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Gun rights in the USA, can we have a conversation about this? The second amendment is losing ground everywhere, what can a firearms enthusiast do to protect their rights?
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I want a 9a91

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why is being a burger so lame
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Waifu, Raifu, Knaifu

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Bonus points for owning edition. Judge and get judged.
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What is the realistic strength and threat level of left wing militias in the US?
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Canada not replacing submarines

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Canada will have no submarines in 9 years.

How can a NATO ally in the arctic be allowed to degrade their capability to these level?

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is Verdun good? I hear people talk about it all the time
what I can wrap my head around is why anyone would want to play as the Nazis?
is it pretty one sided or is it balanced? am I forced to play on the Nazi side or can I play as Russia/America side?
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Pictures For Mother Edition
>Thread #716

Old thread here >>39713447
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Which state and region would you recommend living in?
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/k/ Youtube

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>the virgin Hickok vs the Chad Hoffman

The SigSauer SP2022

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Why isn't the SP2022 more famous ? It's cheap, light, reliable relatively, small and service approved (standard service gun for french police forces and some swiss ones).

Mine costs me only 350.- and is a good shooter.
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