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You are teleported into the world of the last anime/manga that you watched/read as the protagonist of the series with only your EDC.

How fucked are you?
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You are sent back to the middle ages. What weapon do you take?
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Vietnam Indochina wars

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Pictures of the wars.
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Ideological Subversion

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How does /k/ fight ideological subversion? Is there anything the common layman can do? Do we just wait for the tide to roll over us, or do we fight back now? Fight as they fight?
How would we do that?
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Vietnam vs Malaysia

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Who wins?

>Malaysia coast guard kill Vietnamese fisherman in South China Sea clash

I think Vietnam. They are combat proven and will defeat these mudslimes.
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Friedrich Paulus

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>planned Operation Barbarossa, war-gamed the scenario multiple times and (correctly) concluded that the Wehrmacht would outrun its supply lines before it got to Moscow, only member of the OKW/OKH to publicly call into question the wisdom of attacking the Soviet Union
>repeatedly asked for permission to break out from Stalingrad and is denied until 6th Army was too badly weakened to break out on its own, subsequently abandoned to his fate and left to the mercy of the Red Army
>proceeds to btfo his ex-bosses on the witness stand at the Nuremberg Trials and gets them all executed for crimes that he was intimately involved in planning

What did he mean by this?
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Quick /k/, the last song you listened to is the music that plays during your last stand. How did you go out?
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Restoring the British Armed Forces

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What would it take to bring the UK's armed services back up to a level at which they could decisively defeat, say, Russia at sea, land and air?
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Russia vs China

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if these two had a war (no nukes) on which one would you bet on?
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