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not trying to wank vatniks here but is this map real? If it is why is it happening?
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About to test out this gas mask
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Holosun thermal optic

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Will you be bullying the ATF booth at shot show?
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Nu/k/e thread

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So is nuclear armageddon basically just a matter of time?
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should western armies imitate the Russian tactic of letting ethnic minorities rape their soldiers?
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New year is here, a moderately drunk russian is here too. Ask me whatever, and I'll answer you in broken English.
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Hohols and vatniks are retarded for not using HESCO in this war and digging trenches like it's 1945. Since it's very cheap and even cheaper chinese off-brand versions are available on aliexpress.
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thermal image protection.

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hiw do you hide from thermal? apparently hajis used wool blankets. how the fuck does that work?
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Why are females allowed to own guns?