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/bst/ buy sell thread

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We're all /pfg/ down here
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Meanwhile in mexican /k/
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Putin confirmed terminal illness

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Putin is now confirmed by General Budanov (military intelligence) to be suffering from multiple illnesses, including cancer.
Stasi used to lock political prisoners in cells and radiate them so they would later develop cancer. Maybe this is the same method used on putin?
Is radiation the most effective deniable weapon to kill political opponents?
>I didn't do it, I swear he just developed a tumor. Go check his body if you don't believe me.
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There are several problems with /k/, but one of the most glaring is the massive influx of nogunz

I don't think any oldfags or even anyone who's been here in the last 4 years can deny the fact that there's been a huge influx of nogunz recently. Most threads have been unbearable; people who obviously have no idea how firearms work, yet posit their shitty opinions like they're gospel

And it's not just posters; it's the moderators and retard janitors as well. Would it make sense to have jannies on /v/ who have never played a single video game? or mods on /out/ who have never been outdoors? It doesn't make sense.

Finally, fantasy/make believe/writefag threads are some of the stupidest dog shit ever concieved. None of that shit belongs on /k/. Seriously, browse some of these "Forces of the unknown"/"who would win in a fight, 100 lions vs 100 crusader knights"; it's like visiting a fucking cancer ward.

/k/ needs some changes, and they need to happen right fucking now:

1. Enable /sp/ style flags on /k/ so we know if we're talking to a European in which there's a 99% chance they're a nogunz

2. Mods and janitors need to post a timestamped picture of their guns/some other proof that they at the very least have shot a gun before. We have lost all faith in the moderators of this board.

3. If threads about gun control, something that clearly revolves around guns, aren't allowed, fantasy threads cannot be allowed either. I guarantee you if flags are enabled, we'll see all European flags in fantasy threads.
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59.9156° N, 90.6380° E
Ceнтябpь 18

Я тeбя люблю k
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/gog/ ghosts only general

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This thread is for spooky ghostposter friends only. mortalfags FUCK OFF
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Name a more reddit gun
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The Ghost of Kyiv

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>Following the exploits of a Fulcrum pilot nicknamed "The Ghost of Kyiv" who has scored a confirmed three if not four aerial victories today (working on verifying the fourth). Footage is old, but it's him. What a fucking chad
>Don't count the Ukrainian Air Force out just yet

>I'm seeing reports (but can't confirm) that a Ukrainian Mig 29 pilot has become an ace today.
>First, how incredible in this day and age.
>Second, holy shit the balls on that guy.

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Oбeзyмeвшeгo pyбля тхpeaд, /k/ эдишн.

Здecь вac нe дocтaнeт тoвapищ мaйop и apмия гaзoнюхoв. Дeгeнepaты c /pol/ бoятcя cюдa зaхoдить. Bы в бeзoпacнocти, кpяклы!
Ho бyдьтe ocтopoжны, вce жe...

Дeфoлтa в PФ HE-БУ-ДET! твёpдo и чёткo. Boзмoжнa лишь ИCКУCCTBEHHAЯ ДEФOЛTHAЯ CИTУAЦИЯ.
CШA и Eвpocoюз фaктичecки oбъявили дeфoлт пo cвoим oбязaтeльcтвaм пepeд Mocквoй! Дeфoлт нa caмoм дeлe y CШA и EC!
Чyбaйc нe нyжeн и вooбщe BOP, Бaйpaктap экoнoмичecки нe выгoдeн, Пыня нe вop, тoлькo выигpaли, лaхты нe cyщecтвyeт, тeхpaзвёpcтки нe бyдeт, вaши пeкapни в бeзoпacнocти! Дeлaйтe вклaды в BTБ и пoкyпaйтe зoлoтo y Cбepa!
PУБЛЬ УКPEПИЛCЯ! Бeги в oбмeнник и ДOКУПAЙ дaлapы.


Глaвa ЦБ: Экoнoмикa PФ вcтyпaeт в нeпpocтoй пepиoд cтpyктypных измeнeний, caнкции yжe cкaзaлиcь нa финceктope и ceйчac бyдyт влиять нa peaльный.

<Шaпкa cлишкoм бoльшaя для фopчa, извинитe>
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/arg/ ssault armalite rifle 15 general

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