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What would Rally carry now that short rails have been memetaxed north of $2k?
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The AR in AR-15 stands for Assault rifle. There is nothing else that makes sense to fit there. Don’t give me that “ArmaLite” bullshit! They should be banned because they kill innocent people all the time. Don’t say “PeOPle KiLl pEOplE” argument. You’re just dumb for saying that. You just want people to die! I AM SICK OF IT. I hope the same people that do those terrible things do the same to you!
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what the fuck triggered them this time?
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no way

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Zapatista Army of National Liberation

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Can /k/ explain to me how the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, managed to defeat the Mexican Army with little to no support from the outside world and establish an autonomous zone in Chiapas? I know the Mexican army is a bit of a meme, but I thought they would still deal with internal problems, not to mentioned having far mor better weapons than the aforementioned group.
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So what are some real lessons that Chad Kyle taught us?

For me it was the absolute importance of a 3-point sling. If he hadn't had one, he'd be dead and this wouldn't be news.
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/PFG/ Poorfag General

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A place where the financially challenged can post gear and solutions
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Second American Revolution

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What would your weapon and outfit be for the Second American Revolution?
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The fuck happened? Did they never have actual good cyber capabilities or are they pulling their lunches?
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/bst/ buy sell thread

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We're all /pfg/ down here
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