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Milk truck just arrived.

Indian coomerism goes all the way to the top brass apparently.
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Ghost of Kyiv helmet gifted to UK official

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During Zelensky's speech today in London, he gave this helmet from a "Ukranian Pilot, a Fighter King" as a gift to a British official.

Most importantly, he thanked the UK for planes "they'll deliver in the future". So, jets confirmed more or less at this point?
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>military men snatch you off the street
>sent to few days "refreshener"
>find yourself on the front in a weeks time
Was it always like that?
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What gun would he own
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22yo Azov volunteer argues against helping Ukraine

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Just came across this interview of a 22yo recounting his time in Azov. Good storytelling and all that but what struck me was how he seems to have taken the dumbest lessons possible from his experience.

Now he had some pretty childish reasons from going there in the first place, but the conclusion he's come to is basically that the the support of Ukr has to stop because the war is so horrific.

Regardless of which side you're on this just feels naive. How the hell do you turn out more naive coming back from war than going in? His rationale is essentially that western support must stop to end the war. Am I missing something or is he just retarded?
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not trying to wank vatniks here but is this map real? If it is why is it happening?
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About to test out this gas mask
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Holosun thermal optic

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Will you be bullying the ATF booth at shot show?
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Nu/k/e thread

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So is nuclear armageddon basically just a matter of time?
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