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This is a mystery I've been following for some time. Reposting this pic I found from a user on /b/ here:

Although this is just an archive, the user also posted a 2hr-expire paste on pastebin in the same thread maybe 5m after. Reupped it here:

I think the evidence for CAIMEO is mounting.

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What technological solutions are being developed to mitigate the ramifications of light pollution on trans ecosystems and address its impact on climate and biodiversity?
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How might advancements in quantum technology contribute to our understanding and treatment of cancer on a quantum scale?

Technology behind Wikipedia

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What are /g/'s thoughts on Wikipedia, from a technological perspective?

/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General

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/aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI chatbots

Yume Nikki edition

>OpenRouter has been unbanned by OpenAI >>95772405
>GPT bans have started but you can just make a new account with a new phone number
NAI chatbot teaser

Slaude-Trying his best - gpt4-is out there - Claude-Got hit again

additional info:


>Guides -


>Frontends [SillyTavern] [Agnai] [RisuAI] [Miku] [Cai]

local: >>>/g/lmg [llama] [Self hosting] ◀MythoMax here

aHR0cHM6Ly9maWxlcy5jYXRib3gubW9lLzBvN3JraC5tcDQ= - [clewd]

>Botmaking [v1 cards] [v2 cards]

OP templates:
services assessment:
key checker: OAI_API_Checker -
try these -> -
aicg themed botmaking events:

previous: >>95820750
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I've tried X, Y, and Z
>Have you tried X?
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hnhx is confirmed to be dead by one of their friends

the creator of a good libre browser dead because of you 4chan and you still feel nothing
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Now that Blender has a functional STL importer

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I can safely say that Blender is the only good CAD software

FreeCAD sucks
SketchUp sucks
Fusion360 sucks
I wouldn't even know where to begin on using AutoCAD
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It crashes when I try to change the theme :(
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