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/brg/ Battle Rifle General #224

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Better Rifle Edition

DO post your rifles, parts kits, bayonets, loadouts etc.
DO help us find the Most Ancient G3 Magazine
DO post booba after bump limit
DO get fit to sling your slayer like a boss
DO go shooting and post results
DO get better with your rifle
DO be fren
NO trips
NO traps
NO airsoft (airsoft G3 front grips proven too fragile for range use)
NO drama
NO booli ('cept M1A users, but defend them elsewhere)
YES booba (lest we turn into the land of lost milkers)

Do not acknowledge tripfags in any way. If someone asks a question and you have an answer but a tripfag has already responded, RESPOND ANYWAY. If a tripfag responds to you, ACT LIKE NO ONE RESPONDED AT ALL.

>New Pastebin - Please give feedback and suggestions

>Previous Thread
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Do you use the hand switch technique when you operate?
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Iraq buys JF17s

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Right after the argentinian steps towards buying PakiChang Thunders, Iraq is buying them too:
Is this the new Mig21 of our age?
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Patch Dork General - /pdg/ - 'Hello, Inspector' Edition

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Trade, create and sell your patches here
Previous thread: >>50597758
>Where can I buy that sweet patch/find patches?
Remember: if someone posts bait or makes a troll post your best bet is to just ignore it! Do your part to keep our treasured thread clean.
>Thread theme:
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Post beautiful planes only. Here's the PBY Catalina
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Zhuhai Airshow 2021

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It hasnt even begun edition

Some very nice reveals already:
>J-20 with indigenous WS-10C engines
>Lots of AD hardware again
>IFVs and autonomous weapons
>Precision weapons
>Long range GMRLS
>CH-6 large armed drone (pic related)

Video related
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Just pointed a gun at an urban youth who let himself into my apartment.

>be me, fat fuck, 22
>chilling playing vidya with friends.
>Doorbell rings
>It's 11 at night, who the fuck could it be
>Ignore it for a bit and hear door open
>I decide to investigate, and drop my CCW into my pants just in case
My apartment is one of those half basement ones, where the door is ground level, but has stairs going down
>Some random urban youth is on my stairs
>Starts asking about some 'rudy' guy, no idea who that is
>"Hey buddy, you need to leave I dunno who that is or who you are."
>Proceeds to tell me to "shut up you fat fuck, I'm not leaving"
Insta pull my gun out and point it at the shit lipped mother fucker
>he shits a brick and bolts

I shit you not he asks me why I pulled a gun on him


Pic related it's my stairs into my apartment
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How good is the Sar B6?

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I know it's the cheap option, which is why I want it. I'm not well off so I'm on a tight budget, but I refuse to buy a hi point. Is this a good alternative?

/bag/ Body Armor General: Armor Sandwich Edition

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Is it a smart idea to make a "armor sandwich" with kevlar over hard plates inside a plate carrier? Basically a kevlar layer rated against lesser pistol and shotgun threats, going over a plate carrier with LV4 plates rated against rifle threats. That way, we can have as broad coverage as possible against multiple bullet types.

I know that the wiki article for armor performance standards say that LV4 plates can withstand "at least 1 hit" from lesser threats, but neither it nor other spec pages for armor mentions results for pistol/shotgun threats. Do LV4's really defend against all?
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