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What is your minimum specification?

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Does corporate software development ever work?
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fuck iToddlers
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What do you think of the 8-bit Boomer’s new computer? Will you buy one?

Considering boycotting, he calls himself the 8-bit guy but develops a 16-bit computer
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I'm going to put 2 of these in Raid 1 and use them for weekly backups. Am I all set for the next 10 years in terms of my storage needs?
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DOS and win 9x + NT<5.1 part 2a

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The guys at the museum set 8-Bit Guy up. Seriously, David Murray is a professional with vintage electronics. He has never run into a problem before with thousands of repairs and chip replacements and now all of a sudden people have a problem with me.
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Media players

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Is there a media player that works like BS player? I have been using bs player for many years but now that i am switching to loonix i can't use it anymore since it isn't open source nor does it have a port.
By works like bsplayer, I mean having a control panel and a separate borderless window, both of which can be moved around. It also has a neat feature of automatically finding subtitles but i can do without that. Please anyone? I can't find anything in search engines I keep finding the retarded bot generated alternative pages that do not understand the question.
When i tried to run bsplayer in wine it just didn't work, apparently tries to access something it shouldn't
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Technology to fix this?
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Windows Superiority Thread

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>costs nothing unless you never bought a computer with it in the first place (chances = close to none)
>is a well-respected operating system in every part of the world
>can run most if not every game without compatibility patches or emulators
>game devs optimize with it in mind
>has os-tans that are specifically crafted to give the operating system personality

>costs nothing except your time (and a lot of it)
>is only respected by tryhard virgins who think they've thwarted the NSA by using honeypot OS (laughing stock to everyone else)
>looks like shit
>requires 11000 tweaks to run any program
>breaks down and deletes it's desktop environment if freetard coders didn't expect you to do something
>can't run anything and the stuff it can run via emulators still run 50% as well as they would on Windows
>game devs only ever care about it if they're using it for something like a handheld gaymen device
>has already established characters that are stolen for each distro by """fans"""" arbitrarily
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