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Raccoon penis question (NOT PENIS BONE)

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Weird question. I was curious and looking at different animal penises (not a degenerate, I was just curious and wanted to learn). I was shocked to find that there's seemingly only a single picture/video on the entire internet of a raccoon penis, as far as I can tell, and it's a dead racoon so it's probably not what it "normally" looks like:

Are there any actual other pictures of a raccoon penis out there? NOT THE PENIS BONE. People selling the baculum (penis bone) makes it way harder to search for since that's 99% of what shows up.
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/an/ makes a spec evo project

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first of all: i'm not a good artist, so excuse me in advance for the wonky looking drawings. i'm also obviously not a genius on biology, ecology and geology, but i tried my best to stay coherent and make sense with my choices while keeping a dose of originality. keep that in mind later.

i've seen a few collaborative projects here and there on the internet on spec evo, so i thought it would be interesting if we tried to do one too, based on an exoplanet. obviously thought, the project has to start with some base informations.
the planet is currently entering a phase we could compare to earth's cambrian explosion, also looking not too different to it geologically speaking. to keep things easy to follow for me, we could say it's near indistinguishable from earth in it's chemical compositions and astrology, save for a further distance from it's sun compared to it (close to bordering the goldilocks zone). complex plants have also evolved earlier and will have a quicker impact on the planet in the future. as for the food chain, it's pretty basic so expect to disrupt it in one way or another as the thread goes on.
submitting is simple: you take one of the lifeforms that are going to be shown in my next post and you "evolve" a new creature out of it. the submission must be detailed enough to make a plausible creature from a biospherical and evolutionary standpoint. submissions may also be based on other anon's submissions, including yourself. i'll try to etch a sketch from it too if i find it good enough for the project.
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what the fuck is thhis this chinese lady is eating? can post more angles if needed. inside is black
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Wolves are highly social animals that need eachother to survive

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Why do loner edgy teens identify with them so much?
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imagine if we had giant mustelids stalking our streets. that would be pretty scary
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All felines should die.

Platypus thread

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I'm going to post a platypus in this thread every day until all of /an/ wants to snuggle a puggle.

This is like the third time that I know I posted but it didn't go through or something and the thread got archived. >>>3458488 previous.
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What are your views on him?

> Reckless asshole who overstepped a boundary with one of the top predators on earth. What happened was inevitable.

> A dreamer who saw nature as beautiful and worth getting closer to and who was more experienced than he’s usually given credit for. What happened was a fluke.

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Renamed and/or Reclassified Pitbulls

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If a pitbull up for adoption at a "rescue shelter" were named "Gilbert" was its name originally "Killer"?

They sound very similar and it's a weird name for a dog.