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since most (all) ATGMs and RPGs have been rendered useless against a major force using a hardkill APS on their tanks, what's next for antitank weapons? will it return to the tradition of dedicated antitank guns? or will forces just use cheap decoy missiles until the APS runs dry AND then use actual AT missiles?
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>"Oh that old thing? I think Grandpa brought it back from the war and it's been sitting in the attic ever since. Why? Is it worth something?"
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fellow collectors
what do you collect and why?
I collect berettas because I played RE1 when I was 6 years old and have been fascinated by berettas ever since
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complete no-holds barred total war but with no foreign influence assisting either. who wins?
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Hot Ta/k/es

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Post opinions that would get you crucified on /k/
>Hard Mode: No politics

I'll start: I think Bakelite is hideous, and it makes weapons look cheap and third rate
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Israeli girls with guns thread for our Jewish bros. 2D and 3D girls allowed.
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canada general

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/cangen/ sniper team edition

>New here? Want a firearms loicense? Read this:


I want to add a mega file filled with stuff like infographics and cangen related stuff to the OPs, pls give feedback on the idea and images you think might be useful, thx.

previous thread >>49305249
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/k/ dogs

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I know this is kind of a low test cat board, but for the few dog owners out there, what do you own? What dogs are /k/? For me, it's the Borzoi. They were originally bred to hunt wolves on the Steppe. They're, quick, lean and loyal. And they don't bork like other working dogs.
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High dollar knife EDC

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How many of you actually carry your $200+ knives?
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AK bros, what’s it like to own an ak?
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