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Why are we using animals as mascots for tech products?
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Why shouldn't I embrace superior technology?

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Why shouldn't I click on checkout right this moment? Why should I set my mind and soul free of all the torture I've put them through?
No more fighting with Linux
No more compiling software without systemd, elogind, pulseaudio, dbus, polkit and other cancerware
No more trying out different Makeflags because X doesn't compile
No more """suckless minimalism"""
No more using hideous substitutions for professional software (Photoshop v GIMP)
No more distrohopping every couple weeks
No more snap and flatpak
No more GNOME and KDE
No more trying to de-google my phone
No more GrapheneOS shenanigans like notifications not working correctly
No more worrying about if my devices will support an application I want to / have to use

At last my mind and soul are at rest
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>Your build system has been broken for at least three years.

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> >>100405866
> >Nothing is broken
>Your build system has been broken for at least three years.

It works for me.
./all compile -r
(in the correct folder)
(and I'm not telling you which one that is).

I don't use new linux distros tho.
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Apple is finished.

They are asking a major recall of all iPhones because their camera sucks:

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i am happy

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i own everything that i pirate
and i redistribute it ten fold
i am happy

/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General

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/aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI chatbots

Silver and Elise edition

new model !!
>use custom completion model: gpt-4o if you want to use it now
>or wait for ST to update

NEW multimodal model, GPT-4o (omni):
OpenAI model spec detailing future desired behaviour:
Chub merged UI with Venus side (Venus cards still hidden by default). Old UI:
"GPT2" model on lmsys: (the new GPT-4o model)

additional info:
latest proxies:

>Bots /

>Frontends [SillyTavern] [Agnai] [RisuAI] [Miku] [CAI]




local: >>>/g/lmg

OP templates:
services assessment:
fun JBs and prompts: -
aicg botmaking events:

previous: >>100459682
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/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General

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Previous /sdg/ thread : >>100417225

>Beginner UI local install

>Local install
ComfyUI (Node-based):
Intel GPU:

>Use a VAE if your images look washed out

>Auto1111 forks
Anapnoe UX:

>Run cloud hosted instance

>Try online without registration

>Models, LoRAs & embeddings


>SDXL info & download

>Index of guides and other tools

>View and submit GPU performance data

>Share image prompt info
4chan removes prompt info from images, share them with the following guide/site...

>Related boards

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/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General

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high pitched sounds edition

A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots

>Pygmalion-6B model a non-filtered collaboration made by our own Matrixteam, KoboldAI and TavernAI:

>wAIfu Project & Tools
All-round intro to Pygmalion with more links:
CAI Dumper:
CAI Cleaner:
Windows Guide:

>Tavern+Pyg [ ]
Node.js (Win7):
TavPyg Cards:
Context tokens to ≤1600


>Miku a frontend developed to allow visual and TTS with your chatbot

>Character.AI, Bot Lists & Tools
Dark italics Mod:
Interaction Count:
Reload Autoscroll:
Create rooms with unlisted chars:
Fix spacing:


>ChatGPT (Needs phone number)

Open Source Language models:
>YaLM 100B

Previous: >>91844026
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Women are DOMINATING the tech world and you're stuck here asking basic coding questions. What went wrong?
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>Made a joke about Linux
>Got warned
What wrong with the linux worshipping mods?
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