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Is this the longest someone's been in service?
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Do the US military and its European allies have the capacity to invade and occupy Russia if necessary?

If not with their current budget then how high would it need to go for it to become possible?
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How hard is it to actually prevent the weapons in your armory from rusting/deteriorating?
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I fucking love this country.

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Thoughts about training geese for home defense?
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KEEP IT /k/!!
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>tfw the liqour store was the last place in town that had .410 shells
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F-35 is actually epic fail as fighter. Prove me wrong
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Is this the true power of the ROK?

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Gook wunderwaffe trying to copy the EFV sinks immediately the first time its trialed in the ocean killing 2 DAPA employees. This is chink tier of their amphibious vehicle sinking in that river.
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Is mandatory military service good for you?