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>there are people on /g/ right now using chrome
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Stop writing useless bullshit to flex your skills. You will learn nothing by making bullshit games with OpenGL or forking bullshit repos and tinkering with them. Be original. Write an OS, implement a network stack in it, I'm talking UDP, TCP, QUIC. Implement I/O in it. Write drivers for it. Here's a good resource for making an OS in Rust, it has the very basics that will help you get started. It teaches you how to set up a dev env for developing an OS in Rust and some other bullshit. The rest is up to you, read an updated book on OS design. Problem is the books are all outdated. So you'll have to read white papers and the such to get the latest dish on OS design. But still, it's better than wasting time making a bullshit raycasting engine with Canvas API.
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My autistic niece gets overstimulated when wearing clothes for a long time. I am thinking of buying a privacy screen for a special de-stimulation area. Is this the right approach?
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Blow deez nutz

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>always complaining about shit software
>uses Wangblows
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How do you mentally keep yourself together /g/? I feel as though technology jobs and delving too hard in technology makes you mentally unstable, I certainly feel that way. How are you holding up? How do you keep your life together? How do you manage not feeling lonely working on tech shit constantly? Also mental health general I guess
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I love you, anon.
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What can I do if my niece who lives in Japan complains that her English teacher taught her English through the Japanese alphabet and as a result, her English pronunciation is poor?
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Holy shit guys just found this full size pic of my 2002 desktop. It appears I was placing shortcuts to programs never used in order to make some intricate pattern.

Nostalgia'd hard. Desktop nostalgia thread?
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I've noticed a trend of CSfags saying that university and degrees are useless. Despite the fact that you access to lab equipment and licenses that would otherwise cost a small fortune. Not everything can be done on a computer

Why is it such a popular sentiment though?
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Have you anons ever had an app/game/thing that you couldnt get it to work on Linux and made you go back to Weendows?

if so, how does it feel to go back? is it as bad as we remember?
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