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>trying to do some linux tech related thing
>follow the instructions perfectly
>It doesn't work
can anyone explain this phenomenon?
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Hi white people. Fuck you.

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Just wanted to let you know.
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>all these frog threads
I thought /g/ was one of the better-moderated boards.
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My favorite thing about Linux fanbois is how 99% are computer illiterate retards. They install Linux because they think it magically transforms them into hackers who can program but they just spend all their time trying to figure out a way to play their anime, their A.D.D. kicking in half way into the first chapter of whatever programming book they tried to read and it just becomes a perpetual exercise is posing as a hacker for them, like the operating system serving as the bookshelf full of books a hipster wannabe pseudo-intellectual keeps around trying to pretend he's educated although he's never read a single one. They justify its use in other ways, like their dipshit macfag twins of which they are the flip side of the same coin, with some retardation about viruses, only serving to highlight they were morons who ended up getting infected with windows because they were computer illiterate common sense lacking posers. Like their macfag brethren, this operating system has become less a tool for them, since it can't be a useful tool since it has no useful catalog of software, and have become some retarded expression of their (lack of) a personality wherein they think its some ideological movement and they actually worship burn-out pseudo-celebrities like Stallman who is basically a homeless person as accessories to their entire 'outfit' their use of this operating system has become. Its all very sad.
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wtf is this thing guys? Keeps happening on tons off pages, can't find much on Google about it.
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hi /g/ i got a macbook pro retina 13" now im cool


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What's better
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Why are we using animals as mascots for tech products?
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Why shouldn't I embrace superior technology?

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Why shouldn't I click on checkout right this moment? Why should I set my mind and soul free of all the torture I've put them through?
No more fighting with Linux
No more compiling software without systemd, elogind, pulseaudio, dbus, polkit and other cancerware
No more trying out different Makeflags because X doesn't compile
No more """suckless minimalism"""
No more using hideous substitutions for professional software (Photoshop v GIMP)
No more distrohopping every couple weeks
No more snap and flatpak
No more GNOME and KDE
No more trying to de-google my phone
No more GrapheneOS shenanigans like notifications not working correctly
No more worrying about if my devices will support an application I want to / have to use

At last my mind and soul are at rest
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>Your build system has been broken for at least three years.

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> >>100405866
> >Nothing is broken
>Your build system has been broken for at least three years.

It works for me.
./all compile -r
(in the correct folder)
(and I'm not telling you which one that is).

I don't use new linux distros tho.
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