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Is he the best dino youtuber?

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Post other cool /an/ youtuber
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Are they dangerous?
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/ftmg/ itchy shirt edition

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>qott: what are some unintended consequences of transitioning that you didn't expect?
You are not allowed to answer balding or anything similar like ass hair. Has to be actually unexpected that you don't usually hear about


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Would you rather eat a dog or a cat? You must choose one.

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What should I do with this thing?
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Awwww he's smiling :D
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genuine question

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why are so many of you fucktards attracted to animals? romantically or sexually. it doesn’t matter, it’s fucked up. why can’t you just like animals normally? i understand if you like, have the desire in your mind, but acting on it by posting pictures of fox ass or whatever the fuck is so disgusting and ruins the board for the rest of us. “it’s just a troll bro keep scrolling!!!” i can’t, it genuinely upsets me, i hope you all seek help or rot in hell
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ITT illegal dog breeds

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