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> Nintendo Programmers: No, Shiguru-San, Mariu can't have dinosaur! Famicom be weak!
> Chintendo programmers port Super Mario World to Famicom years later, Mario mounts Yoshi with no issue

> Nintendo Programmers: No, Shiguru-San! Mario-san and Luigi-san can't be on the screen at the same time! Mode Sevenu won't help!
> Dozens of homebrew games that use mode 7 to have a dynamic camera

Sure, all these people use the C libraries, but these motherfuckers, too, could have used the dozen C wrappers for 6502 and 6805 and whatever assembly language their console used. They could have used C on PC to write their games. This was not 1980 it was early 1990, C and PC were established. Correct me if I am wrong, what stopped them from using C and compiling it into Super NES 6805 instead of coding directly? Even the tail end of NES and 6502. They could have easily used C. Or a similar language.

But even when it comes to C, remember that dude on Youtube who 'improved upon' SM64 aka he changed over 30% of the codebase to use the standard practices of C that was around even in '96?

Nintendo programmers in 80s and 90s were chimps. Pure chimps. They are the namesake of their company's older mascot. I always hear stories of 'Mr. Takamoto started at the mail room in 1980s Nintendo and was promoted to a programmer', well, this is what you get!

Also for God's sake don't pretend games like SMB, SMB3, SMW are marvels of programming. My pet cat whom my mom has thrown into the yard can load a number into the accumulator from memory, increase the X register, load XOR the number in the accumulator and load it into the memory register that makes Mario jump! Everything in these consoles is the hardware, which is a fucking marvel. A few weeks ago I was playing with APU's sampling channel and I felt bad that Nintendo's in-house programmers only used it once or twice because, well, they are chimps.
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The new glowie captcha doesn't work on Firefox anymore.
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This is what Linux does to you

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Let this be a warning, just use Windows. And before you ask, it has been verified as real.
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Link open source and libre extensions to solve captchas in 4chan

Flight manuals

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Where can I get the f-35 flight manual.
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/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General

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Compiling linux in my ass
I think we have finally reached the point with SBCs and batteries where it would be possible to compile the linux kernal on a computer that is fully fit into my asshole, without the need for any external wiring.
I believe one of the higher power devices in the raspberry pi zero footprint has the best potential, there are several available with reasonably speced 4 core arm processors. Obviously a small lipo pack would have a huge size advantage over an 18650 but it will require testing to see if i can find one with enough energy to finish the full kernal compile. My current plan is to prep the sbc outside of my asshole, then insert the computer and use ssh over wifi to issue the commands to start compilation. I will also need to design and 3d print a properly shaped case for the project.
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Now that the dust has settled, how might the discovery of a room temperature superconductor influence our understanding of the law of entropy, the cognitive capacities of Homo Erectus, and potential correlations with autism?
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