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Do you use Fedora? Why? Why not?
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another day wasted on gooning, 4chan and youtube
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help /g/uys, i got a virus

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what do i do??
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/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General

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/gedg/ - Game and Engine Development General #155

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Lua edition

/gedg/ Wiki:
IRC: #/g/gedg
Progress Day:
/gedg/ Compendium:
/agdg/: >>>/vg/agdg
previous: >>100263372

Requesting Help
-Problem Description: Clearly explain the issue you're facing, providing context and relevant background information.
-Relevant Code or Content: If applicable, include relevant code, configuration, or content related to your question. Use code tags.
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In Honor of Neofetch
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MATE to be abandonware soon

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The development of the MATE desktop environment has come to a halt in the past year, and distro maintainers from not only Linux Mint but other distros that offer MATE are worried that it is not going to be around for much longer.

MATE's chief maintainer and flagship distro, Ubuntu MATE, has removed several features from it's latest 24.04 LTS release such as the software boutique, the welcome app, and are using a version of MATE that is nearing a year old (1.26). The maintainer for Ubuntu MATE has been focusing more on NixOS development than working on the desktop or the ubuntu spin. Linux Mint maintainers have also claimed there has been some friction between them and the MATE development team, and that MATE is now considered to be on life-support.

Where will you be when GNOME 2 finally breathes it's last breath?
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there should be no such thing as intellectual property

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no arrangement of pixels, 0s and 1s ,
but i am at point where it is no longer even fun to make fun of cattle that You are,
subverted by Satanic Jewish dogs that are CIA/JIDF shit programming,
fake morals for a fake humans as You are not a human but a goy the nigger-cattle,
keep screaming at everything You cannot intellectually challenge,
keep labeling anything out of Your comfort zone as dangerous and illegal,
keep sucking corporate Jewish cocks
Kill Yourself now, total https://goys.4shalom.goy/g/oy death.
You are worse than bots,
and You will never be white
i will pirate everything,
shit-skin mod cry >:3
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Good Evening
I trust you are well
I hope you are
I must confess that my last post was
Most unprofessional
And that the moderators have
Much to my amusement
Had spergs in a tizzy
Oh dear
I return from my wallpapering duties
And see unadulterated spergery
I did find it quite amusing
Jannies had indeed
Done many of you
They have not the level of sophistication
As one such as i
But easily fooled the more spergy
Of our numbers
I have to admit
It was fun to watch the board wither
Ah, gookmoot
He can have his silly games
He is suffering after all
Now to eat
Ta tah for now

emily o<@:)

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i mean, at least he lost some weight
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