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Has garand thumb final fallen

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Ive always had pretty mixed feelings about garand thumb but I think as of late he has taken a massive nose dive with this content. He tries to always relate to his ‘fellow kids’ with stupid jokes and terms that I honestly find nothing but cringy.

And don’t even get me started on the other guy who acts like a tard for no reason. I think his stupid antics and skits and jokes are honestly the worst part.

His older reviews were actually pretty informative but the dude is not funny and it just comes across as being an idiot. Plus that stupid mustache he had was horrifying. I think it is time for his channel to once and for all die
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Bakhmut slaughter continues
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Why are italian firearm have such prestige when the country is so poor?
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Why are italian planes so sexy
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What went wrong?

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>be Italian
>get absolutely skullfucked Navally
Naval warfare was the one thing they were supposed to be good at in WW2. What a joke.
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Ukraine vs Russia

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Who is winning?
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Iron (Your) Flag Edition
>Thread #1859

Old Thread: >>55780903
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Thoughts about the new Chang Gushitafu recoilless rifle?
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The police joined the anti-communist protests in Brazil, if a military coup actually happens there will the US invade? How would a jungle storm work out
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Hi /k/. Noguns here. Not a /k/ommando or a guns guy at all really, although I do strongly support 2a and all our rights.

I want to buy a first gun. I think I'll get an inexpensive 22lr pistol because cheap rounds for target shooting and I'm a bit of a poorfag.

I'm aware that 22s are less than ideal for stopping an upstanding African-American student who may be attempting to steal from you to afford books for class.
My question for you is this- would a 22lr hollow point do some damage, even though they're small? Are 22s being equivalent to a bb just a meme? Are there any other styles of 22 that might be more lethal?

Thank you in advance

tl;dr noguns, can i kill marauding nigs with a 22? how bout a hollow point? ty
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