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Hey /an/
What kind of bird is this?
I found it by the front door and it wasnt flying away from me, just walking
My mom picked it up and started trying to feed it, it eventually ate
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Cleaning out Robo Hamster Cage

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Hi /an/.

I finally got my beloved Robo ham. While I knew what I was getting into when buying a robo, mainly it being a ham to watch than socialize, I am very worried about the inevitable full cage clean.

I also purchased bedding unsuited for digging so am purchasing Carefresh brand tomorrow. However my main issue is, since my robo is not only still terrified of everything, how do I catch it and make the cleaning process as least stressful as possible?

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How would you rank /an/ groups for % of them being zoophiles/dino fuckers?
I would go in this order from most degens to least
>pittbull threads
>any paleo
>any horse thread
>bird threads that start with secretary birds or chickens
>big cat/cat threads
>dolphin threads
>hero threads with emphasis on reptiles
>regular bird/herp threads
>dog threads
>small mammal threads
>bug threads
>fish threads
>plant/mushroom threads
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/kot/ - Cat General

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Cat on a tree edition. Previous: >>3821002
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pongo thread

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/ckg/ - Chicken General : Supreme Beauty Edition

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What's happening with your chickens, anons? How are your hens and their hatch rates? What structures are you building nowadays?
Post chickens! Talk about chickens! Learn about chickens! Previous thread>>3813453
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We post the name of an animal using the last letter of the previous post. I'll start.
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What do you fellas think about opossums?
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Worst character in modern film?

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This is my choice