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Tactical influence of terrible packaging

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Interesting little youtube vid on the maddening inefficiency of soviet-style ammunition packaging, with side effects on issues like MLRS reloading rate. Do you have this in your country? Any times when you felt imperiled on combat duty by something as simple as shitty boxes?
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/gq/ - Gear Queer - Tactical Gear General Thread

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Tactical gear thread.
Post gear. Discuss gear. You know what to do.

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Today is the 33rd anniversary of the Battle of 73rd Easting. What made the Abrams so deadly?
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Handgun General - /hg/ - #1195

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Why did shiny guns go out of style? edition

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T-14 Armata to be deployed in Ukraine

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How will it affect the outcome of the special military operation?
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mein Monke, Puccians are doing frontal assaults with MT-LBs near Robotyne
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That looks like a beeg fire captain. Considering it was most certainly producing steel for war effort, how fucked are Russian weapon production capabilities? Also do we know the damage assessment?
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113 years later

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Still never been topped
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ITT: CIA weapons
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