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West Point is about to graduate its largest class of black women

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> Thirty-four black women are expected to graduate from West Point next week.
> That will be the largest class of African-American women to graduate together in the military academy's lengthy history, West Point spokesman Frank Demaro said.
> "Last year's graduating class had 27," said Demaro. "And the expectation is next year's class will be even larger than this year's."
> West Point created its office of diversity in 2014 to try to attract, retain and promote a "more diverse workforce" according to its website.
link: http://archive.is/04U6A
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AR thread /arg/

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AR thread
Cancer containment

Max Fucking Chen Edition, because it's all you faggots will talk about apparently.

Old >>41514050
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Looking to buy my first rifle soon. I have a bolt action in .223/5.56 in mind and it should be somewhere between 400 and 800 €. Has to have good iron sights as I#m not planning on buying an optic for it.
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Female sailors ranked on ‘rape list’ aboard 2nd US submarine to integrate women

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Does this happen often in the Navy and other branches?

Anyway, a subs thread?
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Since the other one's just about to die might aswell make a new one.
What gear (ammo pouches/belt/suspenders)would the Republicans, and the Nationalists use during the Spanish Civil War(more specifically Falangist and CNT/FAI militia members)?
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/ak/ thread: fluff edition

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Previous thread (archived)

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Where were you when it hit you that you were born in the wrong generation for peak Aesthetic.

I was born in 2000 and even I am getting nostalgic for ACU camo now, Multicam is fucking shit lol.
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Memes aside (haha), are they the most competent fighting force in the ME?

Their record is positive, except one draw in 2006 they won every conflict they took part in since 1948.
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The Swiss are going to fuck themselves, not bringing gun control to a vote is Paramount

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