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Ukraine *starting* to lose

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Diamondback DB9

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Is this gun actually a piece of shit or does it just look like it? LGS has them for $159. If it sucks I'd rather just save up for a Shield.


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what is henny doing with that?
doesnt she know playing with those is dangerous?
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Who would win in a war, assuming Britain and Japan swapped places: Feudal-era Japan or Viking Age Scandinavia?
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still making tanks with tracks is idiotic and rudimentary, a new solution is needed
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9 years, 9 months and 26 days of Ukraine's very special 48 hour "anti-terrorist-operation" (ATO) against "separatists" in Donbass and Crimea. The results so far:

>Lost 20% of its territory
>Lost 1,000,000 soldiers
>Had half its population flee the country
>Been de-industrialised
>Its people traumatised
>Fortress Avdiivka lost
>Fully owned by American capitalists
>Zaluzhny MIA
>Budanov MIA
>Incursion into Belgorod oblast BTFO
>Offensyiv completely BTFO
>Leopards and Bradleys destroyed by the hundred
>Abrams next in line
>Desperate hopes for a civil war in Russia have failed again
>Its soldiers are charging into minefields and using human wave attacks
>shrubbery is being blamed for losses
>captured like 3 villages that got immediately recaptured by the Russians
>slowly being abandoned by their NATO patrons
>owners now too busy in their already 2 month long special quagmire operation against the houthis to give more funding

Are we tired of winning yet, NATOsisters?
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this war is like skibidi toilet

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the little arms race with the ukrainians launching drones and the russians adding anti-drone cages to tanks is like when skibidi toilets started wearing glasses to counter the tv head men. plus it's like putin is the skibidi scientist and zelensky is the titan cameraman. i cant wait for the next episode
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what's the world best swat unit?
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Paul Farrell

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why the fuck was he fired? he literally did nothing wrong
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