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Are glue traps for rats inhumane?
I moved into a barn with loft apartment and have been using. I feel so bad when I find them alive, they're so cute that I can't even mercy kill them. Is there a better option? I don't want to use baited traps because there's a lot of bugs, and I don't want to use poison in case they hide and die in some cranny and rot
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Assume the hypothetical existence of a bear-sized spider.

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What would it feel like to be “webbed up” by one?
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/knot/ - Dog General

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Door stuck edition.
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Tsuchinoko if he real.
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I'm struggling with feelings of romantic attraction towards my dog so I shitpost on /an/ talking trash about her breed and entire species to cope.
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/dog/ - general

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dog wife edition 0w0
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/dog/ dog general

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Comfy doggo in a blanket uwu edition

the best training resources:
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Shitpost edition. Might as well stop pretending. /dog/ has turned from the most wholesome snd productive thread to the worst shithole. Pic related. Green marked are the dogs I posted. I never came across the Aussie circled in red. If the owner is actually here: Please leave this place and never look back!
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why she cute
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