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Well. This is the end.
>helicopters keep flying over my house
>get gang stalked every single day
>just lost 540 dollars in stocks (literally all the money i had)
>family wants to murder me
>keep hearing niggers giggling 10 feet from my window every night
>older brother has recently came out as a tranny and has admitted he has sexual feelings for me
>younger sister has picked up off me and now will literally not stop watching hentai
>step dad does nothing but smoke weed and drink knock off beer, also sometimes hits me
>mom is starting to do harder drugs again, tfw have seen her come into my room and take money from my wallet

Since you guys have always been my favorite board, and have kept me entertained. I'll return the
favor this one time. I'll be streaming my suicide in about 5 minutes. In the mean time, I shall answer any questions, suggestions, etc

>inb4 go out in a blaze of glory
Nope, not going to ruin other peoples lives.
>inb4 is there anything i can do to change your mind
Nope, its Happening.

stream link/url + more quick rundown:

Goodbye /k/.
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>Be mall ninja
>Boogaloo occurs
>Trot out into the woods with plate carrier, nods, gucci AR, gucci g19, and gucci rucksack
>Get winded and sit down on a log
>Get blatted by Cletus Bob Jr. in his mossy oak wifebeater and MAGA hat using an SKS he bought for $100 decades ago (or his Pa's Remington 700 with Elmer Fudd sticker on the stock) for the crime of getting too close to his durr stand
>He and his pals do the Tusken Raider victory dance over mallninja's corpse

Remember, right tool for the right job, and making connections matters more than expensive gear. You're welcome.
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What's the best Ancient Roman weaponry?
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Fav Gun Darkest secret

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Last one died let's keep the degenerate train rolling

Me first
>I printed this out and put it up in my high school bathroom the day someone kts
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QTDDTOT - Super Lube Edition

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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread. Post yours and hopefully seek the holy grail from kind Anons willing to help your retarded ass out.

To start, I was wondering what is and isn't acceptable to help clean, lubricate, and protect your gun with? I have some rifles that were cleaned a while ago but haven't been shot in a while. Do I need to clean and oil the internals again or should I just wipe them down with some oil? Can I just use some all-purpose grease and wipe 'em down or do I HAVE to use a gun oil? Pic related.
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Trusting Your Gut

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Ever had that sinking feeling that something wasn't right, and it turned out to be true? Share it with us
What is the scariest event you have experienced?
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I live in a really shitty part of town, but I all I own in terms of defense is a 12 gauge single shot. How fucked am I? What should I load this fucker with just in case? It can take up to 3" shells. Also sling shell holder or stock shell pouch?
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Confederate victory in the Battle of Antietam or Allied victory in Operation Market Garden

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Which one is more likely to result in a heavily pregnant Anne Frank?


Breast seperation from firing big bore rifles

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I booked a hunting trip through a guide, I asked him what the worst thing he's ever scene in his life was, and he said a woman shot a 375 H&H magnum on a african safari at a cape buffalo and wasn't entirely experienced.

I guess she shouldered it wrong but it dislocated her right breast and crushed her milk making organs.

medical marijuana and guns

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according to federal law, medical marijuana card holders are barred from owning (or at least purchasing) firearms.
but how thorough are the background checks really though? as long as I don't walk into a gun store reeking of weed and answer "no" to the "are you a user of or addicted to illegal substances" question on the background check forms, will they really be able to know that I have a medical marijuana card?
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