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Apparently, Iran's drones can't perform shit in bad weather and night conditions. Iran seeks Turkey’s assistance in locating president's crashed helicopter.

Turkish Air Force sends Akinci drone equipped with SAR radar and a modern EO system with night vision capability.
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You /k/opers be trippin if ya think jewkraine can win now that Klishchiivka has fallen.

Leo1A5DK with ERA

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Picrel has factory-applied package of Nizh and Kontakt-1
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Patch Thread

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Monday Edition

Trade, create, and sell your patches!
Post good design ideas and maybe a patch store will make them.

>Last Thread

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches?

>Classic Pastebin (2016)

>other lists (2021) (2023)

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what would you do in this situation /k/?
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>make giant cannon
>call it "the bang"
Bravo, France.
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/ak/ Thread - Fluffy tails edition

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>post limit reached
>last bread >>61643218
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AR 15 And Glock are the most generic boring weapons you can possibly own
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Other cops and bystanders behind the target when he pulls the trigger.
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/arg/ absolute forward assist's death

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Siggers Said No To The FA Edition

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