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why aren't you running your own image board /g/
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>pre 2022
>man wants nudes of certain woman
>gets denied
>post 2022
>man wants nudes of certain woman
>inputs full body image of woman into a machine-learning AI algorithm, which then generates a nude image of said woman
war... war has changed
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Anon, add noatime to your mount options in /etc/fstab
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Adminbro you there? What's going on? Your archive is the most extensive in 4chan history, I'm sure many anons would be willing to help you. What's going on bro?
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What will happen to DWM when X11 will be deprecated on every distro in favor of Xwayland?
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Can someone send me a invite at [email protected]
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Women will never make it.

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>the whole web revolves around this one extension made by some random guy
How does this make you feel?
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why does /g/ hate discord?
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