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daily reminder your faggy optics will break the moment they get knocked during the boogaloo

all you need is iron sights
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What got you into guns?

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What got you into guns?
Also, Merry Christmas
I cannot possibly understand how my previous thread was deleted for off topic, especially for /k/ standards, so I ask the question again.
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Boogaloo memes
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/k/ approved vidya

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I just got Tarkov about a month ago and love it, but the servers are ass and I always lose my weapons and shit trying to join or just flat out lose connection in the middle of a raid. So I need to find other games to play.

Are there any other games out there with real weapons and weapon customization like Tarkov?

Any historical games that /k/ will approve?
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Vietnamese female warriors throughout history and their weapons, part 2 continued

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A continuation of the previous thread which hit the image limit. More pictures and information of Vietnamese women soldiers and their weapons.

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Forward Assist Saves Rittenhouse's Life

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On Tucker Kyle said that he had to use the forward assist to chamber the round that shot Gaige Grosskreutz which made the forward assist a matter of life or death for Kyle and thus saved his life. If Kyle had not had a forward assist a communist felon would likely have killed Kyle instead. Given that Kyle had such a short time and that it was approximately an inch out of battery using the scallop may have not allowed Kyle enough force to get the extractor to slip over the rim and chamber a round and it's also more difficult to do quickly under immediate threat of death. Kyle's rifle had only been fired around 100 times since its purchase (established in his court case), which precludes the gun even being extremely fouled which means that slickside advocates have no basis to defend their point anymore and shall be henceforth considered BTFO.
Also see this other for more arguments for the forward assist.
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Beijing’s strategic miscalculation

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What is Beijing’s thought process behind the annexation of Taiwan? In what scenario do they think this would play out well for them?
Even in a best case scenario where they invade and America and nato doesn’t retaliate militarily. They most definitely will respond with extreme sanctions and saber rattling hurting chinas global image and economy. Beyond this Taiwan has a strong national identity and the people are fiercely proud of their country and democracy and perceive China as the ultimate enemy. Does Beijing not realize the folly of occupying a nation full of a motivated nationalistic populace who will surely wage an endless guerrilla insurgency and sabotage campaign against them?
Seems like a disastrous decision put all of China’s chips on this little island that offers a moderate military advantage in the pacific but little else
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name one (1) war the Chinese have won
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The Anarchist Cookbook

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how legit is it? plan on making explosives, but don't exactly want to darwin myself out of existence.
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>decide to /prep/ following shortages
>buy 30,000 calories worth of black beans
How unhealthy would it be to eat nothing but black beans for a month?
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