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Spiders in a Car

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Sup /an/. Was going to make this thread in /o/ but I realized they probably wouldn't give a shit.

Bought a car from a buddy of mine a month ago.

Discovered that once the sun goes down, about 20-30 of pic related (Cellar spiders, AKA Daddy-Long-Leg spider) crawl out from every nook and cranny, make a bunch of webs, and basically disappear by sunup.

From what I can tell they're not venomous, and I'm not an arachnophobe so I don't much care, aside from the fact that passengers might freak the fuck out.

Should I let the spider-bros chill in my car, or should I do something about them?
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Dog General

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Post dog-related posts here.
Last thread got archived >>2055983
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Is my dog about to die?
My dog was mostly fine yesterday.
She's an overweight 13 year beagle, and she has cushions, so we know the end is near.
But she was fine today, but tonight she just started barking/howling in the house for no reason.
He legs have been giving out for the last 4 months, but tonight has to be the worst.
Tried to give her her pain pills in her favorite foods, just yesterday she was begging for everything I ate.
Tried to put her pill in a cooked porkchop, she won't eat it.
She won't touch her dog food now, she won't even eat meat that the pill isn't in.
When I hold it to her mouth, she instead licked my wrist.
Then I notice she vomited a sizable amount near her cage, with a lot of grass in it.
She's walking around the house, stopping and laying down, places she never wood because we have hard wood floors.
She even went in my room, which she never does, and I wasn't even in it and layed on a pile of dirty cloths, then started barking.

We've had some dead rats in the back yard from the garage poison, bet we put her on a rope in the front yard, never in the back. I don't think she eats dead animals or a rat made it to the front yard.
She's also licking her paws and the floor a lot.

Is tonight the night?
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I live in a studio apartment.
My neighbor lives in an apartment below mine. We live right across the street from a park the size of a golf course.

When my neighbor leaves for work, he just lets his cat outside. Cat chills and plays, and socializes with other cats. Hangs out all day.

When he comes home, the cat is eager to see him, and runs inside with him.

Thoughts on this /an/? He has a collar on his cat, but seems pretty nonchalant about just leaving it to it's own devices outside all day.

I was going to adopt a cat and do the same. Is a studio apartment enough room for a cat? How long do you think I should keep it inside before letting it go out exploring and hope it comes back?
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Alligator/crocodilian appreciation thread

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Post pics of alligators and crocodiles here.
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We Autumn now!

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Relevant links:
(this link is considered spam so here it is in strawpoll form)

In a little less than three hours, the 2015 Autumn Babby Cup begins, and /an/ will be playing in Group B!

>>>/i/ is our first opponent, so if you want to skip the non-/an/ matches you should tune in around one hour into the stream.

Let those flags wave in the chat to show your support of /an/!

mods pls be kind to us


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lets have a 3rd edition of the longest living thread on /an/

old thread >>1891337

anyon holds any? rides any?
anything Horse and their shit goes in here

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So, beginner gardener here, no real idea what I'm doing... How do I get the grass n' shit out of my patches? I don't think it's even weeds, just punk ass grass.
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