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It’s dinosaur day!

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Happy dinosaur day /an/!
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Toadline Pitbulls

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Post SMASHED and SLAMMED pitbulls with high chromosomal counts
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Kill Chinks

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Hey /an/. /k/ here.
I hate to start the thread with a graphic and unwholesome picture, but i think its necessary to bring attention to this.

Homo Insectus (Chinkoid subhumans) apparently like to torture cats (and other animals) and sell the videos to fetishists.
This poor kitty was electrocuted and burned alive.
I saw another one that was a pregnant momma kitty who had boiling water poured on her until all 4 of her kittens died, with her dying the day after. And apparently nobody in the Chink govt cares. They have no laws against it.

So my question is, what can we do about this? Are there any groups we can donate to? Personally, id like to start my own charity/GoFundMe, where i buy a boat and outfit 100 men with guns to go slaughter as many Chinks as possible, but unfortunately i dont know that id be able to get passed their navy.
What do we do /an/? I love kitties and hate the Chinese with every fiber of my being. I wish for the torture, starvation, mutilation, and death of all Chinks. Yes, all of them.
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/dog/ - Dog General

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The Dog Daddy
Joel Beckman
Cesar Milan
AVOID: "positive-only" snake-oil salespeople, anyone who critiques other trainers without video proof of them working with difficult dogs (examples: Emily Larlham, Zak George)

Raw protein (80%)
Organs (10%)
Raw bones (10%)
Vegetables (optional)
Supplements (optional)
AVOID: "nutrition" advice sponsored by dog "food" companies

Regular use: regular dog collar, chain collar, martingale collar
Training: prong collar, gentle leader
AVOID: e-collars, dog harnesses

Previous thread: >>4772927
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Why are Toadlines the best overall dog breed?
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Toadline thread

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Dough Boy
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I hate this faggot so much. He's the absolute worse of an Atheist science extremist.
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the animal known as the red heifer

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does it deserve to be sacrificed? what do you think of animal sacrifice in general?
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What is this CDS they gave their dog?

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How often do Bears kill the humans that raise them?
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