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>muh reciprocating charging handle
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Post the most battle-tested weapons

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in internet fights
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China developing bio-enhanced super-soldiers: Report

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It's over. China is in full speed developing their first Space Marine legions now.

>China developing 'biologically enhanced' soldiers in drive for global domination, Trump spy chief says

>In his essay, Ratcliffe said Chinese authorities had “conducted human testing” on members of the Chinese army “in hopes of developing soldiers with biologically enhanced capabilities.”

>U.S.-based think tanks have reported that China is giving increasing importance to biotechnology in its military strategy but they have not released detailed reports about the kind of testing alleged by Ratcliffe.
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Webm thread?

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Webm thread.
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Why do you hate them so much?

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It's better for the 2A to have more people using and enjoying it.
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What happened /k/? Are there no traps threads anymore, got sick of dressing up ?
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calling you out Noor

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Thats it you man faced twit i'm callin you out and your fake operator LARP comin here and saying yer guns are better than ours BULLSHIT
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Tell me fuc/k/ers.
Am I correct?
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Your primary and secondary weapons if SHTF on election day
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African Armored Warfare Time

The Battle of Lomba, 1987

South African light armor annihilates heavy armored forces of FAPLA by not fucking up; being professionals.

"the Angolan 47 Brigade, which would be the defending force on 3 October, was somewhat stronger than the others in that it had, according to a Soviet source, a tactical group of 22 tanks (T-54s and/or T-55s).14 (In fact, after the battle, when the South African troops tried to reconstruct it among themselves, they actually counted 28 tanks in the Angolan force.15 This may, of course, be an exaggeration as some tanks may have been counted more than once.) To begin with, 47 Brigade and its Tactical Group was about 1 400 men strong.16 However, during September, the South African bombardments, UNITA action and natural causes – disease, desertion and the like – whittled the number steadily down. By 22 September, according to a SADF document (presumably based on the SADF intercepts of FAPLA radio communications17), the brigade had lost 270 dead and 200 wounded. In addition, it had lost two of its tanks."
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