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Cultural factors in wars and Insurgencies

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Kenneth Pollack, who wrote 'Arabs at War' and more recently 'Armies of Sand', looked into this topic. One of the proposed solutions (other than completely dismantling Arab armies from the ground and starting from scratch, which is far tougher to do) was the establishment of more local-based militias. These militias would be state-sponsored and would cooperate with each other. His theory ended up being right with the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces. Although they were only formed as recently as 2014, they have proven to be effective and have even outclassed the standard Iraqi Army
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How did she get all those medals?
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Mysterious detonation near Votkinsk plant in Russia

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Previous thread got nuked for some reason but I'd like to ask /k/ what weapon they believe could be responsible for this blast, vidrel.
More links with sound:
What's confusing me is the sheer brightness of the blast which lasts, in the second video, for at least 25-30 seconds; the man in the second video also seems audibly terrified, which is unusual for russians. Any thoughts on what the source of this explosion could be in terms of weapons are welcome!
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Arguing over Perun video day - Todays topic: Russia's Winter Offensive

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Back to Perun talking about the Russia-Ukraine war, the good stuff.
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Civdiv thread

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Has there ever been a more badass marine?

>Passed out as a fully qualified marine
>Decides to leave because of the poor state of the US miitary, no action when ISIS are fucking shit up
>Joins the YPG and fucks up ISIS
>Does a second tour
>Goes to Ukraine to fight Ruzzian orks, serves in Bakhmut which was pretty much Modern stalingrad

He says once he gets his fitness back up he's planning to go back to Ukraine because his skills are needed around the new front at Adviika
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Are bolt action rifle a great way to force the soldiers to save ammo?

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If you give a soldier a rifle that can go full auto, he can spend all his ammo in 10 seconds.

If you give a soldier a bolt action rifle, he will carefully place his shots.

So, was the WW2 german doctrine to make most of the soldiers a sharp shooter?

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Hi /k/. Noguns here. Not a /k/ommando or a guns guy at all really, although I do strongly support 2a and all our rights.

I want to buy a first gun. I think I'll get an inexpensive 22lr pistol because cheap rounds for target shooting and I'm a bit of a poorfag.

I'm aware that 22s are less than ideal for stopping an upstanding African-American student who may be attempting to steal from you to afford books for class.
My question for you is this- would a 22lr hollow point do some damage, even though they're small? Are 22s being equivalent to a bb just a meme? Are there any other styles of 22 that might be more lethal?

Thank you in advance

tl;dr noguns, can i kill marauding nigs with a 22? how bout a hollow point? ty
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crossbows are superior to longbows
if you disagree you are literally perfidious Albion
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I think it's safe to say 5.7 is no longer a meme round.
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/ak/ Thread - Loadout Edition

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>Image Limit Reached
>Last Thread>>54878847

"Equipment Layout" Edition
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