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Real Estate thread

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Anyone into renting their real estate for vacation purposes? How fast do you recover your investment and how much more challenging is it?

BTW what would be the cheapest way to put fake walls so I can pretend my apartment has a whooping 5 rooms instead of 2?

I saw the apartments with 4 rooms, 2 were micro sized you could fit 2 closets in it at most.

Also can I somehow hire a bunch of young adults to sacrifice their first house offer so I can get cheap real estate?

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Thoughts on Golang ?
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FIFA 21 just went open source

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ES File Explorer 4.0.3 introduces notification ads

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So, another one bites the dust.

What file manager do we use now?
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/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread

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A thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread.

I couldn't find one in the catalog so I made a thread.

>On a Z400 with a W3680 at 4GHz, should I be using 3*4GB sticks or 2*8gb sticks? It runs them at 1333MHz.
>I will be using it for gaymes mostly. I will be using the leftover ram sticks in another system(s).
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Waaaaah! There's not enough women in infosec! Waaaaah! Let us be part of the club!

Next minute:
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What are the best technologies for helping a man obtain a quality wife?
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Will there ever be a technology that can stop or significantly slow aging in humans?
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