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Pic related anti-gun activist stabbed to death by masked attacker. Source: documentingreality dot com

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Does it have weapons or is just for trasport?
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An thread about the digital schematics of firearms.
Seeking something? post it and i or others will find it for you.

What i currently seek is:
Stoner 63, ar180, gp25, psg-1, g3
PM, Barret, G36, glock 26, PKM, UMP45, M249 saw, MP443, SCAR-H/L,
FAMAS F1, P90, SVD, PP-Bizon, Sig-551, MP7, PP-2000, PP-19, AN-94

Remington 700, welrod, swedish K is also seeked.

In exchange for any or several of models listed i can provide(all are technical):
Swedish mauser 6.5x55 rifle
Desert eagle, p250, AR-7, AUG
And lots more!
Some various models like AK, ww2 german ones for example. Most of it can be found
online so i wont list it all, feel free to ask.
I will not post anything until atleast one listed thing is posted!

Keeping to an good standard:
*NO STL files and unknown formats. Keep it to step and igs files. solidworks can maybe work.
*No low quality, video game rips(world of guns), non-technical models
*Blueprints and other schematics acceptable!
*If its an accurate model, and is serious, STL can be accepted, its just HELL to work on them!
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So can we finally agree the meme that 5.56 doesn't penetrate drywall while 9mm does is a myth?
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Why were cops still using revolvers in the 80s?

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>be me
>watch a whole bunch of old cop movies or movies cops in them lately
>literally everyone from yokel sheriffs to NY/LAPD were still using revolvers even as late 1984's The Terminator
>magazine-loaded semi-auto pistols were first introduced in the 1890s, had become standard issue in the US Military by 1914, and were considered the standard for armies around the world by 1940, with revolvers being almost completely retired by the 1950s

What gives? Why did it take law enforcement nearly 70 years to catch up with the military with something as basic as sidearms?
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>AK47 was a ripoff of the STG44

Fedorov Avtomat: Am I a fucking joke to you?
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daily reminder your faggy optics will break the moment they get knocked during the boogaloo

all you need is iron sights
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What got you into guns?

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What got you into guns?
Also, Merry Christmas
I cannot possibly understand how my previous thread was deleted for off topic, especially for /k/ standards, so I ask the question again.
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Boogaloo memes
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/k/ approved vidya

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I just got Tarkov about a month ago and love it, but the servers are ass and I always lose my weapons and shit trying to join or just flat out lose connection in the middle of a raid. So I need to find other games to play.

Are there any other games out there with real weapons and weapon customization like Tarkov?

Any historical games that /k/ will approve?
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