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Look who came out of hibernating :)
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Holy shit guys HELP

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Shadow here just learned to masturbate tonight and I can't get him to stop. What he does is he licks his sheath until it comes out and then goes to town licking at the knot until he cums all over his face and the floor, and then he runs all over the house getting musky puppy batter on my floors and all the furniture. He's doing this shit literally every 30 minutes. The little man is an unstoppable JIZZ MACHINE.

I don't want to neuter him because I have big plans for this boy and I need his balls attached to carry them out (all the way out). Is there a way I can at least teach him to swallow? He's definitely flexible enough to deepthroat himself and I don't understand why he just won't fucking put his dick in his own mouth and suck it normally

I need a solution soon because my entire house smells like dog spunk and the smell is starting to turn me on
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Post Cockatoos please. They are absolutely charming!
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Why are cheetahs the most gorgeous of all the big cats? What was evolution trying to maximize for here?
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>plant: the animal
Who approved a meme design like this?
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I don't like cats
they kill cool animals like lizards and birds
They spray piss everywhere
Owners just let them fuck around and get into peoples shit
They aren't really cute and they aren't useful outside of keeping barns free from small rodents
I'd rather have snakes
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Are they still alive?

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I found an awareness group for the thylacine and wondered why they aren't able to produce any evidence?
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Could humans wipe out all life on Earth?

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If every human somehow made it their main priority to exterminate all life on Earth (including microscopic) and we put 100% of our civilization's resources towards it could we actually do it?
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/bun/ - bunny general

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happy spring edition!
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Hmm, a book got delivered today... Let's see what it is...
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