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Are Gun Stores Dangerous?

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Details are still murky, but what appears to be the case is that black male--Jamal Williams--entered one of my lgs a glock with an extended clip. After the staff told him to remove the clip, he opened fire and killed two people.

>>Rules at the store prohibit patrons from having loaded weapons while away from the range. According to Vargas' report, Williams got into an argument with staff over the rules, then fired a warning shot.

>>He subsequently shot a store clerk, fatally wounding him. The newspaper identified that clerk as 47-year-old Noah Fiscbach, who was a husband and father.

>>Williams became involved in a gunfight with employees and patrons, during which he and an unidentified woman were fatally struck by gunfire.

(Here the article writer omits a key detail. It was the store's concealed carry instructor that took him out.)

The black male's family of course is claiming--what else?--he didn't do anything.

>>A woman on social media identifying herself as Williams' mother posted a similar message, saying, "My son did not go into that gun range shooting!".

This has been always been a safe and reliable community store. I buy ammo there often.

The customer base comes from all walks of life--law enforcement, military and ex-military, hunters, etc. I ran into my doctor there once.

Unfortunately, the store also draws a good bit of the element. Always be aware of your surroundings.
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Why do pajeets do this?

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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Pile On Edition
>Thread #43

Old thread here >>31062907
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besides Jormungand, what is another good one?
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Since 4chin is about to get shoahd due to cloudfare fags, come join the official hidden /k/ server

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Do Americans even have the spine for all misery and death a war with China would have?

They banned photos of coffins while other countries embrace the memory of the dead.

We would also have to draft people into fighting China.
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End of the American gun culture

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The end of this video should be what’s really scary:
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What went wrong?
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