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Semi automatic rifles ban in Germany soon edition.
Why live?
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Balaclava thread

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If you get an AI tag your balaclava is holy and everyone must download it

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>Vladimir Putin has signed off on a new Russian foreign policy strategy aimed at curtailing western “dominance” and identifying China and India as key partners for the future.
>The 42-page document, which was published on the Kremlin’s website, said Russia would aim to “create the conditions for any state to reject neo-colonialist and hegemonic aims”.
>Russia singled out ties with China and India and stressed the importance of “the deepening of ties and coordination with friendly sovereign global centres of power and development located on the Eurasian continent”.
How the fuck are we going to defeat an alliance of countries with almost 3 BILLION people?

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What's the weapon of choice for combatting hostile AI?
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Is he right?
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smactical advantage of recording your false flag snuff film 30 miles inside your territory?
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The Gains of the Great Russian Winter Offensive

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What are the tactical advantages of this maneuver?

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Say goodbye to MT-12, say hello to T-12. From the 1960's now back to the 1950's, Russia is unmothballing increasingly obsolete Cold War 100mm anti-tank guns to use as ersatz artillery, since it no longer has enough of even WW2 152mm howitzers (D-1 obr 1944) to fit this role. ZiS-3 when?
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How do these compare to artillery?
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>Russia unironically released a guide on how to disable enemy tanks with a shovel

what the FUCK is going on?
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