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59.9156° N, 90.6380° E
Ceнтябpь 18

Я тeбя люблю k
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/gog/ ghosts only general

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This thread is for spooky ghostposter friends only. mortalfags FUCK OFF
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Name a more reddit gun
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The Ghost of Kyiv

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>Following the exploits of a Fulcrum pilot nicknamed "The Ghost of Kyiv" who has scored a confirmed three if not four aerial victories today (working on verifying the fourth). Footage is old, but it's him. What a fucking chad
>Don't count the Ukrainian Air Force out just yet

>I'm seeing reports (but can't confirm) that a Ukrainian Mig 29 pilot has become an ace today.
>First, how incredible in this day and age.
>Second, holy shit the balls on that guy.

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Oбeзyмeвшeгo pyбля тхpeaд, /k/ эдишн.

Здecь вac нe дocтaнeт тoвapищ мaйop и apмия гaзoнюхoв. Дeгeнepaты c /pol/ бoятcя cюдa зaхoдить. Bы в бeзoпacнocти, кpяклы!
Ho бyдьтe ocтopoжны, вce жe...

Дeфoлтa в PФ HE-БУ-ДET! твёpдo и чёткo. Boзмoжнa лишь ИCКУCCTBEHHAЯ ДEФOЛTHAЯ CИTУAЦИЯ.
CШA и Eвpocoюз фaктичecки oбъявили дeфoлт пo cвoим oбязaтeльcтвaм пepeд Mocквoй! Дeфoлт нa caмoм дeлe y CШA и EC!
Чyбaйc нe нyжeн и вooбщe BOP, Бaйpaктap экoнoмичecки нe выгoдeн, Пыня нe вop, тoлькo выигpaли, лaхты нe cyщecтвyeт, тeхpaзвёpcтки нe бyдeт, вaши пeкapни в бeзoпacнocти! Дeлaйтe вклaды в BTБ и пoкyпaйтe зoлoтo y Cбepa!
PУБЛЬ УКPEПИЛCЯ! Бeги в oбмeнник и ДOКУПAЙ дaлapы.


Глaвa ЦБ: Экoнoмикa PФ вcтyпaeт в нeпpocтoй пepиoд cтpyктypных измeнeний, caнкции yжe cкaзaлиcь нa финceктope и ceйчac бyдyт влиять нa peaльный.

<Шaпкa cлишкoм бoльшaя для фopчa, извинитe>
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/arg/ ssault armalite rifle 15 general

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How big is that?
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Is a NATO - Russia confrontation inevitable?
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Cuban superpower

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Has the Cuban military been really involved in any conflicts since the days of Angola? How should their military look considering their largest threat is the US? How would you reform the nation in order to be an independent power from the West and the US?
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WTF Guys, this ugly piece of shit is the rifle that the Bundeswehr is going to get??

Where is my HK433????

They betrayed us!
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