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Why do you people support the terrorist and genocidal State of Israel so much? I hate all Unitedstatians, but the ones I hate the most are the evangelical neocons that for some insane reason love to suck the Jews dry.
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The fat Texan commie DPR defector is missing, rumored dead. Bets on who or what got him? Did he get uppity like givi/motorola?
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Why were Nazi arms designers so ahead of their time?
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/ak/ thread - Severe Untreatable Autism Edition

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>Image Limit Reached
>Last Thread >>53356495
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/k/ Approved Video Games

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Post the video games that are most /k/

>Currently torching filthy nips while listening to Angel of Death
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/k/ino images thread

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Post war pics and other /k/ related things that make you go "hell yeah".
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OSINT officer dunking on the Russians.
> Russia has, at the most basic levels shown a level of incompetence that's legitimately startling. I've had to spend years studying 'what to do if we go to war with the Russians' and this war has made it look like we were all fools for thinking of how dangerous they'd be. It legitimately caused me a small identity crisis because it's like the world turned into a Parody of every 1950s-80s propaganda piece and dumb shooter game.

Not even a Ukraine fan, but LMFAO.
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At the end of the day were they based?
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hollywood prop guns

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share some of your favorite fake guns.
>inb4 william shatner
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Israel has only taken 8 KIA in the last month in Gaza

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is it safe to say the war is over for Hamas? They only still exist because Biden/Kamala Harris are protecting their last stronghold in Rafah. The only hope for the survival of the resistance is the Democratic Party.
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