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Marbles Sword

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Why don’t you own a Marbles Sword, /k/?
>perfect practical length for war crimes
>comes sharp out of the box, 1075 tool steel
I vote we make the Marbles Sword the official sword of /k/.
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/K/rusades Story Time Part 2 AKA The Second Crusade (tm)

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>It’s time again for the /k/rusades, headlining of course, with the SECOND CRUSADE (which isn’t actually the second crusade). Think of Crusades like Assassin's Creed titles, the numbers have no relation to actual chronology or order of release at a certain point.
>So last time on the /k/rusades, we covered three of them, spanning roughly a decade in time with only about a five year gap between the end of the first two (The First Crusade and Crusade of 1101) and third (Norwegian Crusade) we talked about. A lot happened in that time.
>In the time between the Norwegian Crusade and the official Second Crusade (TM), around thirty five years will have passed. There’s a lot of history to cover here and I’ll try to wrap up the loose ends
>The Second Crusade also firmly is after the end of the lives of the leaders involved in the First Crusade (and after)
>For the record, I’ll list who has died so far and how and why as best I can in chronological order. We’ve been dealing with a complicated and fluctuating group of people so it's time to wrap up the few loose ends we have after the Norwegian Crusade nice and tightly
>First off, Pope Urban II, the man who called the First Crusade, died in 1099 around when Jerusalem fell. News about the city falling to the Crusaders in the Holy Land never reached him.
>He’d be followed shortly by Godfrey of Bouillon, the first ‘king’ of Jerusalem, who died in 1100 after getting sick. Godfrey was one of the main military leaders of the First Crusade, and left the title to his brother Baldwin.
>The next to die is the prince of France, Henry of Vermandois, who’d been sent home from the First Crusade to get recruits from home. He’d be shamed and mocked back in Europe, join the crusade of 1101, and die as part of William of Aquitaine’s ill fated army, one of three destroyed by the Sultan of Rum that year.
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Every pro ukraine and anti russia thread is made by intellogence agencies who also reply to said thread to give illusion many 4chan posters are pro ukraine which is lie. Ukrainian internet went down today and there is strange lack for anti russian threads on k. Coincidence?
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New Close-quarters combat footage by the IDF

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What is the optimal combat knife?
Should it be big or curved? Prefer slashing or stabbing?
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South Korea + Japan versus Greater China

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Which side wins?

South Korea and Japan are forging geopolitical/military alliances even to an extent where intelligence is shared

China already has Hong Kong/Macau and Taiwan is effectively tied economically, culturally and ethnically with the mainland

Per capita its not close but there is obvious population gap

No outside intervention, no nukes (both ROK and Japan are on record to be able to develop a minimum of 4,000 nuclear warheads each and only don't because they are under the US nuclear umbrella)
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R8 Korean SOF drip

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Another General Clapped, but who's counting?

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Vladimir Zavadsky

>navy brass
>on a landmine
>probably his own

lol. lmao, even
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>design a rifle that’s so shitty the Germans have to fix it
Do they really?
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New M60

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Turk M60 modernization is greenlit

>New turret with autoloaded 105mm gun and 30mm commanders autocannon
>Airburst and ATGM capability
>Active protection system and explosive reactive armor
>Bleeding edge optics, thermals, AI assisted targeting, hunter killer function
>1,250hp engine with 55t weight, meaning 23hp/t making it one of the fastest tanks
>Under $4,000,000 for the package, while a basic M60 donor vehicle can be had for about $350,000
>Package can also be fitted to the T72 and Leopard 1
>12,900 M60s are currently in circulation

The NATO T90MS has arrived
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