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>groups consist of a mating pair and their offspring
>the mating pair is monogamous and stay together for life
>offspring are submissive to their parents, but it's still a cooperative relationship
>offspring disperse once reaching sexual maturity
>wolf mothers are stay-at-home moms who take care of the pups while the wolf father is hunting
Why is human social behavior so much more similar to wolves than to other primates, including chimps?
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How do I befriend/tame this squirrel

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I want a pet squirrel but there are no breeders in my area so I took some initiative and harvested a wild one please help
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puffer fish
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/plant/ - Aster edition.

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BIRD GENERAL THREAD #1: let's start counting the threads edition!
All things birds, from pets to wild birbs. Old thread was dead, figured I'd make a new one.
Previous >2447741
>DIY bird cages

>Bird ID

>Buy birds

>Very basic pet bird care

Last but not least
>Found baby bird, wat do?

>Discord link goes to #birb
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Chihuahua problems

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So I'm watching my parents two chihuahuas for the next few days and these little dogs are going apeshiit crazy. The tan one I'm pretty sure has dementia because he's constantly screaming and just shits everywhere and lies on the floor. The black one won't stop shaking and grawing on his balls. What the hell do in do to calm these dogs down?
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ITT: /an/ runs a zoo
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/plant/ - Bay Leaf Edition

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