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>meanwhile, on vatnik /k/...
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Hunting deer with ghetto firearms

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What are some ghetto firearms.
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uh, what was he doing?
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What is your favorite Sci-Fi army?

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Fuck you

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No need to bother /k/, you haven't been relevant since like 2008. Have to move with the times or you'll get stuck in the past.

/ak/ thread - gunhu edition

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>bump limit and image limit
>Last Thread >>53737885
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Is sawing through the neck of POWs war crimes?
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"1st most powerful army of the world"
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Tactical Advantage of Jannies Engaging in Political Censorship - Tactical Advantage?

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Why do historical facts make jannies seethe? Why do they feel the need to censor posts critical of one political party but not the other? Are they political agents working on behalf of some dubious interests, or are they merely well-meaning useful idiots?
Anyway tactical advantage of snowflakes ideologically cleansing a Polynesian fanny-pack knitting forum because reality doesn't match up to their delusions?
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