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>buy box of 7.62 tok
>try to run it
>it is very consistently firing every other hammer strike
>like, click-bang-click-bang
>think my pistol is just having light strikes or something
>do a bunch of work on it, can't seem to fix the issue
>it turns out that the russians made special extra hard primer tok to run in their submachine guns
>the box looks suspiciously like it says "for automatic"
damn it
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A few hours ago something fell on a beach in Sevastopol and killed/injured people (3 dead, 100+ injured)
here's the video with sound:

And now you have the usual bullshit:
Russians are saying Ukraine used an ATACMS with cluster bombs and they wanted to hit that beach in particular for some reason (russian shills are already crying and saying it's a war crime).
Ukrainians are saying it's the russian air defense that shot down a ATACMS right above the beach which created debris etc..

I hope we get more videos soon.
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Insane footage: CIV DIV

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So for those anons that are out the loop civdiv is a based /k/ anon thats an ex-marine, fought in iraq against ISIS and now he's in Ukraine smoking zigger orcs as a special forces drone operator volunteering for the hottest and most dangerous parts of the front

new video just dropped

Evolution of the ukrainian frontlines
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Have the UN Peacekeepers actually done anything?

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It just seems like they are jobs program for third world militaries.
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NATO Defence Spending

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It seems most of NATO is going to hit the 2% target this year
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why aren't you PDWmaxxing?
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How will the smoke launchers work now?
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Are these bad boys memes?

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Has russia superior hypersonic missile capabilities?
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so are AKs that shit at shooting down drones or a russians soldiers just awful marksmen?
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