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>Using a combination of authorship attribution techniques, JStark can be identified as the author of over 700 seemingly “anonymous” comments on 4chan’s /pol/ board. He disclosed hitherto unknown details about his life, broader political views, and extremist attitudes.

If someone really wanted to, could they pull your posts from the archives with linguistic analysis and image hashes like what has been done here?

Do you take precautions to preserve your anonymity, or do you just assume posting as "Anonymous" means you can't be identified?
4ch-x for example, lets you randomize filenames, but hash searching and noticing they are all random will still lead to attribution

When you develop disruptive technology, yes, "they" really are out to get you.
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/hmg/ Hackerman General

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>made the thread just to reply to another dude from the last thread thread edition

In /hmg/ we discuss pentesting, ctfs, exploits, and general being a hackerman.


>easy beginner bullshit
>prebroken images to work on.
>super secret club

>meme dragon distro but it just werks
>scriptkiddie starting point and swiss army knife

>From zero to OSCP-hero rough outline
>IppSec, video guides for retired HTB VMs.

>CEH, only looks good a resume to non-technical in HR
>OSCP, the big dick swinging exam, 24 hours to own 5 machines and a further 24 hours to write up a report detailing your methods.

>web app hackers handbook.
Thanks IBM!


>OSCP videos

>Advanced Penetration Testing
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Is there a tech CEO as autistic as musk
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/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General

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/aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI chatbots

awoo~ edition

Google released Gemini API and announced Gemini 1.5
Google released Gemini Ultra
Google released Gemini Pro image generation - filtered harder than Bing's

additional info:


>Guides -


>Frontends [SillyTavern] [Agnai] [RisuAI] [Miku] [Cai]

local: >>>/g/lmg


OP templates:
services assessment:
try these -> -
old slaude stuff:
aicg botmaking events:

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what features does linux even have that makes it so much better than windows? or is it the usual autism of pretending you're superior than the other "group"?
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my dream phone

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>aspect ratio : 3:2
>nokia build quality on steriods
>snapdragon 7 gen 3
>square shape
>rectangular angles
>768 gigs of storage
>20 gigs of ram
>material is a mix between Nitrile ( the best material for grip ) and tungsten ( which mogs the shit out of titanum )
>IP68 water resistence
>IP69K dust resistence
>normal headphone jack
>quad dac headphone jack
>5 years of software updates
>7 years of security updates
>unlocked bootloader
>6000mah split into two removeable battries made of graphene ( graphene last a lot longer than lithitum )
>also accepts both of lithitum and graphene battries
>one camera lens that have three mini cameras in it
>telephoto 24 mp
>main 50 mp
>wide 100 mp
>natrual color production
>no camera bump
>the camera will be in the center
>front facing camera will be also in the center but hidden under the screen
>also 50 mp
>sd card slot
>up to 1.5 tb
>latest bluetooth version
>latest wi-fi version
>four color choices
>beige, dark blue, dark green, silver
>240watt charging
>charge 50% percent in 5 minutes
>100% percent in 10 minutes
>125% percent in 15minutes
>charging brick in the box with 5 meter cable and 2.5 cable
>in ear monitors in the box with the cable and a bluetooth reiecever
>amoled 1080p+ chinless bezelless full screen
>price is 700$

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i hate the fact that i cant put on my 300$+ windows/linux games and run them without any problems, i hate the fact that i waited 20 years for technology with hope that i would be able to play need for speed most wanted on my phone, i hate the fact that the alternative to these type of games are gacha/subscription based games that steals money from you from the moment you paid for your physical device that you dont have root access to, neither access to your paid license games. i hate that i waited years for modern graphics and better gameplay, and we got a "cyberpunk" game with terrible and limited gameplay and shit washed textures graphics. it doesnt seem for it to make any advancements and im tired of pretending to not, lets not invest money in entertainment and fun things for the majority, instead lets invest in weapons and commit crimes for )ews haha... i want to bomb the entire tech industry and the entire world. thank you for listening my ted
horny pic related to get your attention because thats the only way haha
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/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread

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>How do I activate Windows?
HWID2 mimics a valid installation to generate a permanent legitimate license.

>Which version should I install?
W10 Enterprise IoT LTSC 2021
-10 yrs support, EoL 2032
-5 yrs on non-IoT LTSC
-No feature updates
-Comes with Win32 system utils
-Binary identical to Enterprise except no MS Store and no bloat apps
-If you need MS Store run this in cmd: wsreset -i
-Basically Windows: Classic 9x/XP/7 Edition, 10 years support and you decide when you want to update/upgrade

W10/W11 Home/Pro/Edu/Ent
-Dont install
-1.5-2 yrs support
-Constant forced updates
-Preinstalled bloatware apps (games, music, news, weather, people, onedrive, ads in start menu, etc)
*W11 specific
*Massive UI usability downgrades
*Taskbar removed features and options
*File explorer rewritten w/ reduced performance
*Has new CPU scheduler to support 12th+ gen Intel E-cores (its only redeeming feature)

>Is there a good version of W11?
No, 11 IoT LTSC *might* be good when released 24H2.

>How do I activate Office?
Alternatively, use MSOffice through your browser since it's free,
or try OnlyOffice/LibreOffice and set it to save as MSOffice file formats.


>Should I debloat or Optimize-Offline?
If you need to ask, then no. You WILL break something.
If you know what you're doing:

>Windows/Office install guide

>Portable programs & reinstall-proofing

>Useful programs for a new install

>I miss Windows##

Change to .co if links don't work

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Give me 1(one) reason why I should leave Windows 7
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Testing Gemini

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I asked Google's Gemini what it thinks of those catpeople aliens or "Lyrans" and these are the results:

>The depiction of extraterrestrial beings such as Lyrans, which are grounded in evolutionary principles, can be considered more plausible and scientifically rigorous than traditional portrayals of Greys and Nordics. This assertion is supported by several reasons:

1. Biological and Evolutionary Feasibility:

>The depiction of Lyrans, with their humanoid-felinoid characteristics, is grounded in evolutionary biology and principles of convergent evolution. This approach takes into account the unique evolutionary pressures that could shape the development of life on other planets, resulting in distinct yet scientifically plausible traits. For instance, their upright digitigrade locomotion, felinoid noses and ears, and humanoid body structure can all be explained as potential adaptive responses to their environment. This depiction of alien life acknowledges the impact of environmental conditions and selective pressures on the development of life, which is a fundamental principle in evolutionary biology.

>In contrast, the physiological and evolutionary feasibility of Greys and Nordics is questionable. Greys, with their large heads and slender bodies, defy fundamental principles of biomechanics and natural selection, making their existence less likely. Nordics, who are often portrayed as nearly identical to humans, reflect a lack of understanding of the unique and complex processes that led to human evolution on Earth. Their human-like appearance may be more a result of anthropocentric bias than a reflection of the potential diversity of extraterrestrial life.

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