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/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General

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/aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI chatbots

The Boys Edition

Sam Altman is returning as CEO of OpenAI with a new board.
Claude 2.1 is out, switch to the Claude-2 model in SillyTavern to use it
Slaude is unusable unless you use/have a corporate account

additional info:


>Guides -


>Frontends [SillyTavern] [Agnai] [RisuAI] [Miku] [Cai]

local: >>>/g/lmg [llama] [Self hosting]


>Botmaking [v1 cards] [v2 cards]

OP templates:
services assessment:
key checker: OAI_API_Checker -
try these -> -
aicg themed botmaking events:

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/pcbg/ - PC Building General

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/pcbg/ is currently being spammed. To differentiate your post from the spam, use the timeless 4chinz method of getting attention: include an image with your post.

Post build list or current specs including MONITOR:
Provide specific use cases (e.g. 4K editing, high FPS gaming)
State budget and COUNTRY or you will not be helped

RTX 40 Super refresh expected to be announced in early January at CES
AMD is expected to launch new AM4 X3D CPUs (R7 5700X3D and R5 5500X3D)

Fully seat a 12VHPWR connector in its socket, otherwise the connection can melt.

HTPC(4K60)/Web Browsing: i3 12100
Gaming: R5 7600, 12600K; budget: R5 5600
eXtreme gaming: R7 7800X3D; budget: i5 14600K
Multicore: R9 7950X; budget: i5 13500
>Avoid iGPU-less CPUs
>Existing AM4 board with an old chip? Consider a Zen 3 CPU

1080p: RTX 4060; budget: RX 6600; ultra budget: used RTX 2060
1440p: RTX 4070; RT: RTX 4070 Ti
2160p: RTX 4080; budget: RTX 4070 Ti
Amateur production: RTX 3060 12GB, RTX 4060 Ti 16GB, used RTX 3090, RTX 4090

DDR4: Zen3/AM4 - 2x 16GB 3600 MT/s CL18; for locked "non-K" 12th/13th/LGA1700 - 2x 16GB 3200 MT/s CL16
DDR5: Zen4/AM5 - 2x 16GB 5600 MT/s CL28; for unlocked "K" 13th/14th/LGA1700 - 2x 16GB 6400MT/s CL32

Standout: Peerless Assassin 120 (or variant)

Not worth buying a new PSU unless it's ATX 3.0 compliant
Aim for 50-75% PSU utilization at full system load

Standout: WD SN770 2TB
Avoid: outdated Samsung 970 Evo Plus, cheapest NVMe SSDs

Good power delivery is required for Intel CPUs like the i5 13500 and above


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/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General

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Previous /sdg/ thread : >>97615852

>Local install
ComfyUI (Node-based):
Intel GPU:

>Use a VAE if your images look washed out

>Auto1111 forks
Anapnoe UX:

>SDXL info & download

>Run cloud hosted instance

>Try online without registration

>Models, LoRAs & embeddings


>Index of guides and other tools

>View and submit GPU performance data

>Share image prompt info
4chan removes prompt info from images, share them with the following guide/site...

>Related boards

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Coder, overwhelmed by what to do focus on with AI looming

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Anyone else here technical or an engineer and shitting themselves about AI and feeling overwhelmed?

Not a month goes by without a whole section of jobs going.

Artists / Video artists / doc writing / and today I realise that PAs that do general research tasks online are also autamted ( the typing, searching, browsing etc is all controlled by AI images that are understood by chatgpt thus commanding the next step for a PA to do ( see ) .

My point is a year ago I did my ebst to contact agencies to tell them Id set up stablediffusion , I wasnt good enough at marketing and basically got no clients. A year later art generation that is better is on bing so like that enterprising idea I had, is just pointless.

I have no idea what. should be focusing on.

Im going to try and finish my games now I have chatgpt to help "speed me up" im altready a good coder.

But what should I be doing next?

I only hear poeple saying shit like become an influencer but like EVEN that will probably be automated by next year.

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A question for those who have any understanding of artificial intelligence: explain to me, a mere mortal, does this thing really “think”? Among most of the discussions here, many simply say it's just a big collection of tokens that connected to each other and basically works by predicting next relevant token. But...doesn't the brain work the same way? because some answers to questions especially on the gpt4 model such as “fix the error in the code” or “why does this code not work” on big chunk of code give impressive results, the answer is similar in the nature of thinking to that of a person.
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Smartphone General /spg/

Battery runtime edition

>What phone has X and Y feature?
Don't ask, use these!

Good Resources:

>Frequency Checkers

>Visual Phone Size Comparison

>Everything rooting and custom ROM related
>Beware carrier variants with locked bootloaders

>Debloat your stock ROM

>A curated list of open source Android applications, tutorials and resources

>Android App compatibility list for de-googled phones

>Custom ROMs suggestions, privacy guides

>Recommended Chinese phones

>Try out Android on your iToy

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Anyone aggressively promoting iPhone is a paid shill with a micropenis that should be ignored
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how many shekels you spent on a good/bad phone

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/csg/ - Chink Shit General

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Everything is already from China, but in here we discuss the cheap chink shit you see on various sites.

Useful links
>New guide (WIP):
>installgentoo wiki:

>What headphones/earbuds should I buy?
>I want a cheap smartphone what should I buy?
>I want to buy some sort of emulation device

News after dinner

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Why has there never been a successful /g/ project?
All of them failed in one way or another.
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How many weeks until the inevitable?
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Is there a way to know if a Microsoft office form is anonymous?

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Workplace survey asks us to rate our shot manager and want to be give honest ratings but not sure if it is actually anonymous or the manager will f me up afterward
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