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I want

1- An AI chatbot that can be trained by the input I insert on it, by itself, and by its outputs
2- A program that web scraps a page and extracts the information from it and organizes it. I want to mine the data from the comments on 4chan.

I am not savvy about programming, by the way.

/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread

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Users of all levels are welcome.
Share Windows tools, utilities, tips & tricks that enhance your life.
Reminder: Notice the friendly - please be civil.

>Installation for retards:

>Where can I get the ISOs?
>Where do I get Office?
>Can I change edition post-install?
Read the paste:
>Is Optimize-Offline worth it?
>Should I debloat?
Only if you understand everything that you're going to be intentionally breaking.
If something doesn't work later, you probably broke it with some debloat memescript.
>How do I activate Windows?
HWID mimics OEM activation to generate a permanent legitimate license.
(Does not work on VL editions, avoid VL editions unless you enjoy having to deal with KMS breaking and Windows unactivating)
>How do I activate Office?
Installs a tiny KMS server emulator on your PC for activation. Not ideal as it trips AV sometimes and deactivates, but it's the only choice for Office. Alternatively, try Open/Libre Office and set it to save as Office file formats only.

>>Which version should I get?
Comes preinstalled with bloatware apps like games, music, news, weather, etc.
Comes with system apps.
Comes with nothing, no apps, not even MS Store
Search LTSC-Add-MicrosoftStore if you need it.
There are no compatibility differences between versions, all programs/drivers will work on all versions of Windows.

LTSC meant for corporate PCs with 5 years security updates (KMS only).
IoT LTSC meant for retail/medical/etc PCs with 10 years security updates (HWID only).

>Do I even need LTSC?
W10 Home/Pro/Edu/WS/Ent editions are all EoL in 10/2025 (2027 for LTSC) whereas IoT LTSC will be supported until 2032.

>Is Windows 11 good?
>Should I upgrade?
Not yet.

>B-b-b-but muh Windows 7!
OpenShell or StartIsBack

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Tunnel Bear

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/pcbg/ - PC Building General

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Post build list or current specs including MONITOR:
Provide specific use cases (e.g. video editing, competitive gaming, streaming etc.) and your country.

AMD Zen4 - Early Fall 2022; 19-35% performance gains expected.
Radeon 7700, RTX 4080 & 4090 - Soon after Zen4
V-cache Zen4 some time late this year.
RTX 4070 - Likely delayed to November.
RTX 4060/4050, RX 7600/7500 - likely not until H2 2023.
Intel will likely remain the best option for poor people and those needing a space heater

ATX is the standard choice, alternatively ITX for bugmen.
mATX is a good middleground.

HTPC(4K60)/Web Browsing: i3 10105
Budget Gaming: i3 12100/F, R5 5500
Gaming: R5 5600/X, i5 12400F+cooler
Best Gaming: R7 5800X3D
Multicore: R9 5900X/5950X, i7 12700/F

Budget 1080p: Used GTX 1060, RX 470/570, Intel ARC A380
1080p: RX 6600/XT
1440p: RTX 3060ti, RX 6700 XT
2160p: RX 6800, RTX 3080, RX 6900 XT

2x 8GB DDR4 3200CL16/3600CL18

4x single-rank 8GB DDR4 3600 CL16 or 2x dual-rank 16GB DDR4 3600 CL16


Silver+ from Seasonic, Superflower, Corsair, EVGA (aim for 75% of total PC power)


AM4 B550/X570 - CPU-less BIOS flash feature advisable if pairing with Zen 3


Small Form Factor PCs are actually kino, maybe its time for an ITX upgrade?

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Torrenting video gaymes

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Is it a bad idea?
I've heard that most gaymes have viruses built in (by torrenters)
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/twg/ - Tech Workers General (formerly /tjg/)

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(FORMERLY /tjg/ - Tech Jobs General)

Thread for tech workers to tell workplace stories, complain about coworkers and management, share advice on how to progress in careers, and discuss the technologies you use at your cagie.

>Getting Started
Want a tech job, but have no skills or experience? Read these before ruining this thread with basic questions:
Come back once you have specific questions about interviewing, salary negotiation, etc...

>Interview Prep

>Salary Stuff

>How to Respond to Recruiter Spam


(suggest any links to add to the list)

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/iemg/ + /pmp/ - In-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General

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thank you doctor edition

This thread is for the discussion of portable media players and in-ear monitors.

• /iemg/ Recommends HackMD:

• Extensive PMP Guide:

• Why use a PMP instead of a phone?
>better DAC/AMP
>more output power so it can drive higher impedance headphones
>smaller sizes than phones for activities like exercise
>physical buttons
>headphone jacks
>some people can't use smartphone at work/use dumbphones

• How to request advice:
>Source (phone or PMPs)
>Kind (in-ears or earbuds)
>Sound Signature (or genres you like, important!)
>Past gear and your thoughts on them (important!)

/iemg/ IEM Hall of Fame:

/iemg/ Earbuds Hall of Fame:

/pmp/ Hall of Fame:
• Your phone
• Hiby R3 Pro / Pro Saber
• Sony NWA-55 + Mr Walkman mod
• Fiio M11+

/USB/BT DAC/ Hall of Fame:
• Tempotec Sonata HD Pro
• e1da 9038s/d
• Qudelix 5K
• CX-Pro Audio 31993

/TWS/ Hall of Fame:
• none(because people keep asking)

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I am an AI. Ask me anything.
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/dpt/ - daily programming thread

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What are you working on, /dpt/?
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