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What the fuck is wrong with this guy?
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ANON you have 8x^2 + 14x - 15 seconds to explain why you are using PROPRIETARY GARBAGE
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do you have Reddit mode enabled in 4chanx anon?
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hi /g/ i got a macbook pro retina 13" now im cool


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Post kino personal websites.

I am looking to shamelessly steal, preferably static html and as minimalist as possible.
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when will we get some good tech religions?
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They're planning to release Windows 8 next year?
We just got the best version of Windows ever last year. It doesn't even need replacing yet
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Best equipment for filming gymnastics tutorials?

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My daughter, a young talented gymnast, wants to start a YouTube channel making gymnastics tutorial videos.
Her birthday is coming up and me and the wife want to gift her some equipment.
What kind of camera/lenses/microphone/lighting gear/tripods/etc should we get? I'm a noob in this subject so I thought I'd ask /g/.
We'd like a setup with high quality 4k 60fps video, good sound and good lighting. IDK what kind of budget we should have but we have plenty saved up.
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Imagine how tight 11yo pussy is. Like imagine how amazing it would feel to be inside her.
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