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Why wasn’t it replaced sooner when it’s kinda a piece of shit. Yea individual riflemen have Garands but your adversaries actually have proper machine guns.
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How could he have improved his tactics?
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Can you modify semi auto guns to full auto?

Could Japan beat Saudi Arabia 1v1 no outside influence?

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> Kishida raises defense budget to 6 trillion yen, Japan declines in global defense spending
> Aspirational plans to increase defense budget to 9 trillion yen by 2027 that still has yet to received political approval
> Even if they somehow increase the military budget to 9 trillion yen will still be smaller than the military budget of Saudi Arabia which is growing at a faster rate
> Australia and Italy military budget projected to surpass Japan even after doubling military spending to 2.0% as both Australia and Italy are increasing their military budget faster
> South Korea increasing military budget from 2.7% to 3.5% by 2030
> Germany increasing military budget from 1.4% to 2.0% by 2030 and despite having 45 million less people than Japan due to a GDP per capita over 2x+ Japan will have a larger military budget as well

At this point Japan is a slightly better version of the Philippines or Indonesia
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Realistically, what is the future of this place? Is it a suitable environment for tank warfare?

>prussiaposters gtfo
>polish memers gtfo
>czech memers gtfo
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Vatnik appears to be mowing down its own retreating mobiks, including wounded ones. Tactical advantage of blocking detachments in modern war?
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How low are police shooting standards really?

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I've seen 200 rounds per year repeated here for how little the vast majority of cops shoot. In trying to track down a source I found this:
>In talking to cops around my state as a firearms instructor for the last 20 years, I’ve found that most departments do very little firearms training. Shooting more than 100 rounds per year is unusual.
>In Ohio, officers only have to pass a 25-round ridiculously easy “qualification test” one time per year.

I also found this article that mentions 200 rounds per year, but it mentions a 100 round qualification done twice yearly and I can't find any examples of 100 round police qualifications online. Qualifications over 50 rounds seem quite rare and seem to top out at 60 rounds.

I've seen claims here of a 50 round warm up before a 50 round qualification to hit the 200 rounds per year number, but on some research it sounds like police qualifications might be shot cold. In my short bit of research, it seems like a lot of departments only do qualifications once per year rather than twice as well. This article mentions a class full of officers from various departments in Florida that when polled only polled only shot their duty guns once per year:

Are standards really so low that the 200 rounds per year number that gets repeated here is actually extremely overoptimistic?
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New Ukrainian Kino Just Dropped

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/gq/ - Gear Queer - Tactical Gear General Thread

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Tactical gear thread.
Old: >>58349516
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We should have done it bros
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