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Are there any animals besides red pandas that get cuter as they get older? Specifically, where the adult form is cuter than the cub/infant form.
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>Tank size (include dimensions, not just volume)
>Unusual Parameters (nitrate, pH, GH, KH)
>Any inhabitants + how long you've had them
>Age of the tank
>Pictures are always helpful

Tank Cycling:

Stocking and Water Change Calculator:

Articles and Care Guides:

Aquatic Plant Database:

>brs 5 minute guides
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What exactly causes this behaviour?
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Horse General
It's All Over Edition

>>4503008 - Thread that fell apart like soft bread in my hands
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Considering their roughly equal intelligence level, could a toddler with prep time defeat a pitbull?

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/kot/ - Cat General
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hey, i was wondering if indoor cat have higher shedding problems?
ive lived with cats before nd the hair never really bothered me. my roommates got two new cats and decided they want them to be indoor cats. i feel like there is hair on everything now. is this becuase they wouldnt normally do most of their shedding outside or what? seems like my house has just been covered in hair since these cats have started growing.
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Your thoughts on Border Collies?
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reply with an honest opinion to this
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Do animals have consciousness?
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>Um T. rex had to hold its jaws open and had massive lips
Then why are so many T. rex skulls found so tightly closed the mandible and cranium are literally interlocking like puzzle pieces?
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