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Female same size vore #213

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I didn't forget the archive this time edition

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/Conj/ what would you like to see edition

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Title explains everything. What do you want to see more of in general with conjoinment?

For me it’s conjoined traps
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Girl makes guy eat semen without him realizing

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Anyone has something like this or simmilar? A ntr story where the girl not only cheats but also humilliates the cuck by making him eat semen or something simmilar and humilliating. The other way around is also ok.
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Head Swap Thread

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Bombgirls thread

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Hot girls that double as living bombs.
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WAM - Wet and Messy

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lets get going then
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Inanimate TF General: Good ol' Days edition

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Girls (and cute boys?) turned into things.
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TSF/Gender Bender/Rule 63/TG Thread

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Fountain of Youth edition.

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Anal General

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Thread for posting and discussing everything anal.

Last >>8191557
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Hyper Preg/Hyperpregnancy Thread

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Double the fun edition

Thread for pregnancies of fantastical size. Futa and Mpreg go in seperate threads.

Relevant Dropbox:

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