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So whats the verdict on Russian made arms? Are the Russian incapable of utilizing the equipment they have produced or are their tanks, artillery and planes just badly designed and constructed?
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AR General /// ARG

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AR in Ukraine Edition
Last: >>56946549
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Is it worth doing a degree in global security and tourism (also related to arms trafficking janny)? Apparently it qualifies you for one of those gay think tank jobs which pay gorillions
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>it's the zombie apocalypse
>better cut down my shotgun to exactly the legal 18.5 inch barrel length so I don't violate the NFA
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what would you have added to the Grim Reaper?
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Why is the British military so terrible now?

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They never should have lost

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With the absolute technical superiority there is no way the Germans should have lost WW2. They had the best small arms, best cannons, best tanks, best planes, freakin JETS and also they actually had camouflage. Yet somehow even with all this they got pushed back and lost.
I bet if they made more MG42's they could have held them back just a little longer maybe enough to pop out some more tigers or even stugs.
What does /k/ think would have won them the war?
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/k/ringe Thread

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Has China ever won a naval battle since Zhenai in 1885?
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