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/ddg/ - Alternative Diffusion General

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/analgen/ - Anal Toys & Masturbation General

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Thread dedicated to sharing pictures, stories and advice about anal masturbation and sex.
The more pictures, the better!

>Question Of The Day
What are your favorite non-anal tools and methods for improving assplay? Choking, cock rings, edging, etc.

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>FAQ - Please read before posting
>Panty's Guide to Anal Training/Blowjobs
>SurfboardPotato's Guide to Prostate Play
>Regdude's Technical guide to anal
>What's the lighter test?
It's a way to know if your chinesium toy is in fact silicone. Follow this guide:
>Anon’s Guide to Knotting
>Say hello
>Sock & Condom Stretching
>Anon does the math with J-Lube
>JLube Testing by /ftt/ ScienceAnon
>Cleaning techniques and alternative methods
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futa on female

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penetration preferred
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Female Same Size Vore Thread

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Android Edition

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/gdg/ - Giant Diffusion General - size/giantess/giant AI slop thread #9

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>Previous thread

>NovelAI: online, non-free, great for NSFW anime/cartoon pics (recommended)

>DALL-E: online, free, versatile, powerful but cucked beyond belief by Microsoft's censorship (not recommended anymore)

>Stable Diffusion: local, free, requires time, knowledge and a good PC
Giantess LORA:
For more info, check the threads in the "Related boards" section below.

>Beginner's guide to NovelAI image generator

>Comprehensive introduction to NovelAI V3 (from /h/)

>Size-related tips for NovelAI (constantly updated)

>NovelAI tags (Check the wiki to understand both the meaning of tags and their correct usage)

>Tips for DALL-E3 (no more updated)

>Related Boards

A couple of basic rules and tips.
1) All genders (futanari/newhalf included), body types and races are allowed. Characters featuring only few animal body parts (ears, tail) are usually tolerated by the mods.
2) All size interactions (growth, shrinking ecc.ecc.) and romantic interactions (hetero, yaoi, yuri, futa on female ecc.ecc.) are allowed.
3) To make a request, please reply to the "Request anchor" post right after the OP.
4) To ask for help, please reply to the "Help desk" post right after the "Request anchor" post.
5) Occasionally, since this is an AI thread, some obvious trolls might show up and try to derail the thread: don’t reply to their posts, just report and ignore them.

Respect the rules and have fun!
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Reality Altering 2

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The unaware warping of girls into massive milfs or whatever else must continue.
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Female Possession

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Dead Fetish Edition

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Hot chicks, cute girls, hags, and all other maner of females getting their bodies taken over by spirits, demons, aliens, NEETs and FUBs.
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Feminization thread

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Why not again?
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Gentle Giantess: Oni Edition

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(Non-Futa) Monster Girl Thread No.185

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