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Mossberg Shockwave is Useless

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>hurr durr the Mossberg Shockwave is useless!
>just get a 9mm for home defense
>"You can't hit the broad side of a barn with a PGO shotgun" - Ian "Frenchfag" McCollum


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Not Sure What to Get for CC

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I've got a shortlist of guns to choose for CC from but I'm not sure which one to go for. I'm not interested in value for money. My shortlist is:
>Beretta 950 (.22 short)
>Bersa Thunder 380 Combat+
>Glock 26
>Glock 42
>Glock 43
>M1911 (.380, G10 grips)
>Ruger LCP 2
>Custom S&W SW1911DK (Bobtail, scandium frame, thinner panels)

What does /k/ think that I should go w/?

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how do you fight a big guy?

what weapons are good against a big guy?

Would wearing a mask help?

Sorry for bad english
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Is the KA-52 the best attack helicopter?

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More payload than anything else
Most powerful engine
Huge weapon loads
Jammers for missiles
Ejection seats for its pilots.
These without considering that it cost half the price of an Apache, and way less than a AW129
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which faction would win ww3?
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What is your favorite tank, from any period of history, and why?
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Let's talk about a piece of equipment that's often overlooked: Binoculars. What's your experience with them? Are milsurp any good? Some of them come with rangefinders and directional compass, so it should be perfect for people like us.

I realized that while I like to go outdoors, hiking and shooting I don't really have anything for long distance viewing other than a scope, and while I could buy one at Cabela's I feel like milsurp should have a more rugged design than plastic plus I like the aesthetics more. Should be cheaper too, and it has vintage collectible value. Any particular models you guys have?
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Webm/gifs/video thread Part 3.
C96 Boogaloo
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here we go again

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Canada General

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New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

Previous thread: >>39158812
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