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What are the tactical advantages of adding a melee attachment to a handgun?

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is it viable?
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so, if the iron sands are really high purity. what was the cause of japan having a reputation for shit iron and having shit iron during WWII? was it just a low yield/not having enough of it issue?
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Beginning of the end for SA80

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The British Army is beginning to ‘ramp down’ production of its existing assault rifle, the SA80, designated L85A3, ahead of the induction of its replacement system under Project Grayburn.

In January 2022 a Parliamentary written response revealed that the UK had a total inventory of 134,912 SA80A2 variants and 17,900 SA80A3 variants, held across defence.
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Choose Brazil's next fun

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The Brazilian Army, through its Logistics Command (COLOG), has revealed the contenders for its Wheeled Self-Propelled Artillery Vehicle (WSPA) project. This announcement highlights the candidates that meet the detailed criteria specified in the project's tender. The models still in contention include China's SH15, Israel's ATMOS, France's CAESAR, and the Czech Zuzana 2.

The technical specifications required for future WSPAs include a 155 mm NATO-standard howitzer as the primary armament, capable of firing both standard and specialized ammunition. The artillery piece must have a minimum barrel length of 52 calibers and a service life of less than 2000 shots at maximum charge, with a firing range exceeding 500 kilometers. The system must enable precision strikes with a deviation of less than 80 meters for standard munitions and less than 120 meters for assisted projectiles at distances of 20 kilometers and 30 kilometers respectively. These vehicles must also be capable of storing and transporting at least 16 full charges.

The WSPA must be ready to aim and fire within three minutes of positioning and leave its position in less than two minutes after firing. The inclusion of a semi-automatic loading mechanism and the ability to maintain a firing rate of at least four shots per minute are also required.
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Can anyone fucking tell me why we still haven't got a reliable, good, semi-automatic, mag-fed shotgun on the civilian market? The ideas are there, literally any company could do it. It's not illegal.
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Apologize, right fucking now.

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What if they went nuclear?

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Italy used to have nuclear reactors, but as a euro state it obviously ended up dismantling them because "ew nuclear power". Italy also has a couple of Uranium mines in the north, closed since 1987. So they could've made weapons grade Plutonium. Italy actually had a nuclear weapons program until 1975 (they also had Jupiter ballistic missiles until 1963), the year in which they ratified the NPT.

What if they went nuclear?

Say they go for a stealth cruise missile like the AGM-129 but with a hardened tip for underground penetration up to 400 - 700 ft and a 1 - 2 megaton warhead with a 13,000 miles range. A first strike weapon basically
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If you buy American weapons you have no weapons.

Vehicles in Ukraine: Inguar-3

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This thing is finally announced. Main claim to fame is that it's the first ukrainian MRAP built on a fully indigenized chassis. Deutz engine with Allison transmission. 4×4 or 6×6. If you follow the war closely, you might remember it from last year, previewed as an MLRS carrier.

Not much to say about it. I've met the guys. Tiny company. Wish them well with scaling. Gave some advice on what the EW variant of the vehicle should have. On value, it will take some time to beat the likes of domestic integrators like Ukrarmor and foreign suppliers. The Inguar guys have no illusions about that.
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