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Found Egg; What Do?

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I found this egg lying under a shrub in a divider between sidewalks near where I live. It seems abandoned (assuming it belongs to one of the goose or ducks that have been nesting around here recently). What should I do to make sure it is abandoned, and then what?

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Staypuft stolen from Toadline Exotic Bullies kennel

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Pray for his safe return.
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Impressively extended mammals of the canine variety

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The Plant General - Victorian Conservatory Edition

Ladies and Gentelemen, welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this blue board.

/plant/ is that idyllic corner of the internet, where you can relax, admire the greenery and wax lyrically about your Grandmother's favourite Geranium, your Aunt's prized Aspiditra, or your Nephew's newest Nephrolepis.
Amateurs and experts alike are all welcome.
Got an enquiry about your Philodendron? Take a glass of sherry and listen closely.

Feel free to browse the bulletin upon entering.

>The Royal Horticultural Society, containing a wealth of information on every aspect of horticulture.
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>On Succulents, their diverse species, and how to care for them.
>Growing Under Glass
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ITT Wild Birbs you've seen 3: Show me your Tits! edition

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Old thread reached image limit, so it's about time to start a new one. Post your bird sightings here, as well as photography and birding advice, ID tips and tricks, gear discussion, etc. Field recordings are welcome too!

Pic related, female bushtit.
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Dog breed?

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This is a dog I found on my neighbour. Does anybody knows what breeds is he? I've seen many other dogs like him in the streets, so I assume it's a breed.
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/kot/ - Cat General

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