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/arg/ acogs r gay

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Elcan Elitists Edition

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Will Putin use chemical weapons? What would NATO's response be?
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NATO intervention in Ukraine

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If the russians nuke Ukraine and that NATO decide to intervene and to kick the russian army out of ukraine
How long would it takes to do it ?
What countries would intervene ?
How would they do it ?
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Is Changing My Handguard Worth It?

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Would it make sense to change my stock handguard with one of these? Are they really lighter weight? I mean, it's not that expensive, and I could remove the old one and compare. For reference, I have a Ruger AR-556.
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What's the deal with Girsan? Looking for a compact 1911 and I think the mag view thing is kinda neat, but at that low of a price it kinda scares me. Should I turn 360 degrees and walk away?
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Why don't the French, Japanese or Brits make a stealth strategic bomber like the B21?
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread.

I moved out of NY because I love guns, now I need to find a new job so I can buy guns.
Find a listing for gunsmith, 60k no experience required
>sounds sketch
>look up company
>they destroy guns for cops
is hating myself everyday worth it to fund my own collection?
it'll mostly be confiscated hi-points from crack heads right?
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Economic war 2022

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Is economy a tool in warfare or is it the reason for war itself?
Should we have a division with "economic warfare soldiers" to monitor other aggressive but poor countries, like russia?
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Ernst Junger on Vietnam

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Was he in the right? Would this same logic apply to Russian conscription right now?
>Of course the problem of Vietnam especially thorny for the American man who is registered or is subject to registration for conscription. Unlike the idle women who oppose the war, the American man must put himself at hazard either on the field of battle or by becoming a fugitive from the law. To him I say: enlist now. If he has the means he should seek to enter officer training, but above all else he should enlist and ready himself for combat.
>The war will proceed with or without him, but if, as we are assured by our press, it is an unjust war, the injustice can be softened, the national mistake redeemed only by the presence of just men on the field of action. He may vote for peace, write for peace, beg for peace from his foxhole just as well as he can from his university dormitory, but only in combat can he tend to his enemy's wounds, direct his fires to minimize the cost to civilians, and counsel those around him or ideally those in his command to act with honor. God is with these men, though he may be with their enemy as well. The 'dodger' of the draft has no moral standing, as he has resigned from the basic duty of his manhood - to fight - and is content to let men he does not know die and kill in his stead.
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How to fix the Recruiting Crisis

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As we all know, the American Military is having a REALLY hard time getting recruits. This lack of soldiers could end in disaster, and MUST be addressed. In this thread we will discuss how to fix low recruitment numbers.

Now if I was in charge, I would attempt to fix the Military in two steps. Step one is obvious, purge the Military of women, trannies, toxic leadership, career politicians Larping as commanders, and Woke propaganda. The vast majority of new recruits come from low income, right wing families and have conservative views. The issue is the Modern US Military is actively pushing against such people from joining due to bullshit political points. "Why ban women?" The Marines found that women are a drain on a unit, and HEAVILY impacts its ability to operate in stressful situations.

The second part would simply to make the Military more fun. Allow soldiers to take war trophies, let them customize their equipment (within reason of course). Of course you would have to balance this with the discipline required to operate in Combat zones and stressful environments, but the military is going to have to start appealing for Zoomers now, not Millenals. Why would a Zoomer be interested in spending his youth just sitting around and sweeping barracks all day?

Also, we're going to need a war to fight. I would suggest starting wars in Africa so we can set up spheres of influence before the Chinese spread too much (they've already started making colonies in Africa). I would suggest going to war in Somalia in the name of "peace keeping operations".

So how would you do it Anons? How would you fix the military?
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