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Why did the cold war ending kill the G11? All the cool interesting guns all died and were forgotten, no OICW either. Bullpups are also on their way out.
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I want a fuck-off big dick trench gun specifically designed to turn anything that invades my territory into taco meat.

Tell me what to look for and what to slap on or load it with.
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Latest Anduril Cringe (Menace-X)

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Introducing a new generation of VW Golf.. with patented Sǒylent Sqround chassis technology.. feat. Just Fucking Do It hellveti*can* font rendering basedstack...

./make product......
./build product.....
./ship product......
./fit check.........
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>Americans get random text messages from military recruiters
how would you respond?
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Canadian Firearms General - Cangen - CFG

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Canadian firearms General
New here? Read this

Want to hunt? CFG Hunting license info:

Want to buy something? Recommended cangen vendors list:

Want to help firearm rights?

Last bread >>61478020
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Nuggetfest drama

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If you know then you know
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Bundeswehr adopts Steyr GL40

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The Austrian handgun manufacturer STEYR ARMS has achieved success in a Bundeswehr armaments project, winning the tender for the Bundeswehr's new grenade launcher. The GL40 40×46 LV caliber launcher was originally developed for the Steyr AUG bullpup. It can also be used as a stand-alone weapon.
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Why do you people support the terrorist and genocidal State of Israel so much? I hate all Unitedstatians, but the ones I hate the most are the evangelical neocons that for some insane reason love to suck the Jews dry.
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The fat Texan commie DPR defector is missing, rumored dead. Bets on who or what got him? Did he get uppity like givi/motorola?
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Why were Nazi arms designers so ahead of their time?
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