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Gun Virginity

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/k/ Tell your first time shooting a gun.
>be me 14
>bumfuck nowhere in canada
>at my grandfather's house.
>See his 20 gauge Cohey 840.
>ask if i can shoot it
>"Yeah sure Anon"
>gives me birdshot
>go outside
>Put birdshot in the gun
>cock hammer
>no ear pro cuz don't have any and how bad could it be
>pull trigger
>Ears are ringning
>Big ass smile
>open the break-action
>ejector shoots out the still smoking shell
>smells good
>ears stop ringning after a few seconds
>earing still kinda muffled
>go back inside
>"can i shoot it again"?
pic of the gun
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Shit on Wehraboos thread

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Let’s see how many are on this board and reminder that Germany had no chance of winning ww2
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I love guns and killing old threads.
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Training material

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Where can I find the NZ video to watch for training purposes?

Is anyone planning on getting this thing?

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Goes on sale “soon”, I’m guessing within next three months. It’s going to be $2k easy. Overpriced joke or no?
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Have at them /k/. NZ Government has created this website to surrender your guns. Make sure you do your bit and fill in a submission form!

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What do you think about my IPSC shirt?

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Hey fellas,
israeli IPSC shooter here (USP)
i've designed a shirt for my IPSC club and wanted to run it by you guys to know if it's a nice shirt to go shooting with (comptitions)

i got 3 color variants.
What do you think? is this worthy to go shooting at? amateurish? total crap?

I've made the top light so the shoulders wont bake in the sunlight and sides dark so it hides oil/grease smudges from handling the pistol.

Starting with the Light variant:

enfield thread

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I dont know much about Lee Enfield's, to be honest. BUT today I acquired a 1942 enfield 1 mk iii.

from what research ive done it is Indian made and called ishapore or something. its in great condition, all matching yellow wood, clean bore and strong rifling, honestly a 9/10 condition.

Whats something like this even worth? i found one on armslist for $750. is that about right? its stamped 1942 GRI, so im positive its in 303 brit
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QTDDTOT: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

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Ask your retarded questions here instead of shitting up a good thread. I'll start. GF and I are going on an innawoods trip in May. Both states we are going to have constitutional carry, so she will be carrying despite not having a permit. She'll be carrying a Glock 43. I want a holster that she will be able to carry comfortably while hiking for miles, even if she's wearing leggings. I have looked into items like pic related but I feel as if they won't adequately protect the trigger. Any suggestions? Affordability helps, but I won't cheap out on her safety.
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/meg/- Military Enlistment General

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InfantrRREEEE edition

old: >>40920938


>Do your own research to start, then come here for clarification.
>No vague questions, like "What job is best?"

/meg/ official discord

https://pastebin.com/0K6MFcUZ (embed)
Guides to prepare for high-speed shit. (SEAL, Ranger etc.)

For Ranger info, obviously.

SEAL/SWCC site with videos and fitness plans and a forum

All around SOF website. Great info and run by former/active members of every SOF unit. Mentor program. Also has forums for international SOF.

For all Army SF info.

For Navy Corpsman info.

This is an all-inclusive thread for MARSOC/Force Recon stuff.

For Coast Guard info. Good site, lots of vets able to answer questions.

>Naval Aviator forum with info on Navy OCS as well

US Army High school to Flight school

Before you ask a question, check the FAQ
>http://pastebin.com/Rx0nDuga (embed)

>Should I go Navy Enlisted Nuke?
http://i.imgur.com/FZ0Q9q4.png (embed)
tl;dr: Long hard school, long work hours, with good job prospects. It's definitely not for everyone or even most people in general.

CG info

ASVAB for Dummys

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