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Gentle Horse General
>>4098680 - old grey mare
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/dog/ general

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Purdy poodle edition
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I'm a broken man. My gf put drain cleaner in the toilet and my dog drank it and died while no one was home.
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janny, stop ignoring my reports and clean up the horse thread
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Why do retarded people treat giant isopods like shit? They are one of the oldest and most fascinating animals out there.
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>didn't get my period this week
>haven't been with a human male since before covid
Is the abortion doctor going to be able to tell it isn't human

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>there are actual zoophiles on this board
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What do you like more, the heat or the cold?
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Animal Genitalia Thread

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Post interesting animal genitalia.
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Would it be possible to make love to a bottlenose dolphin? They have long warm bodies, soft, smooth sort of rubbery skin and almost human-shaped vaginas with many folds capable of muscular contractions. They are highly intelligent and self-aware, they realise that they and you are living feeling beings with their own inner experiences. She can understand what you like and that you might be trying to understand what she likes. As highly social mammals I am sure they are sensitive to touching, stroking, cooing and approving looks in some way you would have to figure out. You can have a shared experience with something that has a soul and probably wants to have that experience with you if it's having it.

I've never had sex with another human being, but would having sex with a female bottlenose dolphin work? Not the male ones because I am heterosexual, is a male bottlenose dolphin called a bull because they are ungulates and their infants are called calves btw?
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