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Anoon~, I love your CRTs! The motion is so clear!!
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>install debian 12
>get gnome
>supposed to be the best of the best in the linux world
>make a thread on 4chan
>click on "Files"
>there's no thumbnail picker
hahahahaha wtf
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Why are there no sexy OPs on /g/ anymore?

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hnhx is confirmed to be dead by one of their friends

the creator of a good libre browser dead because of you 4chan and you still feel nothing
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I love being a sysadmin/devops.
>set up a server
>set up version control and CI/CD pipelines
>server works flawlessly
>watch cartoons and play video games all day at work
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My niece and I slept together over a month ago and i'm probably not over it yet. Any /g/ advice?
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What's the limit of technology?
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If your girlfriend (female) asked you to install GNU+Linux for her, what distro would you give her?
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WPS Office by Kingsoft

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What do you make of this? ...seems pretty good, a lot smoother than LibreOffice Writer.
Does it really matter that everything you type in it gets sent to some CCP spyhub?