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Maybe this is just me but I've noticed a trend lately that whoever the bad guys of a conflict are, they're always made out to have been retarded from the start, only having achieved any victories they had from pure dumb luck and not really that impressive.
Unrelated to the Russians actually cause they do seem to have always been retarded, more in reference to confederates, nazis, rhodies, south africans, brits in their various colonial conquests, islamics, etc.
Always seems like its portrayed that instead of being as a rough opponent instead they were just lucky with their tech or they lucked into victories.
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/ARG/ A Ruined General AR15

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Old >>54817119
New one was pruned for SOME reason
No monkey posting allowed
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I'm getting a walnut stock made for my Benelli M4. already ordered the parts for the buttstock and that should be no problem.

the handguard however is very thin because of the two pistons and probably not structurally sound if made of plain wood.

any ideas what I can do about the handguard?
just leaving it black doesn't please me.

I thought about having it coated brown, closely matching the wood color. like the M14 with its brown plastic handguard. is cerakote the way to go?

other idea is to reinforce the wood, like laminating it with carbon fiber on the inside or giving it a thick coat of some super tough compound like Devcon 10110. anyone seen something like that done?
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The battle of Donetsk oblast

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So, why is Russia concentrating so much on taking this, even if they take it Ukraine will be far from defeated. It seems to only be a minor political objective
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Is there any way for Russia to win at this point?
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No logistics?

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Def Mon did some calculations on distances/travel times for the Russian supply change now that the railway system has been disables down in Crimea.
We are now looking at similar distances as for the great Kyiv offensive, around 12 hours to reach destination, offload and get back.
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Kherson counteroffensive

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18/08/2022... forgotten.

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The Bradley IFV is a very good combat vehicle, however it is not the best in every category. The Warrior IFV has a larger calibre cannon and can carry more troops. It also has less combat losses than the Bradley.
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Fleas, frostbites and failures - Live account of a Rußian deserter of elite unit

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>A 34-year-old former Russian paratrooper, Pavel Filatyev, has published a remarkable in-depth account of his experiences of the Ukraine war. He served with the Feodosia-based 56th Guards Air Assault Regiment and fought in southern Ukraine for two months. A thread follows.

>Filatyev was part of the force that captured Kherson in February and was hospitalised with an eye injury after spending more than a month under heavy Ukrainian artillery bombardment near Mykolaiv. By that time, he was completely disillusioned with the war.

> While recuperating, Filatyev wrote a scathing 141-page memoir titled 'ZOV' (after the recognition symbols painted on vehicles of the invasion force) and published it on VKontakte (Russian Facebook). Not surprisingly, he's now been forced to flee Russia for his own safety.

> I've previously covered Russian soldiers' accounts of their experiences in Ukraine (see below), but Filatyev's is by far the longest and most detailed yet published. No full English translation yet exists AFAIK, so I'll summarise various points here.

>In this first installment, I'll cover FIlatyev's experiences in the six months before the war, when he was going through training as a paratrooper in Crimea with the 56th Guards Air Assault Regiment. It was not a happy experience for him.

> Filatyev comes from a military family. After an earlier period of military service, he rejoined the Russian Army in August 2021, joining his father's old unit. Although it was theoretically an elite unit, he found that the soldiers' living conditions were terrible.

>He found there were no beds in his company's barracks, which were infested by a pack of stray dogs fed by the dining room staff. He avoided a nearby hostel which he was advised was a "sewer". >Another company found a bed for him in their barracks, which lacked a power supply.
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