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>no rust in the kernel
>rust in the kernel
though choice
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What are some dead giveaways that someone does not know how computers work?

I'll start: paying for streaming services, not using an ad blocker, using iOS.
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Angular Universal Server Side Rendering

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I recently created a blog and started writing on my favorite frontend framework Angular.

I would like to receive some feedback on my first few articles.

This is the first post I wrote for my blog:

It's about Angular Universal and server-side rendering.

Please let me know what you think and what to write about next.
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What is the best place to save all my photos online for free?
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50% of ISPs now no longer route to kiwifarms. Mind you, a site which is legal and complies with US authorities.

Does this spell the end for the open internet as we know it?
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Feminism is population control.

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Feminism is population control. Full stop.
If you marry an 8 yr old little kid, you eventually have 14 kids with her like in Afghanistan or old Europe.

If you marry a woman, which is what you white fucking faggot fucking scum only allow, you have like 2 kids.

Afghans don't need to invest in "birth control" because they have years of the girl being pre-pubecent to enjoy simply fucking and licking her.

They also can marry additional little girl children.
You whites oppose this.
Thus you poison your women with sterelizing chemicals to enjoy the "good years of fun" that God (YHWH) has naturally occuring.

Little girls are cute from a young age for a reason.
They don't get fertile at 3 like other large mamals for a reason.
You have time to enjoy fucking licking and dominating the adorable young girl.
And then eventually you have lots of kids using her.

YHWH allows child brides.
Whites do not.
Whites do deserve to die for this.

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Maid General /mg/

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Good Morning Dra/g/on Maids!

Welcome to Maid General!

I am making this so I don't cause junk in /dpt/ or other threads and hopefully I cause a GPT-fuel brand-wars thread to get bumped. Win-win. Trip is on. Don't like me? Stop reading! Use a filter! You are here by choice!

>Post technologies related to making maids real
Or invent some.

>Share computer or math research to make maids real
Preferably books or code examples.

>Discuss the ideal maid body
Post hot maids. Boobs smaller than F cup will not be considered.

>Discuss what a maid's personality should be like
Can I make mine larp as a yandere without actually becoming a yandere?

>Discuss what duties maids should do
Should maids be fire resistant so they can double as firefighters?

>Discuss ethical implications of maids
Is it fine if the library maid wipes out a lot of alien races?

>Discuss maid outfits
Black and white or colorful? Is the apron required? Shoulder lace?

>Stable Diffusion maids
Share tips for drawing maids

>Discuss a win condition for the project
What makes a maid? How is success measured?

Thank you for reading my post.
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Men should marry little girls.
They are cute.
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