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Who would win between a Komodo Dragon and a pitbull
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How do you know when it's time to put a pet down? I don't even know if this is allowed here, and I know ultimately this is my call. But if you have had to decide whether or not to put an animal down I would love to hear how you came about that decision. I'm absolutely torn right now and I'm not sure if I'm approaching this rationally.

A year ago, my 10-year-old miniature schnauzer suffered a neurological event. This has caused him to suffer from significant anxiety since. Our vet has put him on daily valium, and while it reduces the symptoms he's definitely not the same as before the event.

A fortnight ago he started vomiting, and hasn't been able to keep all of his meals down. He'll vomit once a day. Our vet has put him on an anti-nausea medication but it has little effect. He's lost a lot of weight and my wife firmly believes now is the time to put him down.

The problem is he's still himself 80% of the time. It's so difficult to gauge because the main problem is neurological, and while the nausea and vomitting is impacting him neither our vet or we know if it is temporary, or a by-product of his neurological event.

Our vet has told us it'll be time when we realise he is no longer himself. When the good in his life no longer outweighs the bad. My wife is adamant now is the time, but I feel her justification is driven by the potential of a future event that would absolutely cripple him. I don't want this to happen either, but I just feel like we're saying goodbye at the first road bump since his event. I don't want him gone. I feel there's time left in him.
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How much could gorilla bench press?
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My cat keeps killing all the birds in my garden and bringing them inside. How do I make her stop bringing them inside? I can't be arsed to clean it up every time.
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hey, kid. yeah, you.

either go vegan or leave this board forever.
choice is yours.
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Is animal testing wrong?
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This is Lily, say something nice about her.
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Is it safe to feed cats canned fish? I'm worried about mercury poisoning.

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My dog died tonight.

She hadn't ate anything in over a week, then she stopped drinking water. She would sometimes try to get up and walk, but just stagger or fall down she was so weak and fragile.

Until today she didn't show any signs of pain. But today she didn't even try to get up, then she had a seizure, and started crying. We decided it's finally time to take her to be euthanized.

It seemed to be too much for her. The car ride there I held her, she was still responsive and looked at me. She died when I was carrying her into the vet and laying her down on the table, she tensed up, and it was over very quickly. I could see the life leave her body, and the suffering was over.

RIP Bella, ?? - Jan 8th 2018