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On mouse configurations

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So how do yall set it up

How can it still be up?

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>muh filled up harddrives
>muh super secret datacenter architecture
>muh coontent filter team
>muh bots
>muh crumble any minute
>muh 2 more weeks
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/pcbg/ - PC Building General

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>Upgrade & Build Advice
Post build list or current specs including MONITOR:
Provide specific use cases (e.g. 4K editing, high FPS gaming)
State budget and country

New releases: RTX 4090; AM5 / Zen 4; Intel Arc GPUs A770 and A750
RTX 4080 16GB (AD103) $1200 Nov Launch; RTX "4080" 12GB (AD104) unlaunched
LG 27GR95QE announced; flat 27" 1440p 240Hz OLED $1000

For light usage, consider an Intel i3 or Ryzen 3/G.
For gaming, consider an Intel i5 (K if you want overclocking) or a Ryzen 5.
For multithreaded performance, consider an Intel i7 or a Ryzen 9. Get a Threadripper for heavy-duty workloads.
Zen4 has memory instability issues.

For gaming, check out the benchmarks for whatever games you play and pick whatever performs best.
For productivity, you will want to buy a Nvidia Card for CUDA, nvenc, better software support in general.


Use an NVMe Drive for your operating system.
Standouts: Hynix P41, Kingston KC3000, WD Black SN850X
Don't buy HDDs for a desktop PC. If you need large scale storage, consider buying cloud storage or a NAS.


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/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General

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Previous /sdg/ thread : >>90004450


>Local install
Nvidia GPU: |

>Cloud Hosted Install

>SaaS Sites
txt2img: | | |
img2img: |

>SD plugins for apps
Krita: | |
Photoshop: |
Blender & GIMP:

>Models, Textual Inversion & Embeddings

Upscaling images:
Textual inversion:
Model Merges:

>Tools & Resources
Index: |
Artist Styles:
Prompt sharing: |
Wildcard list:
img2img skeleton:

>Related boards

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borrow checker

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Is there nice things you can do a C that the borrow checker would prevent you to do?
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If you use Windows (probably by being forced to) what programs do you use to modify it? I've always been really annoyed with how laggy Window search is, but just discovered alternate menus you can use and the program search on there is instant.
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#要要搞定個要 is trending on Twitter by the MILLIONS. wtf is going on?
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This makes the aspergers screech in agony

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/dpt/ daily programming thread

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what are you working on, /g/?
old thread: >>89988139
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