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My dog killed a rat in my backyard

/an/ webm

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These cunts casually fly around my garden, and I hate them. Is there anything I can do to get rid of them, or make them keep away? Judging by the amount the nest is probably not on my land, but somewhere nearby. Besides searching it out (how?) and destroying it (how?) is there anything else I could do?
I’m scared of these motherfuckers to death.

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Deer Thread
It's all Doever edition
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>Niggas be like "Don't worry homie, Princess don't bite."
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Animals that look like Humans

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Animals that look like they are humans impersonating animals. Or animals making human faces.
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>born in midwest
>grew up seeing turtles all the time
>move to the coast for work for about a decade
>come back

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Horse General

If you don't horse ITT your mother will die in her sleep tonight

Thread that didn't post ITT >>4600997
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I don't pick up my dog's shit when we're out walking.
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Why do people love putting flowers and other cute accessories on pit bulls? Its like spraying perfume on a turd, and no amount of flowers will make it look like any less of a demon.
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