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How do you deradicalize?

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This is a judgement free zone. Let’s acknowledge that on some significant level the western internet and it’s primary messaging platforms have been compromised by subversive Russian IRA shills since they globalized their focus in 2014.

Their goal since 2014 has been to target and radicalize the “rootless male” demo towards sociopolitical histrionic terrorism against ones own society. In the last 8 years we have seen a significant number of examples of rootless males being radicalized towards nihilistic self-attentive spree-killing terrorism against their own society. All of them have Russian fingerprints all over them.

Let’s just say that nobody is actually after you. What then?

Let’s just say that maybe a foreign psyop has bamboozled you into embracing a mental state of reactionary tribalism behavior for an internet concept you don’t necessarily actually believe in, and you just thought it was a popular position to take because your black mirror experience told you so?

How do you know if you’ve been radicalized?
How do you know if it is ongoing?
What does it mean to be radicalized?
How do you know when you are?
What are common messaging strategies of cults and totalitarian societies?
What is otherism?
What is whataboutism?
What is fallacy?
What is logic?
What is math?
What is language?
What is humanity?
What is existence?
What is purpose?
What does the future historian think of you?
What will you think of your self?
Do you understand that it’s not your fault?
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Kherson Kherson Kherson KHERSON!

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The Ukrainians need to liberate Kherson.

It controls the Dnieper access to the black sea and most of Ukrainian exports and imports pass trough it.

Without Kherson and the Dnieper Ukraine is crippled.

Also it is the only major city taken by the Russians (Mariupol is no longer a city but mostly rubble) pretty much intact.

How are they going to retake Kherson?

What would your plan if you were in charge?

The Russians are fortifying the place and it's clear that they want to keep the whole Kherson region as it is necessary to guarantee water supply to Crimea.

The more time passes the more people will be brainwashed by Russian propaganda and more people will become Dombabwe level cannon fodder.
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So, /k/
Can we use this antitank cannons like howitzers?
We got lot of them.
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Retro Edition
>Thread #1756

Old Thread: >>53681385
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The time to invade Taiwan is now.

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Dementia ward escapee Joe Biden just announced that in case of a Chinese invasion, the United States military industrial complex will stand with Taiwan. Seeing how the US is running out of supplies just because of some Russians cruising in eastern Ukraine with decades old equipment, now is the time to reunite Taiwan with China. There are no more missiles, artillery and other items the US could deliver. Their stockpiles have been depleted. Anti war sentiment is also higher than ever, another proxy war with another global power like China including sanctions would see an unprecedented rise in inflation and scarcity and would probably lead to civil unrest in the US. In other words: No way of stopping reunification.

>If the great satan concentrates all his efforts on the Ukraine, take Taiwan.

t. Tsun Tsu, Art of war
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>could have been the best IFV and APC family
>doesn’t utilize ATGMs
What were they thinking?
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/our/ Boomer is going back to Ukraine

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It seems you don't have to be young nor a marine to live through Jarhead movie plot. Hope he finds a nice Ukrainian girl after the war. With his citizenship it should be easy.
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It's happening boys!
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Russobros... I thought we are fighting nazis here...

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Ukraine Losing 100 Troops per Day

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>President Volodymyr Zelensky said during a press briefing on May 22 that 50-100 soldiers may be dying every day defending Ukraine in “the most difficult direction,” in the country’s eastern regions.

Fucking hell, it's much worse than I thought.. Given these are probably VERY conservative numbers, as Ukraine has seldom admit their own casualties, we can assume it's at least twice as much, perhaps more. How long can Ukraine keep this up?
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