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Would Europeans really have to resort to gunpowder weapons in a zombie situation?
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Unpopular opinions thread

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Unpopular opinions thread
Post unpopular opinions

>5.56 is a retarded choice for SHTF. Its only better than full power cartridge's when you need to suppress someone with overwhelming fire. Otherwise within realistic gun fights youll never use enough ammo at once to make carrying a few less rounds matter and full power rounds are better at literally everything

>Minmaxing your guns like a faggot does literally nothing. Guns are tools, youre the weapon. Dont buy shit gear like a poorfag but dont think expensive gear will make the difference in a shitty situation.

>If youre going to use a 5.56 You should either stick with a red dot or a red dot with a magnifier. Unless youre running a 16" barrel or longer youll have so little energy at long ranges it makes the extra weight of an LPVO worthless.

>If youre using a 308 its generally best to use a 4x or higher magnification scope with maybe an offset red dot.
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Lol, Constitution-class heavy cruiser got rekt by a Miranda-class science vessel. How will Conniefags ever recover? These are supposed to stand up against K't'inga-class battlecruisers?
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Did you ever truly doubt?
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Im seeing a lot of amerimutts coping about how they just lost global hegemony. Stop interfering with world affairs now and maybe russia and china will have mercy on you
Lets celebrate with a BRICS weapons thread
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George Washington

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He was an okay commander but he wasn’t great, why does American education overhype his performance?
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What's your unironic gameplan for a SHTF scenario?
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Why there are still so many boomers who think that Russia is still the Soviet Union? They no longer have the industrial capacity nor the military spending from the Cold War.
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