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C++ bad
Rust good
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Safari looks 10x cooler in iOS 15.

Update NOW
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Why don't you have a blog, /g/?
Are you an uninteresting person?
Do you just consoom stuff and then live to consoom new stuff?
Instead of writing trashy blogposts here, you could put them on your website and have some semblance of permanence so people can actually benefit from your opinions instead of being forced to refresh the catalog to see your posts.
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Assuming linux kernel 5.13.x, is Btrfs stable and trustworthy for regular use yet? I had nothing but bad experiences with it two years ago.

Glossy vs. Matte

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Which do you prefer and why?
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Does /g/ do parts ID?

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Found this at Dirt Cheap, more pictures to follow
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Why does every thread that I reply to die?
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Becoming Unwatchable

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Hello /g/. I just found an old Samsung Galaxy SII GT-19100, it works perfectly and an idea came to me. How would someone turn this device into the ultime autist agenda, as in it only should be able to write notes, have a calendar, clock, maybe an audio recorder/player and an image gallery. Thats it. No internet connection, no way anyone can peek into it, lately I´ve been developing schizo ways and i cant use my phone normally anymore, it bugs me that anyone could be watching, hearing me, spying on me.
Is there any mobile OS that caters to my retardation? Or anything?
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What are /g/'s thoughts on pixels
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