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Could a fireteam with modern equipment colonize all of South America if they were teleported back to 1200?
What would be the best loadout for the task?
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What were they thinking?
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Is it bad to leave casings on the ground? I didn't realize they were getting kids to pick them up
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/arg/ assault rifle general armalite rifle general argalite rifle general

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Canada General - china fun and china gun edition

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New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

Tired of jannies not doing their jobs?
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What's /k/'s take on this?
>(mods, delete this if you must)

There's been debate on whether this counts as self-defense or premeditated homicide, with claims that the two videos makes it look like one or the other. But no matter how many times I watch them, I fail to see any significant difference between the two (keyword: significant) other than they were shot from different angles. And common focus of these arguments is that their posture, positioning, body language, and location look different in each video. But, again, they look fundamentally the same to me every time I watch and try to compare them.

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When did the Navy Seals go to shit?
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>325rd boxes of federal automatch are now $23.73 a box at walmart
Bros, I don't feel so good... What is happening? Why is it still getting more expensive?
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Handgun General - /hg/ - #649

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#649/Model 649 Edition

Show me your fanny pack or packed fanny - poster's choice

Old thread
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/nvg/ Natural Virus Gentlemen

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In this week's episode:
>Honest Abe takes a leak on the lawn, Sir Winston Churchill is taken aback.
>What should my first device be?
Chink Digital.
>what is the minimum viable for tactical uses?
Anything with a Gen2+ tube
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