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should western armies imitate the Russian tactic of letting ethnic minorities rape their soldiers?
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New year is here, a moderately drunk russian is here too. Ask me whatever, and I'll answer you in broken English.
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Hohols and vatniks are retarded for not using HESCO in this war and digging trenches like it's 1945. Since it's very cheap and even cheaper chinese off-brand versions are available on aliexpress.
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thermal image protection.

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hiw do you hide from thermal? apparently hajis used wool blankets. how the fuck does that work?
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Why are females allowed to own guns?

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How good is the Iranian military???????
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Too tired to do research on this thing.
Can someone tell me if the T-14 is a gud tank or a joke
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How do Democrats continue to maintain their position on gun control in the face of their own obvious hypocrisy?
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What would a civil war in America actually look like? Would be actual structured armies fighting or would it break down into Tarkov irl?
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Has garand thumb final fallen

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Ive always had pretty mixed feelings about garand thumb but I think as of late he has taken a massive nose dive with this content. He tries to always relate to his ‘fellow kids’ with stupid jokes and terms that I honestly find nothing but cringy.

And don’t even get me started on the other guy who acts like a tard for no reason. I think his stupid antics and skits and jokes are honestly the worst part.

His older reviews were actually pretty informative but the dude is not funny and it just comes across as being an idiot. Plus that stupid mustache he had was horrifying. I think it is time for his channel to once and for all die
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