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/rat/ general

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>Rats need friends
>Rats need free roam time
>Rats need and deserve all the love they can get

>other rodent friends also welcome
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/an/ webm
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/kot/ - Cat General

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Chaotic neutral edition.
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/dog/ - perro general

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edición de colloid de australia (cuck de ganadería y tipo spitz)

AKA el perro splotchy
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Why aren't bugs cute? If bugs were cute and developed neoteny we wouldn't step on them. Can we breed cute bugs? Should be faster than animal breeding.
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/an/ Help me the fuck out, please. My rat terrier's kidney's are fucked. The vet sent him home with some bullshit vitamins and this IV injection that goes in his back. The vet said we shouldn't do dialysis, but fuck it, we wanna do dialysis. So we went to another vet who said it could cost $15k for the first three visits, then who knows after that. A dialysis machine on ebay is $400.Why don't I just buy a dialysis machine on ebay and have some crooked vet come do it at home for him? Are human dialysis machines and pet dialysis machines much different? Can a human dialysis machine be adapted to be used on a dog? How do I find a crooked vet? Could this work?
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/wolf/ - Wolf General

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*NOMF* edition.
post and discuss wolves, 'yotes and other wild canines
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What is /an/'s opinion on Woodlice?

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Regularly find them under plantpots, collections of leaves, clumps of foilage and other things. I like them.

What is your opinion on Woodlice?
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I like bears. They're cute. Post bears please.
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