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ITT illegal dog breeds

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How to convince daughter to like real animals again?

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So I have a young daughter who, about 7 months ago, was practically begging me for a puppy, as kids do. And knowing what kids are like, I wanted to teach her some responsibility and empathy before we took the leap so I bought her Creatures and let her play it. A few died at first, but now she's great at caring for them and dedicates herself every day to them, and has gotten into other pet sim games too. The problem is, she's more interested in these than actual animals. I've shown her available puppies and asked her which one she'd like but she changed her mind and says she prefers virtual pets over real life pets. I imagine for most parents this is a dream come true. But I have two concerns. First of all, I'm worried about the attitude it's manifesting. It's like the pet version of "3DPD is gross, I just need my fictional anime waifu". I want her to grow up happy, healthy and successful, not end up like the NEET shitposters here (no offence). Secondly, I was ok with getting a dog, I just wanted her to develop a sense of responsibility for it. Now I feel like if I don't get the dog, she'll miss out on making so many fond childhood memories with it. But I also don't want to force a dog on her if she doesn't want it, because then she has every right to refuse responsibility because that's on me.
Not only that but she's changed her mind on animals in general and thinks playing with virtual animals is better than going outside and seeing real squirrels or feeding real ducks.
How do I convince her real animals are better than soulless pieces of data?
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/dog/ - dog general

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New year new /dog/
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out of every poster on this board wolffags are the most fucking disgusting, no other group wants to have sex with animals more than these faggots
why is that?
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Is this the board to discuss ethical hunting, or is that /k/?
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My pet spider which may or may not be poisonous has escaped. I collected him from the wild some time ago.
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Do you jewish trannnies are also afraid of bull terriers?
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Are shrimp bugs?
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