction from Literotica, AO3 and etc.

Just keep real world stuff out of the way please, this is a hentai fetish board and we need heated arguments about politics or real life in a thread about hentai fetiches
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TSF/Gender Bender/Rule 63/TGTF General

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Brutal Change! edition.

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Bottom-Heavy Boys:

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Post males with thighs, asses and hips that put women to shame. No flamewars, please.
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Male (or futa) milking machines/bondage (Also SB ideas)

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This thread is for male milking machine images especially with stationary restraints, but also any cool self-bondage scenarios anyone has come up with- especially those involving some kind of milker or stroker.

Apologies for starting the thread with this crummy image I threw together in koikatsu studio, but I wanted to pitch my idea here and get some feedback. (I will follow this image with some proper ones so I'm not just being a faggot)

Basically pic related will give you the main idea of what I'd like to have made, rough as it is, but a few details elaborated on here/how I'd like to really flesh it out.

Essentially it's just an overdesigned chair or chaise lounge, function will come over form but if it can look nice and sci-fi by the addition of a nice white plexiglass 'shell' of some kind or something I'm going to spend the money to do it.

The idea comes from some other machine bondage images I've seen with these kind of inflatable 'sleeve' cuffs where the limbs can be placed in, then the interior soft lining inflates to 'trap' the limb. I was thinking latex for mine, but I'm open to suggestions, just needs to be a material thats fairly tough, stretchy so it can be inflated, and comfy. Latex is sexy but it doesn't breath very well... So maybe something more like the sort of fabric used by those blood pressure sleeves from a doctor. It seems pretty comfortable while also being really restrictive, kind of like a full latex vacbed but just for the limbs with straps to supplement and add restriction.

The idea is with this you could easily self-gag, attach the harness at the top to stop head movement, buckle up your waist/chest, place your limbs into the sleeves, then a (analogue/non digital of course) timer would begin after a short delay that inflates the sleeves for however long you wanted to be restrained. Obviously this is also accompanied by something like the serious kit milker or even something 'simpler' like the Venus 2000 for men.
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