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>better in every way than the m4
>never adopted because 'muh american' patriotism and HK not failing for the scheming american politics
Your excuse?
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I’m really sad, anon, cheer me up with military stories, please, it doesn’t matter if it’s your stories or screencaps.
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Is this a raid or some shit?

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Post guns dwarves would use
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/v/ here, what is /k/'s opinion on this game? more specifically its realism
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>Chechens shooting up an lone Russian truck driver behind enemy lines
>0 posts deleted
>everyone embracing it
>oh yeah they've done it so tactically well... you can really tell they're experts!
>heh they shot that truck with a dead driver like 50000 times... very nice
>Russian saboteurs killing 30 ukies behind enemy lines
>half the thread deleted
>butthurt discord clique spamming shit
>is this fake? that plate doesn't look genuine enough to me, and so does this corpse with a brain leaking out yep that's a doll. heroes do not die
>*out of arguments* you are... le brown
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AR15 vs 12 Gauge Shotgun

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Which is better for home/self defense? An ar15 or 12ga shotgun? Not necessarily the two pictured, but in general. Discuss
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Beggers can't be chosers

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So what weapons will Putin be begging Kim for?

Obvious and easy to pay for:
>Old Soviet era artillery and rocket ammo
>Small arms and ammo
>T-62 parts and modern 115mm AP ammo
>Anything 14.5mm related

Not so obvious and costly:
>Any sort of heavy MLRS ammo
>T-55/62/6 upgrades
>Copies of their own weapons that cost twice as much

Putin can't afford it tier:
>170mm Koksan cannons
>Really big DPRK MLRS
>Songun-ho IIV/Vs
>Chunma-Ds to replace BMP/LT-LB losses

Putin is out of his fucking mind tier:
>Any DPRK troops besides 'advisors'
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>Wagner out of the picture
>Kadyrov proven himself to be completely useless
>If Shoigus loyalty falters, Putin will have nobody to back him

I think its safe to assume that a new faction will be created soon in Russia to balance things out.
What sort of organization do you think it will be?

A new large PMC? Right/left wing paramilitary? Regional militia like in current Chechnya? What kind of equipment and organization would they have?
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How viable would bolters be in real life?
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So now the dust has finally settled and the M1 Abraham Lincoln has been proven to be the best tank.
I find it amazing that War Thunder accurately predicted years ago that every other tank on the planet dies to a gentle breeze, but the Abrams is basically indestructible.
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