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Signs someone has no training in holding their firearm and should not be holding a loaded weapon.

I'll go first - the daddy's girl/basedboy backward lean.

Pistols aren't shit on a stick, why the hell are you leaning back like it is?
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Reloading thread fuck g*nerals

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I just got a rotary tumbler, I should have done this a long time ago. I'm going to try to load up some 250gr cast 45acp as I found some dirt cheap at 6cpr shipped. Which I'm pretty sure is less than the price of lead if I can't make it work I'll just trade them away or see about recasting them, as it's 55lbs of lead.
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U/k/ Kommandos

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Had a Previous thread last year seeing if there's enough interest to do at least a weekly U/k/ thread.

here it is...

Need help with laws and Loicences:

I know its a plebbit paste link but its all I got for now boys
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Breaking. Definitive proof that the two missiles fired yesterday were stinger missiles. This is a peer reviewed Facebook page by the way.
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Is the Armata tank Russia's equivalent of the F-35?
>expensive project
>dubious usefulness
>behind schedule
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Discord Trips Not Allowed Edition
Old > >>44106710
Arg # 103
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/gq/ - gear queer

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Forward Assault Group Edition

>General guide

Previous: >>44045388
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How does one become a CIA paramilitary officer?
Drafted from seals or rangers?
What's the hierarchy between cia sad,nsa special forces and devgru?
For personal reasons I need lots of info on US special forces

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It's been a while since we've had a good 'Journalists describe weapons' thread
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So is there really any advantage to carrying a hammer fired autoloader to a striker fired? I understand the utility of a revolver being able to shoot at any retarded grip and cycle so i get it for that. I really just don't see the point in hammer fired other than antiquated boomer reasoning.