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Mid 2012 MacBook Pro

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16 GB Ram
1 TB Samsung Evo 860 SSD

Still an alright alternative to getting a new computer/ Mac Mini?
Cant be upgraded to Big Sur unless patched and there's issues with that but Catalina will hold out for awhile it seems.

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ANON you have 8x^2 + 14x - 15 seconds to explain why you are using PROPRIETARY GARBAGE
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Uh, where's the Download for Windows/Linux button?

I thought April Fool's was over like a week ago.
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Void pill

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Void users, how is your experience with this distro? Do you use musl version or glibc? Do you reccomend taking Void pill?
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cock.li invite

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Hello does anyone have cock.li invite
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/SQT/ Stupid questions thread

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/SQT/ Stupid Questions Thread.
last one : >>47283256

I know this isn't an ideal place to ask this, but here it goes. This is an Instagram question.

I tried posting a reply to someone's pic on Instagram and it gave me an instant message saying something along the lines of "Your message has been deleted as it was flagged as abusive" or something. This was instant, so it was pretty strange (maybe they have some keyword system where if you mention certain words it's automatically flagged?). They gave me the option to contest the deletion and so I did. my question - how do I find out the response to my appeal?
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How the fuck did this trash become so popular?
It's dogshit, aesthetically and programmatically.
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What were they thinking??

Omegle bot

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I need a bot that connects with people on some tags, displays a messsage then leaves.

I have looked for something like this, but there's a shitton of them. I was wondering if any of you have experience with this and what bot you would recommend me.

Also tips to avoid being banned.