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>Literal army of sexy women in uniform, tight skirt and high boots
Wtf I love China now?
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China has a massive chink in their new aircraft carrier. 5 bucks that it's going to collapse like their tofu dreg buildings by this time next year
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Iran to convert two oil tankers into warships

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He's done it, swordsisters! The Shadman has defeated the tyranny of the pointy stick and proven the superiority of the blade.

How come nobody is talking about this? Is /k/ really just a bunch of LARPing spear faggots?
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Hey /k/ here is the deal
>Live in New Jersey
>been living with my parents because 47% of people between the ages of 18-35 live with their parents here cause shit is expensive
>parents are antis so I haven't been able to own a gun
>finally just got a job where I can move out
>will have to apply for an FID which can take months
What antique navy cutlass should I buy? Not to be a sword fag, but it is better than my limp dick waiting for my license to practice a basic fucking human right to come in. I just need a cutlass long enough that I would have a big advantage over someone with a knife but short enough I can use it innaapartment/hall way
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Don't know shit about guns, what's the point of the Shockwave over a regular 590?
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Is this shit an overpriced meme?

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I just fucking want one.
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Post yfw Russian civil war
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/k/ love hate countries

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Since this board doesn't have a flag so i want to know you folk geopolitical's view
>but this is a weapons board !!!
yes it is , because geopolitical and military are almost same thing, america, europe, and other golems would not bother supplying weapons to shitkraine. if they know It can't do anything to russian
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is melee ever going to come back?
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