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How does one become a sheepog?

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> The sheepdog is cursed and blessed with the capacity for violence and a profound love for the flock. That is what makes the warrior different from the wolf. ~ Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
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Is there an sks that takes AK mags?

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Not talking a modified one that will cost an extra $200. I just heard from a owner at a gun store that there’s SKSs out there that take AK mags
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Gun related Semantics

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Do you think it's understandable that a lot of people are confused with guns and and gun-characteristics nowadays?

Strictly nonpolitical thread, just a discussion about guns.
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Mixing guns and marijuana

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>Be me
>33yo fucking white male combat vet
>visiting family in Las Vegas
>Little brother works in recreational cannabis manufacturing industry
>Gets me drunk late one night
>Convinces me to try pot
>He smokes something he calls "one hit rat shit" he makes out of "extract" and "flour"
>I think "Hmm. Smoking flour? What an idiot..."
>Take a puff out of his pipe
>Cough a fucking lung up
>Feel claustrophobic for the first time ever
>Odd since we are in an open parking lot
>Feel like death is imminent
>Fall into his car's passenger seat as I seek inner peace and await the arrival of the pale horse
>He tells me "Be cool. The doomed feeling will pass quickly"
>He goes on to explain to me that he takes pure chemically extracted THC and mixes it with just enough finely chopped "FLOWER" from their 32% TCH strain (not flour...) to get it to be "pipe friendly" and to burn how he likes
>At that point, it looks like rodent droppings, hence the "rat shit" name
>He gets me into the car and says don't worry, you will just relax and you will sleep well
>I feel like I continually fall forward at the same speed the car is driving
>I notice the cars around us leave streaks like the Tron motorcycles
>Everything is overly vivid like the real-life Speed Racer movie
>My astigmatism fades and I can see everything very clearly without my glasses
>Time slows to a crawl
>I become hyper-aware
>I instantly feel like I did the first time I drove in the civilized world after coming back from Afghanistan and expect everything out of place to be an IED and every pedestrian to be a trigger man
>I'm freaking out inside but keep cool
>Finally get to his place
>Wind up on the couch
>He says "You're in for the best sleep you have ever had"
>Can't shut my mind off, it's revving 10K rpms
>Sit up all night watching the driveway for hadji
>MFW cars drive up and I will them to keep moving along with my mind
TL:DR It's a bad idea. For me, atleast.
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Sig Sauer MCX

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5.5 inch barrel. 300 Blackout. You could literally conceal carry this in a backpack. Thoughts?
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which army unit is for fuck-ups and retards?
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As someone that has, and wants to continue, working in a gun store, what do you want to see?
What dissuades you from using one gun store over another?
To get through the obvious

>friendly customer service
>non intrusive questioning

Do not want:
>know it alls

What else?
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How effective was the S-3 Viking at ASW?
Can't really find much in the way of combat accounts for the thing.

Also maritime patrol aircraft thread.
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ARG/ AR General/ Trip fag containment/ Bully Central

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New trips stop fucking up the place edition

Old >>37992635
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