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How does arfcom square up next to /k/? I have never used it but I expect you'd get a lot more people who actually shoot lul.
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>why yes this piece of shit should be fine against Panthers and Tigers
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Real life in the Ukrainian FL

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collection rate

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give my collection an honest rate
t. americano
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/brg/ - #323 We Never Lost Control Edition

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Post wood (furniture)
Don't shoot, just pretend you do
All large caliber semi auto rifles welcomed
Mistakes into miracles
Ask about kits
Kel-Tec RFB FUCKS, simple as.
You could always use more ammo.
Be cool, fren zone for fren

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As always No Trips, No Traps, No Airsoft
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>universally loved by people who never touched one
>universally hated by people who actually had to carry and use one for work
are there any other guns like this? I don't think I've ever read a first hand account about a tommy gun where the soldier didn't say he fucking hated it and the only thing stopping them from throwing it into a river was the fact they needed it to clear pill boxes and that they took turns on who had to carry it
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humour thread
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Realistically speaking can the average teenage boy kill things like lions, tigers, and bears with only a spear? You hear a lot about it being an ancient rite-of-passage but I’m not totally buying it

Think of your high school self and imagine tussling with a chimpanzee or wolf or even just a fucking shitbull
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Hypothetical innovations in civil gun market if NFA were repealed?

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Uuuhm, winterbabs? I thought it was on russian side? Wtf is General Moroz doing?
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